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Whole Foods Market Can No Longer Be Trusted For Safe Wholesome Foods or Even To Tell The Truth Anymore

Written by Print 

We have previously covered the sale of soy products at Whole Foods Market, along with their blatant promotions of canola oil. Nevertheless, we had hoped that there was merely somebody high-up within Whole Foods who was still buying into that whole "soy is a health food" scam, and thus, they were simply ignorant of the last 10 years of scientific findings. Yet on a recent trip to Whole Foods, we inspected only a handful of products, and discovered the use of autolyzed yeast extract. It was quite a disappointment.

The Whole Foods Market wall of shame. A main ingredient of their rice is MSG, which is second only to the rice itself.

We found an entire section of couscous rices, from a company named, Near East. The vast majority of those products contained autolyzed yeast extract, usually as the second ingredient (after rice). Even more disgusting, is that these products are labeled, "100% Natural". Of course, by the Food and Drug Administration's definition (there is none), high fructose corn syrup can be labeled 'natural' too. After all, it was derived from corn long before it was re-engineered at various chemical factories using sulfuric acid. It's prudent at this point to note that Whole Foods is now selling products which contain high fructose corn syrup too. They are increasing their inventory of "natural" foods, that is.

For those who have missed our previous articles about monosodium glutamate, autolyzed yeast extract is in large part, free glutamic acid. "Free" glutamic acid is glutamate which has been extracted from proteins using manufacturing processes such as fermentation (induced rotting). This is done with genetically engineered bacteria. Glutamate is the active component of MSG that causes people to experience migraines, seizures, and sudden heart attacks; just to name a few. For comprehensive details about the dangers and hidden names of monosodium glutamate, we encourage people to read our previous article, How MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) Is Hidden In Your Foods and Its Antidote, Taurine.

We considered reporting our findings to Whole Foods, until we realized that they actually have no problems with autolyzed yeast being inside their foods. They list it as an "acceptable flavor enhancer", yet they have banned monosodium glutamate. You know, since they're so concerned about the health of their customers.

MSG has a well-known reputation among the health-conscious, but autolyzed yeast is not so infamous. At least not yet, but we are trying to change that. People do not know that these are essentially the same thing, and this ignorance is what allows companies like Whole Foods Market to deceive its own customers. Most people have never heard of autolyzed yeast extract, and that's why it remains on the shelves.

It's Not A Health Problem. It's Just A Public Relations Problem.

Whole Foods has already had a public relations campaign to try and calm peoples' fears about this substance, whilst "moderating" comments about this topic at its own site. That's much easier than removing it from shelves, apparently. From the commentary section of their official corporate website, one could make the conclusion that no person has ever commented about this issue, as if Whole Food's customers are never concerned about MSG. We think not. Funny how such things never get publicly displayed.

"Autolyzed yeast and hydrolyzed proteins, among other ingredients, are completely natural ingredients that happen to be have substantial amounts of glutamates, but nowhere near the concentration found in MSG."

— Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods definition of 'natural' conveniently differs greatly from that of most reasonable people. Having a natural ingredient in the beginning of a manufacturing process does not necessarily result in a natural output. In the case of autolyzed yeast, it is not natural, and it is not safe. Unlike the truly natural form of glutamate, manufactured free glutamic acid provides both L-glutamic acid and D-glutamic acid, and sometimes accompanies carcinogenic by-products such as mono and dichloro propanols. Naturally occurring glutamate (organic L-glutamic acid) that is found in all proteins, has never been shown to yield negative reactions in MSG-sensitive people, nor does it contain toxic industrial by-products, or D-glutamic acid.

The truth of the matter is that the glutamic acid found in unprocessed, unadulterated, and/or unfermented food and in the human body is composed of one form of a single amino acid, L-glutamic acid, and nothing else.

Truth In Labeling Campaign

Despite attempts by Whole Foods Market and other large corporations to try and convince the world that chemically produced autolyzed yeast is natural, safe, and identical to the natural amino acid, scientific data proves otherwise. This article is another unfortunate reminder that people must read the ingredients labels, and make decisions based upon them, and never base their decisions upon marketing, or trust in any corporation.

Tricking Diabetic Customers Into Eating Refined Sugars

Whole Foods is also currently selling brownies and other sweet products with a "sugar free" label. The sugar substitute is frequently maltitol, a sugar-based alcohol. Maltitol raises blood sugar almost as much as bleached, refined sugar, despite the 'sugar-free' implication that it is safe for diabetics. No reasonable person would assume that a sugar substitute would have all of the same effects as regular sugar. In fact, the two are almost identical, though maltitol has a tendency to also cause painful intestinal cramps and diarrhea. We recommend that people avoid maltitol to the same (or greater) degree that they avoid regular processed sugars.

Conclusionary Remarks

Whole Foods Market appears to be gradually decreasing their standards in regards to natural and organic foods, so it is more important than ever that you take responsibility for your own health; instead of relying on others to make decisions on your behalf.


