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The 2010 Worst Restaurant of the Year Award Goes To Subway

Written by Print 

Nationwide restaurant chains are invariably unhealthy, which makes choosing the worst restaurant of the year difficult.  Our 2010 award may come as a shock to some of our readers.  It is a restaurant that uses toxic ingredients, while marketing its products toward the health-conscious.

Subway was started in 1965 by a 17-year-old, named Fred DeLuca, who wanted to make extra money to pay for his college tuition.  He borrowed $1,000 from a family friend, Peter Buck, who would later become his business partner.  Their food has always been marketed as being fresh and healthy.  The Subway chain is now owned by Doctors Associates, Inc., which in turn is still owned by Peter and Fred.  Neither of which are medical doctors, by the way.  From what we can tell, Doctor's Associates, Inc. does nothing more than own Subway, and gives the misleading impression that doctors are being consulted about the nutritional value of Subway's foods.  In fact, there appears to be no doctors involved with Doctor's Associates, Inc. at all, and Subway no longer offers fresh and healthy alternatives.

Most people give Subway the benefit of the doubt concerning their food items; assuming that they do the best that they can to provide healthy alternatives.  However, the Subway ingredients list shows that even the most basic food items available at Subway are toxic.  We have archived a copy of the Subway ingredients list, in case it disappears. We are going to briefly examine three basic food items that are used by Subway.  There are much worse examples, and this is merely a demonstration of products that could have easily been acquired naturally.

Italian (white) Bread: Enriched flour (wheat flour, barley malt, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, sugar, contains less than 2% of the following: soybean oil, fermented wheat flour, yeast, salt, wheat protein isolate, wheat gluten, dough conditioners (acetylated tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides, ammonium sulfate, calcium sulfate, ascorbic acid, azodicarbonamide, potassium iodate, amylase [enzymes]), sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, lactic acid, sulfites, mineral oil.

Even the bread at Subway is toxic.  Instead of using olive, sunflower, or peanut oil, they chose to use soybean oil.  They could have claimed ignorance if they had used canola oil, but the dangers of soy have been known for decades.  Soy is always toxic, typically genetically engineered, and it is the primary reason why health-destroying hormone problems are so prevalent in America.  The hysteria surrounding soy as a health food ended long ago.  It is used because it is cheap, not safe.

Azodicarbonamide is showing up in restaurant breads more and more, yet it is banned in the United Kingdom, throughout Europe, and in Australia.  It was banned for causing respiratory problems, such as asthma.  The material safety data sheet (MSDS) for azodicarbonamide warns of irritation of the digestive tract, skin irritation, allergic respiratory reactions, and the need for special protective clothing and gloves for those who come into contact with it.  Industrially, it is used to make foam plastics, but so far, we have been unable to discover the rationale for using it to poison bread.  Perhaps it helps the chemical industry to dispose of its wastes.

Subway also adds mineral oil to its breads, as if Americans simply did not get enough petroleum in their diets.

Chicken Breast Strips: Boneless, skinless, chicken breasts with rib meat, water, soy protein concentrate, salt, modified food starch, chicken flavor (contains salt, autolyzed yeast extract, sugar, molasses, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, sodium phosphates), and sodium phosphates.

Soy is present even in their basic chicken breasts, along with autolyzed yeast extract, which is almost certainly hidden monosodium glutamate.  They also add more sodium in the form of table salt repeatedly, even while marketing to people who could have risky heart and blood pressure conditions.  Natural sea salt would provide minerals to help prevent heart disease, but processed sodium severely aggravates such conditions.  Toxic sodium is excessively used in all processed foods, but people assume that the "fresh" foods of Subway are not tainted in the same way.  The modified food starch is a mystery ingredient, as we have reported before.  It can be "modified" in a variety of disgusting ways; often having genetically engineered bacteria inside it -- the kind of bacteria that you could find in a place that has nauseatingly-poor hygiene.  The executives of Subway consider it good enough for your family to eat.

Banana Peppers: Banana peppers, water, distilled vinegar, salt, calcium chloride, sodium benzoate, (preservative), sodium metabisulfite (preservative), yellow #5, natural flavors, polysorbate 80.

It should surely be called false advertising when their "Eat Fresh" commercials are actually advertising vegetables that will last for years without deteriorating.  They are practically embalmed.  Take for example, the lettuce, which is supposedly pure, but never seems to turn brown.  Sodium benzoate is not just a preservative, but it is also a mutagen that turns off a vital part of the DNA, causes allergies, reduces the I.Q., and provokes A.D.H.D. symptoms.  It is present in some major brand soft drinks, and we strongly recommend a complete avoidance of it.

