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Dr Russell Barkley: ADHD expert
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TOPIC: Dr Russell Barkley: ADHD expert

Dr Russell Barkley: ADHD expert 04 Jan 2012 02:30 #141

  • Sai Kit
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  • Moderator
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I have been watching Russell Barkley's series on ADHD. He mentioned the acquired one vs the genetic one.

I think he said the genetic one come with an underdeveloped front lope and another area of the brain which I don't know how to spell.

The acquired one came from injuiry or whatever.

What he said is that ADHD is really a lack of executive function to implement your ideas, and a number of other things, such as anixety, lack of self control, lack of emotional regulation... so on

So is Russell Barkley right on?

Are all ADHD curable? Are there ADHD that is incurable?

Re: Dr Russell Barkley: ADHD expert 27 Oct 2013 00:15 #567

  • Allan G
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ADHD is a new age label, used to implement pharma policies & procedures.. The "problem" is usually caused by diet, toxins, and stress (society) all contributing to an unbalanced state (mind, body, spirit).

You may find the following text interesting, I know it got me thinking.!!

The text below can be found in the free eBook "The Truth about Hydrogen Peroxide", by J.P Roguski.

The implications of these studies are astounding! Dr. Edward Carl Rosenow of the Mayo Clinic isolated what he called the neurotropic streptococcus, which invades the central nervous system via the nasopharynx. Dr. Rosenow
extracted the organism, cultured it, and then injected it into mice, pigs and rabbits. The animals developed the same symptoms as found in mental patients.
“Persons suffering from epilepsy and schizophrenia harbor in [their] nasopharynx, in pulpless teeth and sometimes in their blood, specific types of alpha streptococci of low general but high and specific ‘neurotropic’ virulence. The streptococci produce neurotoxins which have a predilection for certain structures in the brain and thus play a role in
(Edward C. Rosenow, “Bacteriologic, Etiologic and serologic Studies in Epilepsy and Schizophrenia III”, Postgraduate
Medicine, pages 367-376)

“Bacterial infection or intoxication may cause changes in behavior. The data are tentatively considered to indicate that incorrigibility, morbid compulsions and other abnormal behavior which characterize this group of
criminally inclined persons may be due in part to a specific neurotropic type of streptococcal infection!”
(Edward C. Rosenow, O.F. Rosenow, “Influence of
Streptococcal Infections on the Compulsive Behavior of
Criminals”, Postgraduate Medicine, Volume 10, Number
5, November, 1951, pages 423-432)

I believe these types of conditions can be treated successfully with a sensible diet consisting of ONLY fresh organic food that has not been processed or spoiled through other manufacturing processes (maybe follow the diet outlined in the Bible) and the introduction of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide daily, as described in the eBook.


Re: Dr Russell Barkley: ADHD expert 19 Feb 2014 21:14 #647

  • Dev Pero
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The doctor responsible for originating the term ADHD stated it was invented.

How much Ritalin and other drugs have been sold on the back of such abstractions.
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