To our fellow Americans: Our upcoming election is not a battle between the Democrats and the Republicans, nor is it a conflict between the Liberals and the Conservatives. The conflict is not even a struggle between what is now being called 'progressivism' and sanity. The real fight is between the Communists and the Christians. So it is between men of conscience and those who embrace the darkest and most murderous order that the world has ever known. Our opponents want to gleefully watch America burn, as a symbol of defeating Christianity and the freedoms that its people gave to the world. Never in American history has an election been so clearly a matter of good versus evil. Donald Trump, as a Christian man, is most certainly guilty of many sins and mistakes, but he is an honorable man at least. He is not evil. He has never committed treason. We must not be silent this time. We must let the enemies of our superior society know that we shall not tolerate the election being rigged again. The choice is between trying to make America great again and letting it fall into the abyss.

I highly recommend watching these three videos if you would like to know the truth about the current economic crisis, and why it is happening. You will never hear the truth from Big Media, because it is owned by the same international banking clans that caused the problems, and these problems are intentional, in order to consolidate their power. Welcome to the New World Order (communism), America. I advise you to watch these videos to gain a complete understanding. There were recent threats by the U.S. President about instituting martial law against the citizens of the United States, but it is not check-mate yet. Wake up and save your country. Stop mindlessly listening to their WMD (weapon of mass distraction) television, before it becomes too late. Radio is controlled by them too, via the Clear Channel Network, so the Internet, the libraries, and Short Wave Radio are the only outlets left for finding true information. Of course, you do not have to seek the truth as most people do not, but such people are part of the problem. The enemies of God and country are counting on you being like them.


"If people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning."
-- Andrew Jackson, U.S. President


New World Order Video - Part I
New World Order Video - Part II
New World Order Video - Part III


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