To ensure that peppers do not change color during months (or years) of storage, Subway's peppers contain petroleum in the form of yellow #5.  Artificial dyes, which include infamous yellow #5 have been shown to be neurotoxic from the behavioral problems that they are known to cause.  As a result, they are being phased out of British products (before they are outright banned).  Of course, these dyes will continue to be fed to Americans with the full blessing of the F.D.A..

According to the material safety data sheet, Polysorbate 80 has been linked to cancer, alters DNA, and damages the reproductive systems of test animals.  It is worth noting that this is present in several vaccines, including the recent swine flu and Gardasil vaccines.


Subway won our Worst Restaurant of The Year award because unlike other fast food restaurants, they repeatedly try to appeal to those who care about their health.  People place their trust in their deceptive marketing campaigns, and are subsequently poisoned.  During the research phase of this article, we called the Subway Headquarters to ask about their use of genetically engineered foods.  We were told that the information "would not be available", which really is an answer.  We feel that it spells out their agenda concerning genetically engineered foods quite clearly.

The bottom line is that Subway seems to have no interest in making Americans healthier whatsoever, but it is instead taking advantage of those who are trying to improve their health.  We strongly recommend boycotting this restaurant chain.

UPDATE: We finally received the response shown below from Subway corporate after finishing this article.  Notice that they do not fully "indorse" G.E. foods.  They only partially endorse genetically engineered foods.  Isn't that fresh?

To: *******
From: peggy Mccarthy <*********>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 13:17:39 -0500


Dear Ms. Cain:

Thank you for your interest in Subway nutritional information.

While SUBWAY does not actively seek to include Genetically Modified Food products in the ingredients of the foods that we serve, we do not fully indorse their usage either. The scientific community, to date, has not made claim that the human consumption of Genetically Modified Foods is in any way harmful. Until then, in regard to Genetically Modified Food products, SUBWAY and its suppliers will continue to strictly follow all guidelines and regulations that are set forth by the United States Federal Government.

On our website you will be able to find our nationally offered products broken down by Nutrition/Ingredient information. For countries other than the USA visit and select the country.

All information is updated regularly, unlike printed material they may be out dated.

A Printer Friendly Version can be found by highlighting the maroon Menu/Nutrition tab at the top of the main page.  Select Nutritional Information on the right of your screen select Nutrition Data Tables

The local items may be found under the heading 6 Limited Time Offer/Regional Subs. For those local items not listed you will need to ask at your local Subway.

Again, thank you for choosing Subway.


Sue Lepesko Customer Care Representative

Comment ID: 2239420

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Comments (29)
  • Stan  - Strong points but how about a whole picture?


    SUBWAY has got to be better then many other alternatives here in the US. This includes all other restaurants, yes fast-food ones too! At least half their menu is legit right? Lesser of two evils and there are way more evils out there that are way eviler!

    Does, SUBWAY do other humanitarian things as well? Are they overall, a good company? Boycotting suggestion are extreme unless there is more then a few ingredients they serve that are harmful. Besides, where can you go these days and not get something that has a known health effect?


  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    To answer your question, non-chemically tainted (non-poisoned), organic foods have no adverse or toxic effects with normal moderate usage.

    I dare you to prove me wrong! :D

    One of the themes of our site is "God's medicine", but in cases like this, we're also talking about God's foods. Modern propaganda has obsecured the very fine line between food and medicine, but as the Father of Medicine (Hippocrates) once stated, "Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food".

    Real medicine does not destroy people, and anything that destroys people should be considered neither medicine nor food.

    I hope you rethink things before you find yourself being rolled in for chemo. Will you be asking at that time if the chemo is a "lesser evil" than radiation?

  • john

    man, it is totaly disheartening when you come to the realization that there is almost no safe food to comsume in the USA, especially when you go out to eat!

    it's a part time job just finding and aquiering real food.

    JESUS come SOON, or we will all succumb to early painfull death at the hands of our government!!!!!!

    MAY GOD HELP US ALL!!!amen

  • Nick

    Sorry john, it has nothing to do with God or Jesus... but go ahead, keep praying to the higher power that our government stop poisoning us... Jesus is not going to "come down and talk" to Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of Agriculture who is nose-deep in GMOs in Iowa.

    FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! These malevolent Corporations DO NOT care about us at all...

    It is up to us as individuals to make conscious choices. Peace, love, and organic kush herbs, fruits and vegetables... that is the answer. Not GMOs, pesticides/herbicides, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations and hormone disruptors...



