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Hello from California
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TOPIC: Hello from California

Hello from California 14 Jan 2012 06:47 #148

  • Agent_L
  • ( Visitor )
I probably wont get a reply to this seeing as how the other introduction threads are also with no replies. But hello everyone, I look forward to bugging Sarah with all my questions regarding the stuff I know I shouldn't drink or eat anyways... lol I am a blogger (ugh) an activist, and a construction worker.

One year ago I was searching what was in fast food, (I use to eat a bunch of crap before) in my searches I was lurking the prison planet forum (I hate how everything is stickied there making it all clutered up) anyways, I went to the health section and saw a post by Sarah, I ended up here and have been coming back every so often.

I like to credit this site as one of the main reasons I began eating healthier and stopped eating garbage. thank you health wyze for influencing me to losing 60 pounds, Im 6' 1 weighed 250 went down to 190, got a girlfriend and went up to 210!!! lol gotta get right.

Re: Hello from California 14 Jan 2012 14:07 #152

Welcome to the forum.

The important thing is not how much weigh, but what your fat to muscle ratio is. If you're a muscular guy, weighing 250lbs is not unreasonable. A lot of people go to the gym to lose weight, and then flip out when they see their weight actually increasing, because muscle weighs more than fat.

With you being a construction worker, being 6 feet tall, and weighing 210 pounds, most guys ought to be envious of the condition you are in.

Re: Hello from California 16 Jan 2012 19:37 #154

  • Kathleen
  • ( Visitor )
Welcome, I am fairly new here myself. Good for you for changing you diet and getting healthier. Well done.

Re: Hello from California 17 Jan 2012 05:14 #155

  • Agent_L
  • ( Visitor )
Thank you both, I told everyone last year that I would go one year without soda and fast food.

Today I ate a fish filet fries and a sprite from McDonalds... I wasn't missing much, the food made me feel lazy and the rest of my day was not very accomplishing. I kinda feel disgusted in myself as well. Tomorrow I will probably go get a whopper, I shouldn't but I think afterwards I will begin another year of "freedom fasting" (being free from garbage food) and then working on my muscle to fat ratio, meaning I need to get back to lifting.
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