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Medical Mind Games and Proving Ginger Is Therapeutic

Written by Print 
Demonstrating the principles of modern medical science.

Guess which is less deadly statistically: cigarettes or pharmaceuticals?  How about this one?  Which is more likely to cause deadly cancers: cigarettes, or standard radioactive cancer screens such as mammograms?  The next one is even better.  Sunscreens (not sunlight) cause skin cancer, and this is why people exposed to more sunlight tend to have more skin cancers -- because they heavily use sunscreens laden with carcinogens.  Life-giving sunlight produces vitamin D3 in our skin (removing excess cholesterol in the process), and this natural vitamin D3 eliminates approximately 70% of cancers in 17 categories.  Exposing the mythology of modern medicine demonstrates how the chemical industry, the medical establishment, and our media all work together to cook their science.

CNN recently ran a report titled, Ginger May Help Chemo Patients With Nausea.  This apparently means that modern medicine (allopathy) discovered that ginger is useful in 2009.  This is especially underwhelming for people knowledgeable about traditional medicines, because they have already known this for... what... 4,000 years and counting.  I never cease to be underwhelmed by what allopathic medicine offers us.  The ginger revelation was supposedly news, because establishment doctors "discovered" and "proved" that ginger was useful, in 2009 no less.

Perhaps ginger's effects were never "discovered" before now because it cannot be monopolized by the pharmaceutical cartel, and thus it cannot be "regulated" out of our control.  With all the backlash against chemotherapy now, perhaps they felt that they had better throw us a bone to keep the restless natives at bay.  However, in their typical propagandizing fashion, they just could not leave it at that.  They have been running their cons so long that they just cannot stop themselves.

Now, let's look at the information from a couple of related CNN health articles, and let the games begin!

"The death rate due to cancer has declined in the United States in recent years, largely due to better prevention and treatment."

Actually, the drop in cancer rates is because of people in our community, who are freeing people from their doctors, and encouraging them to take control of their health.  A good example of our work is the explosion of the organic produce industry, which strangely enough is not being encouraged by the medical industry.

"It's great news that a large chunk of the decreased death rates in women can be attributed to breast cancer.  This is largely due to a decreased use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which has been shown to increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer."

I agree. At least they admit to causing cancers with their beneficial treatments.

"Fewer women are getting mammography and that's why fewer women are getting diagnosed with breast cancer..."

Now that's what I'm talking about!   That was smooth.  Did you miss it?  The whole truth is that the radiation from mammograms cause cancers, so whenever less women get mammograms, then less women likewise get cancers.  The breast cancer that is detected this year was usually caused by last year's "preventative" mammogram.  Underarm antiperspirant is another major contributing factor, but they will never mention that either, because that too hurts business.

"Fat brings on puberty earlier and early puberty is a risk factor for breast cancer..."

Huh?  Fatness is the cause of puberty?  Both the obesity and early puberty epidemics are proven to be in large part due to the non-organic, corn-fed, high-fat meats that are laced with trash from the chemical industry, such as toxic nitrate salts, and in particular, the pharmaceutical industry's own synthetic growth hormones.  Again, only a portion of the truth is told, in order to protect themselves, their regulatory buddies, and their corporate partners, at our expense.  Natural fats from range-feed organic farm animals, and fats from natural sources like butter are absolutely harmless, unless they are consumed in extremes.  Which reminds me, that whole fats and cholesterol thing is a lie too, but there is just not enough time and space to go into that topic.  Just so you know, the chemical industry's hydrogenated fats and their so-called "healthy cooking oils", which they have been promoting, are the real reason why the business of cardiology is booming.

Just consider your doctor to be a business man, and then suddenly it all makes sense.

" ... researchers found that a smidgen of purified ginger given in supplement form (equivalent to one-quarter teaspoon to one-half teaspoon of the spice each day) could reduce chemotherapy-related nausea by 40 percent on the first day of treatment when used in combination with traditional anti-nausea medications."

Notice how they call their patented chemical-industry drugs as "traditional" medications?  It's incredible.  We know they are safe and effective that way (wink, wink).  Supposedly ginger is useful when combined with more "traditional" medicines.  Since it is labeled to be non-traditional, are we to believe that ginger is really a new and experimental drug?  Perhaps it was when Moses used it.  It is just another back-handed slap against alternative therapies, concerning the use of herbs such as ginger, but moreover, they used this whole situation to promote the value of their "traditional" drugs.  On one hand, ginger gets the credit, and when we are not looking, they also throw-out that ginger must be combined with "traditional" pharmaceuticals; since it is to be taken for granted that the "traditional" pharmaceuticals may be used alone, but ginger is just too dangerous.  Is this more of their games, or it is just physically impossible for them to really acknowledge the impotence of chemical warfare posing as medicine?