  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    The attitude of survival of the fittest is what got us into this situation. That humanistic, evolutionary philosophy is part of the problem. History shows that it is Christianity which separated the civilized societies from the savage and animalistic societies that operated under the principle of survival of the fittest.

    In better, more Christian times, people would look out for their neighbors, and this sort of thing would not be tolerated. Together, we were stronger.

    Jesus doesn't need to protect us from them as much as we need protection from ourselves. After all, whenever we go shopping at a grocery store, we are voting in favor of the beast. Personal responsibility is undoubtedly a vital part of this battle, but it can not be won without community, or without God.

    If you believe that people like yourself can win because you're stronger, then you're already lost. Ultimately, you only strengthen the other side by deluding yourselves.

  • Nick

    The "strength" I am referring to is not about the fittest (physically) or the most "savage" as you have assumed...

    What I meant was that only the STRONG WILLED and FITTEST MINDS will be the ones that survive (with regard to health). I believe that this website helps others to make healthier choices, and in turn, creates healthier minds and healthier bodies. I thank you for that.

    I too agree that voting in favor of the multi-national corporations, or "beasts" as you call them, will only lead to more toxicity and more disease.

    And yes, I feel that I am stronger than many with regard to both my physical and mental fitness. Do not say that I have "already lost" because of that; it just sounds ignorant.

    And NO, I am not deluded nor mislead... After all, I'm following this website, aren't I?

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    You are suggesting that the mass poisoning of the people is a good thing, because it enables a eugenics-style cleaning of the gene pool. After all, those less-intelligent people are less worthy of survival.

    By the way, being mentally strong does not equate to being more intelligent. To the contrary, it usually means that the person is less intelligent, but more arrogant and persistent. Strength of character and strength of will are often opposites.

    We write to help the masses who are willing to help others, even the less fortunate. We don't write for people like you, and you are not welcome among our community.

    If we had wanted to become elitists, we would have gone to medical school, become doctors, and joined the local masonic lodge.

  • Kevin

    I think you guys are being a little harsh with Nick. I'm just saying. I LOVE this website and all that I have learned from it but I think it important to respect others; that's pretty big with me. I have often said, if you want to be misunderstood, just say something. We interpret the words of others through our own filters and the result is misunderstanding. I didn't read the same thing into Nick's comments that you guys did, and don't think he meant anything negative. I could be wrong, of course, but I always give others the benefit of the doubt. And thanks for all you guys do; it is much appreciated!

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    I think we did give him the benefit of the doubt with the first posting. Then he came back and re-iterated his superiority over the less fortunate and misinformed. Thus, advocating that those who were not lucky enough (or intelligent enough) to find our information should simply be left to die horribly.

    The whole basis of this site is to help both the misinformed and the less fortunate.

    His last reply fully assured us of his despicable immorality. We were not going to post it, but later decided that maybe you and others who feel like you do should see it for yourself. He's a proud future member of the medical establishment, by the way. Who would have guessed?

    Mass poisoning a good thing?!? Elitists?!? Wow... WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?

    I am getting a Master's Degree in Public Health with a concentration on Nutrition and Health Education. I truly want to help don't know me 'Co'Cain

    Oh, and I am not welcome now?? HAHAHA!!! Well... that doesn't sound too christian does it?? I might have to tell jesus on you... tisk tisk tisk.

    You had better go pray for forgiveness right now, because your "God" loves me just as much as he loves you, isn't that right??????

    You christians are really full of yourselves sometimes, huh?

    We actually welcome stuff like this, because it makes our points much better than we could have ever hoped to alone. In a way, we owe Nick a thanks for helping expose the agenda of the other side. Being genocidal and anti-Christian go together like a hand in a glove.

  • Lim Lynn

    This article surprises me (2009 Subway opened another branch in Malaysian shopping mall near my housing estate) since I didn't expect to see through their brain washing advertisement (that eating Subway products would be unhealthy). Thank GOD that I stop eating their food after I stop studying in college and had a chance to read this article. Please continue this ministry since we are still unaware, lack of wisdom and knowledge to discern what's bad for our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

  • Alex  - looking a bit deeper...

    A short segment on azodicarbonamide: Searching "azodicarbonamide as a dough conditioner" yeilds some results. Apparently, it breaks down to semicarbazide, a potential carcinogen. One website was found which hints at its role in baking. It improves bread elasticity according to dot php

    much other good info on the additives to bread can be found there. According to an unsourced inscription on wikipedia, Singapore levies a 400 grand fine for each instance of use. I guess they have things half right. Azodicarbonamide_000 dot pdf reveals that 45mg/kg is the concentration stipulated by regulations yet below 20mg/kg is what is required to reduce semicarbazide, yowzers!

