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Heavy metal cleanse
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TOPIC: Heavy metal cleanse

Heavy metal cleanse 30 Dec 2012 20:45 #338

I have read and appreciate your response to my autism-ish question. I also am thankful for your "neuro-typical" patience as I try to become unautistic. I have ordered all the supplements for the mercury cleanse, and have just finished the liver cleanse about a week ago.my objective isnt to lose what creativity I do have, but to comprehend and coexist better. I wanted to ask you guys a few guestions though. Is there a plan/schedule for mercury cleanse? How do I reverse flouride, and remove fillings? I cant seem to shake abscentmindedness. Also, what is your recommendation for a site that gives info about vitamins, supplements, herbs,(similar to herbs2000).

Re: Heavy metal cleanse 05 Jan 2013 11:57 #344

Does anyone have any suggestions? Its a neuro-typical world, and they take that for granted. I found that this sight has concrete dependable information. I apoligize for being a-typical, and not being able to communicate effectively.

Re: Heavy metal cleanse 13 Jan 2013 03:25 #366

We don't usually give specific recommendations for particular supplement companies.

Eliminating fluoride is a matter of removing all sources of it and then getting enough iodine for an extended period. Eating healthy fish is the ideal way to get iodine, but we have some articles about iodine supplementation.
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Re: Heavy metal cleanse 09 Feb 2013 16:09 #391

i am asking this to anyone who reads this and can provide an answer. As stated previously, I would like to be undumb! however, i cant afford to move to the country and consume/shower in well water. I want to remove the more predominant sources of heavy metals in my life . I have multiple fillings, and neither one of my two front teeth are authentic( one is capped, and the other has a post). I live in the Columbus, ohio area & would like to possibly find a dentist that could remove this constant source of dis-ability. Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks

Re: Heavy metal cleanse 07 Mar 2013 19:15 #395

  • Matt C
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Before doing the metal clense you should have any Mercury fillings removed by a biologic dentist. Goto www.iaomt.org and put in your state and city to locate a dentist in your area. Do NOT goto a regular dentist to have the Hg fillings removed as you will likely recieve a high expsure to Hg. There are special procedures to protect you and the dentist. The dentist will use a non-latex dental dam, O2 for you among other protocols. The dentist can also check your cap and post to see that they are safe.

I am currently doing a heavy metal detox. I will not use DMSA/DPMS as they are water soluable agents that never get into the fat tissue where Hg likes to go. Dr Boyd Haley PHD biochemist developed a fat soluable chelator (OSR) but the FDA ruled it was an unapproved drug and he had to remove it from the market. In addition to what Thomas and Sarah suggest for metal detox I use liposomal glutathione and a Tibetan herb Haritaki along with a thiol resin silica which is used to bind with Hg in the intestinal track. This protocol was developed by Dr Chris Shade PHD. There is a video of him speaking available on www.iaomt.org. This is very important because if Hg is not contained/bound to something it will keep recirculating in the body. I suggest you find a naturalpath that can help you with Hg detox. I am on my 2nd month and already feeling much better. What I used in my 1st month to help with the brain fog was CDP-Choline which is a supplement.
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Re: Heavy metal cleanse 08 Mar 2013 17:54 #399

i appreciate your assistance!!!!

Re: Heavy metal cleanse 24 Apr 2013 14:15 #441

DMSA can be combined with EDTA and applied topically. It has had good results with reversing autism, so it obviously works when used like that.

The silica thing is a total fraud, and it is categorically useless for supplementation or chelation. Otherwise, we'd just tell people to eat dirt. You should use cilantro and selenium, because they are binding agents that actually work.

Re: Heavy metal cleanse 24 Apr 2013 21:08 #445

I wanted to personally thank you instead of just hitting the thank you button. I have tried alot of the supplements that you guys have originally recommended to me, however i still havent removed the amalgams yet. I also wanted to let you guys know you were "my red pill" -matrix reference. I dont really know where to start : water filter, pans, kill the microwave and tv, what food can i actually purchase.I am sure that i am not the first one to tell you its overwhelming. Nonetheless, I cant thank you enough. I sometimes feel like the guy in the memento movie so often times, in an attempt to try to make something stick, i will listen to it numerous times. I have definitely enjoyed most of you audio archives more than once. I appreciate the heads up on the silicia.

Re: Heavy metal cleanse 25 Apr 2013 03:30 #446

Thanks for the kind remarks. I corrected your post, because the video was not working. To get a video to work, there is a special video button above. If you see your link automatically surrounded by "[video]", then you probably did it right.

The guy in the video bull's eyed this topic. He was right about everything. Although I could never drink that shake myself, because I thought it was totally disgusting. He should not have recommend soy milk, because soy disrupts hormones, is always genetically modified, causes certain mineral deficiencies, and it especially wreaks havoc with female hormones.

Re: Heavy metal cleanse 25 Apr 2013 19:12 #447

thank you again for your time and patience. and i want to let you guys know that theres an old expression - " a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" - please dont forget that!
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