What is really sad is the broken premises upon which their arguments were framed.  Let's examine them.  They claimed that chemotherapy is more bearable with ginger, so ginger is suddenly being medically approved to encourage the use of chemotherapy.  This is totally sick on so many levels.  Of course, herbal medicine is being kept in its place, as merely "complementary" for treating the symptoms of the poisons, which are themselves only being used to treat the symptom of cancer (tumors) -- instead of treating the cancer itself.  The whole affair is a complete mockery of medicine, and an insult to alternative practitioners.  They never learn, or perhaps it is simply too unprofitable for them to learn.  For those of us in-the-know, the patronizing platitudes about ginger having a place in medicine (just above shaman chants) is hardly reassuring that these people are likely to change anytime soon.



Comments (9)
  • Fooch  - Great Article

    I would disagree only on one thing, and that is to view your doctor as a businessman. In part, this is true on the level that in order to keep a clinic open, you must practice medicine as a business as you have tremendous overhead. This doesn't mean that patient care has to suffer or that a patient must get duped into taking allopathic medication. But if you don't balance the books, you are out of 'business.'

    Most all doctors and mid-level providers practice the medicine they were TAUGHT how to practice. You know nothing about medicine when you enter training other than the propagandized aspect that herbs don't cure.. You then are listening to information promulgated by the institution as though this is the "law of medicine." And for all intensive purposes, it is.

    I've never worked with a physician who was overtly out to screw the patient. Well, I take that back, I did work with one who would order unnecessary tests all the time. But by in large, they are just ignorant to alternative care and do what they think is right. The main problem is that like many other people, they have a family and other things to deal with that they don't have time to research the truth, even if they wanted to and were aware. Instead, they read some article from Harvard disproving ginger, or whatever, and then they practice their medicine accordingly. They are being duped just as much as the patients who buy into the misinformation and lies.

    I think rather than viewing them as an adversary, patients should bring in an article or several in my opinion about a topic, and then leave it with them in a very cordial and helping manner acknowledging that they know they are probably very busy to have time to research things, so.... That I believe would be more proactive.

    But splitting hairs on the business aspect, there is much truth in what you say, however, I hold that for most, it is not a malicious intent, but from an ignorant standpoint.

  • Brad

    Mmm, I fail to see how ignorance on the part of a Dr. in regards to health matters, or from any other standpoint for that matter, is anything but malicious. A Dr. is paid well, so that he should not remain ignorant.

    Isn't a Dr. in the business of what is best for the patient? To remain ignorant of what devices are best suited to a customer in any line of work is bad for business. However, when it is a matter of life and death, it's pure negligence, and malpractice follows closely behind.

    If a mechanic fails to diagnose a problem with the breaks on your car, or is too ignorant to keep his diagnostic information and/or tools up to date—and consequently, because of his ignorance you have an accident and are killed, that mechanic is likely to do jail time. When was the last time a Dr. did any jail time, when due to his negligence someone died? Bad Dr.s cause more deaths than bad mechanics, yet more mechanics do jail time. If ignorance is no defense for one, then ignorance should be no defense for the other.

  • Jonathan  - re: Ignorance
    Brad wrote:
    If ignorance is no defense for one, then ignorance should be no defense for the other.

    It could also be pointed out that ignorance of the laws in a society does not protect a person who unknowingly breaks those laws. As a member of a society we have certain rights yet we also have certain responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to be informed about the laws under which we live (whether we agree with those laws or not is another matter).
    In the same way... a doctor, in my opinion, as certain rights, such as the right to practice medicine. Yet, with every right comes responsibility. In this case I would say they also have the responsibility to apply themselves in fulfilling their primary oath... "To do no harm". Being ignorant of natural approaches to health and healing, and not pursuing remedy to that ignorance is a failure to uphold their oath to "Do no harm". The same can be said to ignorance of the failures and dangers of consensus medical practices and treatments.

    In some ways I agree with Fooch, yet I also agree with Brad.

    Ultimately, however, I can only forgive doctors for their ignorance, just as I would want to be forgiven for my own. The primary challenge of ignorance is this: We are not conscious of what we are unconscious of.