  • john

    thanks for the back up Sarah

    nick is the prime example of a walking corpes with absolutly NO wisdom what so ever. but as a CHRISTIAN I forgive him and more importantly feel sorry for him.
    I will pray that he comes out of his dellusional stooper
    and can start to use his head for spiritual thought instead of a wind chamber.

    Sarah great article and I stand by what I said at the top!


  • Neil Porter

    Thank you for a great, informative piece. I just ate at Subway this week, and I think it will have been the last time. I've been looking for a site like yours for quite some time. I was also very intrigued by your warnings on aspartame and other caustic ingredients in chewing gum. Many, many thanks!

  • Pete Schutz

    Just found this site and I love it. About a year ago, a coworker and I went through Subway's nutritional information and came to the conclusion that the most "healthy" item was the cookie. You couldn't pay me to eat any of it, but it's a real eye opener to what is considered FRESH.

  • Cheryl LeValley  - New to site

    I am new to this site and have read the article on subway. While I do not go out to restaurants to eat and while I am and will continue to be.. searching for the healthiest way to eat as I too believe that food is my medicine the article was an eye opener to share with others. I HAD 13 medical doctors and no longer go to any of them. When I did I lost some because I refused to take pharmaceutically prescribed medicines that had major side effects as well as unknown or shall I say known but not presented. I was really only on two prescription meds. Off one of the two and desperately searching for ways to get off Thyroid meds after having my thyroid removed. Getting back to food. I am all about organic, no processed but do fall off the wagon briefly, as in one meal, ocassionally. Thanks for truly applying Christian values and sharing in God's love.

  • Siao ah?  - Siao ah?

    YOU SIAO AH? LIKE THAT ALSO CAN SAY> :0 :angry: IM A DOCTOR FYI. :woohoo: :whistle: :evil:

  • Felix Barre  - Sarah Cain is pretty

    I just went and got a Subway sandwich today because I hadn't eaten all day and couldn't get into my own kitchen to make food as my Mother was in it making dinner when i arrived home. i've been researching GMO's for a while now and trying to avoid all the unhealthy cooking oils and looking for recipes to try and move to a safer and more vegan diet. as far as fast food goes i thought subway would be the safest bet. perhaps it is but of course that doesn't make it safe. of course i had to search it and thats how this page came up for me. I have yet to research the articles on this site. The more i learn about all the threats to my health in all the foods there are along with the myriad of other wordly problems to go along with i regularly feel overcome. If world war and destruction by and large is our future then i pray that the lord will bring it quickly. I've been paranoid in silence and in awe at the level of ignorance and corruption that surrounds me. As well i've tired of the charade. For many years i've anesthetized my own feelings of anger with marijuana smoking and been most completely unsociable and reserved as most people seem depraved, vain, in chosen denial, or incapable of in depth critical thought. I thank god i was born in america where i've had so many freedoms and enjoyed relative safety but it seems to be committing suicide now. But anyways. Does anyone know of any place to get non GM soy? it seems alot of different things can be made out of soy but i've been led to believe that most all soy in the US is GM now. If it wasn't for spellchecker i would've misspelled believe and misspelled. that's pretty sad.

  • Mike  - Proper way to look at it. Punch.

    The main problem is that there is no proper labelling. It really matters little to the public where their food comes from, or how it is produced; if it is kept hidden from them. Ask anyone what they care about, 90% will say I want the best tasting cheapest meal. However put GMO on it and they turn away.

    If you want it fight for it. Proper labelling is where you will fix the problem. I personally could care less if its GMO as long as its good enough and makes me full, the biggest killer is starvation not GMOoooooossss.....

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    Thanks for coming here to school us, Mike. It's fairly common for us to get idiots like yourself, who are supposedly full of superior knowledge. Do you know about how gene sequences are force-inputted into foreign DNA chains via radiation guns? I didn't think so. Maybe you should just sit down and shut-up, and let us adults handle this topic.

    Now it's my turn to give you "the proper way to look at it".

    GMO's are actually one of the biggest killers (perhaps the single biggest killer at this time in history) because G.M.O. foods cause genetic mutations, and thereby they contribute to every disease known to man. We know that there are cancer links, heart disease links, and various other disease links that ultimately cause the U.S. the be the most medicated, and yet the most sick nation on Earth. About 16,000 percent more Americans die from these things than starvation, and I'm willing to bet that you've never met a single person who died of starvation. Most of us haven't.

    The real risk of starvation actually comes from the G.E. foods themselves. Genetic engineering is well-known for causing self-infertility, and once one of the infertile G.E. pollens becomes dominant, then an entire species (entire segment of the food chain) is wiped out forever. G.M.O. food is the biggest time bomb in human history, and it is destined to trigger the biggest famine in history.

