All of us need some humor periodically, and it can often come from the advice of the medical establishment.  The National Health Service (N.H.S.) of Britain is telling school students, "One orgasm a day will keep the doctor away" through its official "Pleasure" leaflets, which they have been distributing in the schools.  Supposedly, this advice will help teenagers reduce heart attacks (as if they were common among youth), ignoring the fact that 40,000 teenagers become pregnant each year in the U.K..  This is the highest rate for Western Europe, and more than half of the pregnancies result in abortions.

The N.H.S. is proclaiming that children have the "right" to a good sex life.  That's right -- teenagers supposedly have a basic human right to promiscuously enjoy unimpeded sex.  This news came just after "it emerged that teenagers who took part in a £6 million [$12 million] government initiative to reduce teenage pregnancies were more than twice as likely to fall pregnant as other girls", according to reporter, Daniel Martin.  It seems that the British health advisers get a thrill from encouraging children to have sex.  If this was really an attempt at reducing heart attacks, then any type of exercise would be equally helpful.

"It is unbelievable that this is being sent to schools... I'd like to know what scientific evidence there is to back this up. There are an awful lot of overpaid and under-occupied health promotion officers around who are obsessed with sex."

-- Dr. Trevor Stammers, of Family and Youth Concern

Dr. Stammers summarized this situation well.  There are adults in the British health care system who are obsessed with sex, and thus are highly entertained when they consider millions of kids having sex or masturbating each day.  I have to seriously wonder how many of them are pedophiles.  Masturbation, by the way, counts as complimentary and alternative medicine, at least according to the British health system -- and we really could not make this stuff up.  The agenda is obviously not about health.  It is simply a plan created by very perverse people in positions of power.

What happens in Britain is usually a test bed for what is implemented in America years later, so you may want to keep a vigilant watch if you have kids in the public school system.

Feel free to read the original story for yourself.


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Sarah Pros
# Desensitizing children Sarah Pros 2013-08-03 07:20
Personally, after experience in Sweden, I am okay IF in the context of a certain long-term-romance young adults may have consensual sex. We were born to do it!

But this propaganda campaign sounds like the establishment cheerleading ANY type of sex, not necessarily loving, stable, or emotionally healthy. By promoting it without limitation within current UK culture to teens, they are promoting unstable, abusive and emotionally unhealthy sex experiences for children! Children who will now propagate their sexual trauma onto the newer kids. It sounds like a campaign to desensitize children to concepts of marriage, romantic love, and true intimacy and breakdown any platonic friendship between the sexes.
Paula Johnson
# UK Government peadophiles Paula Johnson 2015-07-03 02:40 ()

Harriet Harmon, the leader of the house of commons in 2009, is obviously a pedophile, you couldn't be anything else if you wanted to water down the child porn laws, lower the age of consent to 14 and decriminalize incest. Many members of British government are suspect in their beliefs and fancy's. They're disgusting. But they are of course "Respected members of the community" if you want your passport application signing. It's unbelievable.

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