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Comments (7)
  • Lisa

    We were there this past weekend. You're right. You have to check the ingredients, and know what you are getting. I like shopping there, but honestly, I can buy some of the same "natural" products at kroger or walmart. It's a lesson to never depend on someone else to always have your best intrest in mind. Research and get the knowledge to make as many wise choices as you can. Thanks for the article, and your site.

  • ANT  - I work there.

    I am currently employed with WFM in South Florida. Upon being hired I was extremely excited, after waiting almost fifteen months, before going to the store "team leader"(manager) and asking why I haven't gotten a reply, I was hired. Going through their orientation preaching about food safety, cleanliness, core values and team work had me ready for action. Having over twenty years experience in the food industry, doing everything from line cook, prep, pizza and eventually owning my own successful restaurant in South Florida I was impressed by their whole clean and "green" approach to the food industry, along with their "team" mentality. It is all a facade, at least at this location it is. I have never been told to "not take my job so seriously" before, until WFM. I have never worked in an atmosphere with such a dis-functional group of selfish people before in my life. Team leaders that cannot take responsibility for their own actions, who have had departments in debt for over three years, who cannot even make a schedule from week to week, WITH SAME STAFF, LABOR COST AND HOURS!!!!
    It doesn't make sense. A strong sense of favoritism and racism (I am a white American)does not make for a pleasant work place.
    Within the past three weeks we have seen a new assistant team leader come in to clean things up. within three days she fixed what had taken our existing "team leader" three years to destroy. The foods served and prepared in the prepared food department are disgusting. Old recycled product turned into something new. Nothing organic, nothing appealing and a very dirty workplace. a multi-billion dollar corporation and have of the equipment does not work.Stoves, ovens, refrigeration etc... I cook their but refuse to eat anything coming from that department. But trying to make changes and voicing an opinion only gets you deeper and deeper into a bottomless pit. I have created work logs, daily work routines and communication forms that were dismissed and was told not to do this, it is not my job, but was never told who's job it is. Very disappointing. A place of this stature should really stand up to it's name and the image they are trying to project. I am still there because currently the job market is horrible and the benefits are ok. Aside from that, it is not a good place eat or work.
    Currently there are four people leaving and since I have been there I have seen at least five people leave. This store is just to get your foot in the door, then you transfer to a better location. I have an interview this Friday outside of the whole foods market company. Wish me luck.

  • Marilyn Johnson

    Sorry to hear this. Its truly a disappointment. I used to love Wholefoods hear in in Torrance CA. But I'm seeing to much pastry's loaded with sugar. this is not a wholefood, They are becoming like the other unhealthy chain food stores. I don't know if i can trust hot food bar now. They do have an all organic salad bar though. Thank God! Wishing you well on your knew job search.

  • Joe  - Glutamate in Toothpaste?

    Hello. Excellent article. There was something I was wondering about though. Recently I purchased some fluoride-free toothpaste from my local health food store. However, upon further investigation, I noticed some ingredients by the names "Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate" and "Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate" (from amino acids and vegatable oil). Not to mention, "Natural Flavor" (from essential oils and botanicals). As a migraine sufferer, I have been working to eliminate all MSG and artificial sweeteners from my lifestyle, but there always seems to be those one or two things that I overlook. MSG Toothpaste is a new one on me, I got to say. I would even say that MSG toothpaste would be worse that ingesting it because it can be absorbed through the mouth, right?

  • ecoheart

    I'm very sorry to hear about WFM. I used to do business with and hang out a lot in the first WFM on Lamar Blvd, Austin TX, back in the late 70s and early 80s. I guess WFM is now just too big and too corporate to really care very much about quality and integrity. Incidentally, msg is also a supposedly "natural" ingredient derived from seaweed. It was initially discovered by Japanese professor Ajinomoto. The only thing is that it is 1000s of time stonger in its "refined" powder form than in its natural seaweed state. I think can be compared with chewing cocoa leaves in their natural form, which is a relatively harmless occupation, as opposed to ingesting/snorting destructive cocaine.

  • Sarah Pros  - Trader Joes' vegatarian chili.. ugh

    Tonight in fact, I made cornbread (yes I know, corn is awful and this was a rare indulgence) and I bought the veggie chili in the can (also cans are very bad I know, again rare for me nowadays) and I was excited to put the chili on the cornbread.

    Ugh. Except the chili tasted like soy! And ugh, it is one of the top ingredients. WTH. There are centuries of vegetarian chili recipes, none of which involve soy. Usually with onion, garlic, possibly green bean pieces.. nope it was soy pieces beans, sauce (which includes onion and garlic powder) Yikes! I used to read labels vigilantly. man, you cannot look away for a second or they get you!! Who knew imminent poisoning was as prevalent as the checkout line.

  • Alan Bloodworth  - Canola Oil Cafe or Fractionated Foods

    I eat there frequently because they are across the street from my office. It can be so hard to avoid canola oil that I have dubbed the food bar the "canola oil café".
    My other name for the place is "Fractionated Foods".
    I only go there for the salad bar. I would never buy my groceries from them. I do have to give them a plug for the supplement aisles. They do stock a good selection.
    I observe so many people spending far to much money on baskets full of processed food that are no better than what's on the processed food aisles of Walmart - in my opinion.

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