    Starvation in the world is largely the result of corrupt politicians and shameless corporations, who tightly control natural resources to maximize power and profits; at the expense of the enslaved. The problem is not God's engineering, which by the way, doesn't have fertility problems, or any others. In fact, why don't you check out how many cancers have been caused by celery?

    We can agree on one point. Honest labeling should be required by law. The fact that the industry works so hard to conceal its genetic engineering proves that it clearly realizes the public doesn't want such garbage crammed down its throat, and that the industry would be sued into oblivion if the public could identify frankenfoods well enough to begin thoroughly studying their long term effects.

    Come back when you want more schooling.

  • David Mills  - Looks Like I Won't be Going to SubWay Today!

    This is unbelievable, I was on my way to eat another "healthy fresh meal" from Subway and was actually just looking up on Google where the "meat" comes from at Subway. (I have been on an organic kick and am especially concirned with where meat comes from, watched too many documenteries exposing the truth)

    I have read the entire article and all of the comments, I must say I was entertained by the comments and debating. I appreciate this site because you are trying to help expose the truth about food, especially in the United States. Its not about the informed being stronger or smarter, or better than others, but actually trying to spread the word.

    The tough part about lunch today is that I did not bring it, my office is getting KFC (worst chicken source ever, from Tyson Farms and they own Taco Bell too)so Im not going there. I dont really have anywhere close by that I can get good food.

    I must say I am bummed out big time that Subway is not a "healthy" place to eat. We are running out of places to trust to get our food.

    What to do...

    Thanks again and I will be checking out the rest of your site!


  • Michael  - No escape

    There really isn't a way to eat healthy in the United States especially if you live in an urban area, like 80% or more of the population. Even then, if you do live rurally, farm a garden, and try to raise organic crops you'll still be poisoned from all the aerial spraying which is taking place. There is no escaping this. As public knowledge increases so do the number of "contrails" in the sky as I look up. I live in southern Indiana. On any given day I can look up and see a criss-cross pattern of "contrails" which meld together to form cumulus looking clouds causing a haze like fog to form in the sky above me.

    What can be done about this? Nothing. Nothing but revolt and mutiny, but people will do neither for they don't want to give up their lifestyles. The problem is much more complex than meets the eye. Since post WWII our government military has advanced 48 years technologically for every 1 civilian year.

    There is a Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex (MIEC) shadow government in place. They're entrenched underground with well over 1,000 bases existing world-wide. They are nothing short of intellectual barbarians parading around as God. Scientific knowledge has wrought them full of corruption and made them drunk with power.

    I don't want to sound like a defeatist, but honestly, I want to enjoy what's rest of my life and not keep my mind on such heavy thoughts. The end result will be the same for all of us regardless of what's in our food, water, and air. We all die one day, no matter what. I want to enjoy my family and children and hope for a better life after this one.

  • Vilma Oman  - Please don't despair yet

    I agree. It's really tough to stay healthy now.
    But ...
    There are ways to avoid the poisons: eat organic, grown your own, hydroponically, learn to like sprouts, find an Amish farmer who will sell you clean, pastured meat, milk and eggs, filter your water, or distill it, don't buy anything in a box or a can

    There are ways to encourage your body to eliminate the poisons: fast on Friday (all day, on your ultra filtered water), eat sauerkraut, kimchi and home made yogurt, do deep breathing exercises like chi kung and yoga, take a sauna frequently, sit in the sun when you can ... and on and on.
    I do believe that Monsanto and the poisoners are going down, maybe not this year, but soon.
    People are waking up. Farmers are beginning to realize they've been conned. Russia, India and China are refusing GMO's.
    And the military/industrial complex will die soon as well. No one can ignore the disaster we caused in Iraq, and the holocaust soon to follow in Afghanistan.
    Wait till gas goes to $6/gallon and the fluoridated, ignorant hoards will scream bloody murder.
    Hang in there. Never quit. Your kids have a right to live out their full lives. It takes a few decades of living in time before one can happily contemplate eternity!

  • Christopher  - Bulking

    Well.... wow. I was going to do a Subway bulk. eat there 2-3 times a day and get all my macro nutrient needs each day from Subway.

    Thanks for the write up, you might have just saved a life... :)

    Damn those preservatives.

  • Frank Smith  - Subway Stick IT!

    UNREAL! Come on Subway! The tumors the size of baseballs showing up on rats isn't enough evidence to show its unsafe!????????? What a racket. Take your subs and stick em where the sun doesn't shine.

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