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Thank you for your RESEARCH & HONESTY!
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TOPIC: Thank you for your RESEARCH & HONESTY!

Thank you for your RESEARCH & HONESTY! 19 Sep 2011 17:31 #66

Hi, Sarah and Thomas!

For the past week I've been listening to your Healthwyze Reports via my cell phone's radio application while walking my dog every morning, as well as any other free time I can find. I've heard episodes 2, 4, 5, 7, 12 (some several times) and also watched The Cancer Story which is posted on your website. All I can say is that you two are life changers for me, my husband and 6 children. I had been going to an integrative medical doctor, mostly for wellness visits, at The Ohio State University's Center for Integrative Medicine, for the past 4 years, taking my fish oil, and other vitamins, as recommended by my formerly GP physician (he used to sneak fish oil to patients at our local well-known cancer hospital!). I've also watched Food Inc., and read a few books about the products we use externally (soap, laundry, makeup, etc.), as well as food we put in our bodies.

Now, with the information from you, I feel that a whole new dimension has been added to my understanding of natural medicine, the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry (my niece is a very successful Pharm Dr doing research in infectious diseases at a major university!), etc. Right now, I feel like I have information overload, and am taking notes while I listen to your Reports. I would be interested to know your opinion on Melaleuca products (melaleuca.com) which I've been using for about a month now, and are environmentally friendly, well-researched, and have the wellness as their main focus.

I look forward to more of your Reports, as well as the release of your upcoming project, and wish continued success and health to you both and your family.

Julie Kallinicou
Marysville, Ohio

Re: Thank you for your RESEARCH & HONESTY! 16 Nov 2011 15:42 #106

  • Kathleen
  • ( Visitor )
Hi there, I am also new here and a user of Melaleuca mlm products. I feel the same as you about this site and had also found it because of my smart phone. I am interested in the response about melaleuca products. I have been using them for a few years and thinking there must be less expensive choices available. I actually suspended my account in June to use up what I have, I think it sucks that they dictate that you must spend so much money each month.

Re: Thank you for your RESEARCH & HONESTY! 16 Nov 2011 15:48 #107

  • Sai Kit
  • ( Moderator )
  • Moderator
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Hi Kathleen,

I joined a network marketing company before too, and twice for the same company actually.

I think the problem of mlm or NW business is that they always make the products more expensive than the market price of the same kind of products, because there is so many tiers of middle men in between the products and the producers. It's not competitive at all.

MLM is even worst in that you have to pay every month to buy the products. Some companies also sell you training material to "teach" you how to succeed in this business.

It is not a sustainable business model at all. A person will learn much more if he or she venture on her own and use some common sense and traditional business practices. MLM and NM usually don't have a clues about business, but they build their business upon a bunch of believers, who have good intentions or have no better choices. The majority of the reps in MLM or NM suffer, and only the top of the pyramid have good income, but the "dream" keep the people going, hoping tomorrow will get better. And they don't like to be called pyramid. They use their business meetings and convention to reinforce their ideas, to keep the belief system from falling apart.
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