    With heart,


  • Nobody

    That's so kind of you to forgive a Doctor for his mistakes, for you would expect the same, but have you ever lost a loved one, a parent, or heaven forbid a child due to a Docotr's incompetence...obviously not, because I can assure you, forgiveness would be the furthest thing from your mind. Nor has your health been compromised becasue of a Docotr's incompetence, or again your attitude would be much different. It's humorous to read this sort of ignorance, people who say they could forgive a Doctor for their mistakes, when it's not their own health that has been compromised and lead to a premature death or a serious decline in one's quality of life. When a Doctor makes a mistake IT IS SOMEONES HEALTH, not just a mistake you idiot!! When you drop the burger you flipped on the floor, this would be a mistake or accident, but when you affect someone's health this is utter incompetence, not a mistake, there is a difference. Perhaps you make this foolish statement because youhave made a lot of mistakes in your life?? A doctor is conscious of their knowledge or lack there of, and therefore is obligated morally and ethically to "PRACTICE MEDICINE" that means ongoing you get it....they picked the career but they stop studying when they become a Doctor (most)and yet they claim to practice medicine.....practice is continual and ost Doctor's fail to recognize that is part of their job.....CONINUAL STUDIES....make no mistake!

  • Wendy  - Doctors are humans - Take responsibility

    While I am incredibly frustrated with western medicine in general, and have suffered from the ignorance of my MD(along with my own ignorance), I have also suffered at the advice of alternative medicine practitioners who can also be driven by greed and riddled with ignorance. They are protected by the forms we sign recongizing that they are not doctors and are not offering advice. We need to take responsibility for our own research and our own decisions.

    I appreciate everything that I am finding here. Still, no single source can give me all of the answers I need as is also true for those who are "practicing" at the art of helping others feel better; even those with the best of intentions. I suspect that most MD's do care and do read and research. Unfortunately, most researcj may be required reading from the corrupt medical community rather than random research for each individual patient.

    Again, we must take responsibility for our own research - even if it makes our MD incredibly frustrated when we show up to the office asking for specific tests, sharing what we know (or believe we know), and ignoring their advice. My MD laughed in frustration at the notion that pH had anything to do with health. He said, "of course your body is acidic, it is supposed to be and always will be; and how do you know it's acidic?" It was odd that he expressed similar frustration with his Chinese parents who believe more strongly in Chinese medicine / Yin and Yang; which he neither understands or recognizes as beneficial. He could only summarize that Western Medicine is white and Chinese medicine is black. I summerized that he's not a very inquisitive or open-minded sort. At least I got some tests ordered.

    I have been taking synthetic thyroid (Levothroid) for almost 20 years (or was until a few months ago). Now I am enjoying the benefits of and suffering the consequences of the decision to stop taking it. I trust I will research my way through this and eventually be healthier than I was on the medication. For now many symptoms the medication never resolved have left me and some have worsened or have only recently been realized or returned. It's a journey and I expected it might be a bit bumpy.

    I especially appreciated the information about iodine on this site as I had not found good information that I felt was worthy of action on that matter other than trying to eat sea vegetables; yuck! And I worried about toxins. It befuddled me that sea vegetables are promoted as good while the same site warned that fish from the toxic sea are bad.

    I do think there is plenty of evidence to support the fact that the mainstream medical corporation is corrupt and is not the way to go, especially for cancer, diabetes, obesity, and the A's (ADD, ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer's) our major epidemics. But, I also cannot get the unhealthy people I know to consider taking responsibility if that requires sacrifice, commitment, or significant change; even if I offer to help. People want the quick fix as much as western medicine wants to pretend (and possibly actually believes) they offer such a thing.

    While I see MD's as primarily ignorant, I do blame the mainstream medical monster for making it so difficult to find the truth of the matter. Wouldn't it be nice if the FDA and AMA were really inerested in our personal welfare without regard to the welfare of the medical and pharmaceutical industries? If that were true, they would have confirmed the best way to get iodine safely and effectively, we wouldn't be fighting against flouride, fake food, and the diminished quality of many real foods (to name the biggest issues I'm dealing with). Let's face it, it wouldn't be nearly as hard to come by a healthy lifestyle had they been making sound decisions for us and our planet all along.

  • Robert

    You guys are like freedom fighters! I find myself falling a little behind on work as I get stuck on all this excellent inside knowledge. Thanks again for your efforts!

  • jeb

    a voice of reason in the wilderness of self-promotion. Like a drink of cool water on a hot day.

  • Ashley

    Yes-- doctors caused my chronic mercury poisoning and stole 8 years and counting from my life.

    How is it that I, a layman, know that the medical industry is corrupt and poisons are being peddled on American citizens all while tyrannically covering up the real remedies?

    Oh, those poor, poor doctors. They just don't know any better!

    There are good doctors, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to see all of those sick criminals who knew there was mercury in our vaccines and dental fillings lined up and shot.

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