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No health topic is more important, more full of misinformation, and more complex than this one. This report tackles the four most common conditions associated with "heart disease": hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease, and congestive heart failure. The information herein should be useful for all heart problems.

Heart disease is the number one killer in America, and yet it does not induce terror as cancer does. The reason for this is because people are horrified of the cancer treatments, not the disease itself. Alas, heart health is frequently ignored in lieu of cancer concerns, with breast cancer being an excellent example of this short sightedness. Case in point: For every woman who dies of breast cancer (cancer treatments) 11 more will die from coronary heart disease. About 60% of heart disease deaths happen suddenly in people who had no previous symptoms and normal cholesterol levels. These people simply collapsed unexpectedly. The real lesson to be learned, as you will see, is everything that we have been taught about heart disease is wrong. If the experts whom we have been listening to were right, then heart disease would not be the #1 failure of modern medicine.

Another "Big One" from the television comedy Sanford & Son. Real heart attacks are not laughing matters.
Adhering to a critical holistic principle of alternative medicine, it is important that we never adopt the foolishness of a typical physician, who will obsessively focus on only the organ displaying obvious symptoms. It is wiser to treat the patient instead of an organ, which means correcting problems with both lifestyle and diet. As is the case for practically all other chronic diseases, a heart patient usually brings the disease upon himself with his irresponsible behavior for a period of many years, and only he can get himself out of the mess. Drugs can suppress symptoms for a while, like they always do, but real change comes only from real changes. Merely masking the symptoms with drugs is the health policy of fools. The time bomb is still ticking, even though the timer has been hidden from view.

Heart issues go beyond the physical, and merely physically treating heart conditions ultimately results in the failures that we all see around us in slowly dying friends and relatives. Numerous surveys have shown that asking people about their quality of life and happiness accurately reflects their heart health. Thus, we must not ignore the mental, and even the spiritual components of heart conditions. A healthy heart requires a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Emotional issues are commonly forsaken, despite their obvious importance. Throughout mythology, the human heart represents something greater than merely an organ to pump blood. It contains the soul of a person, including his memories and emotions. We frequently refer to emotional issues in modern life with phrases ranging from "heart-broken" to "faint-hearted".

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the physical organs are correlated with emotional states. Such ancient science can seem ludicrous to modern readers, but one quickly learns of its persistent value when studying alternative medicine. Heart problems are indeed closely tied to depression, rage, nervousness, despair, insomnia, and restlessness. This has been repeatedly proven in studies of the Type A Personality and in studies of grieving patients. Therefore, people should look within themselves to deal with their own emotional issues as the first stage of healing their hearts. It is absolutely vital. Periodic meditation and prayer can save lives.

Heart Disease and Cholesterol

Everyone in modern society has heard about cholesterol, and how bad it is. Most do not understand why it exists, and simply see it as a menace that must be eliminated as quickly as possible. This misunderstanding is exactly what the pharmaceutical complex promotes, because it allows them to perpetually treat cholesterol with drugs. These drugs are prescribed for the remainder of a patient's lifetime, and when he eventually dies of a heart attack, family and friends will believe that the disaster was inevitable. The death will not be attributed to other health factors or to the drugs themselves, but to the "high cholesterol"; even though there are no known deaths from cholesterol in human history. It is all very convenient for the drug companies, so long as we do not examine what is up their other sleeve. We are reminded of restless leg syndrome, whereby the disease was 'discovered' immediately after the pharmaceutical for it was patented, as a reason to sell us that pharmaceutical. Now it has been upgraded to a "disease".

"Before 1920, coronary heart disease was rare in America -- so rare that when a young internist named Paul Dudley White introduced the German Electrocardiograph to his colleagues at Harvard University, they advised him to concentrate on a more profitable branch of medicine. The new machine revealed the presence of arterial blockages, thus permitting early diagnosis of coronary heart disease. But in those days, clogged arteries were a medical rarity, and White had to search for patients who could benefit from his new technology. During the next forty years, however, the incidence of coronary heart disease rose dramatically, so much so that by the mid 1950's, heart disease was the leading cause of death among Americans."

-- Mary Enig, Ph.D.

The amount of cholesterol that you eat actually has very little relationship with the amount that you have in your blood. When you eat more cholesterol, your body produces less, and when you eat less cholesterol, your body produces more. A body usually produces between three and four times the cholesterol that one eats. The amount produced is generally related to how much is needed. Cholesterol is indeed needed and critical for optimal health. The purpose of so-called "bad cholesterol" is not to give us heart attacks, but to repair our damaged arteries. Whenever a poor diet and lifestyle lead to damaged arteries, a thick and sticky substance is required to patch them. That substance is known as LDL or "bad cholesterol". When this damaging behavior is continued, multiple patches are created, leading to what we know as "clogged arteries". The problem is not the cholesterol, which is doing its wonderful job of preventing our deaths from internal bleeding. The problem is the fact that the arteries are damaged enough to risk internal bleeding. Blocking a body's healthy countermeasures only leads to worse problems. It is the pharmaceutical standard of symptom suppression that is so much like hiding the timer of a time bomb, and then expecting it not to eventually go off. Thus, that "bad" cholesterol is not a bad thing to have, but it can be a warning sign of problems elsewhere.

Modern medicine spends a lot of time fighting this patch, instead of the actual causes of arterial damage. Thus, it is not surprising that cholesterol-lowering drugs cause heart disease and heart attacks. A massive portion of the elderly population is taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, even though research shows that the higher their cholesterol levels (especially HDL) the longer that they will live. Low cholesterol in the elderly is actually a sign that something is seriously wrong, and a heart attack may be imminent. Modern medicine has only recently come to accept that at least some cholesterol (HDL) is good.

Cholesterol is still suppressed with drugs, despite what science would make prudent. It also has been proven that these drugs cause high suicide rates. The drugs can lead to personality changes, in a manner similar to (but not as intense as) S.S.R.I. anti-depressants.

The anti-cholesterol hysteria began in the 1950's, when researcher Ancel Keys proposed the Lipid Hypothesis. It stated that cholesterol and saturated fats lead to heart disease. His beliefs were promoted heavily by the new hydrogenated oils industry, which spent obscene amounts of money to convince everyone of Keys' indisputable findings. This successful marketing campaign was on par with similar marketing for fluoride at about the same time. Studies which had oppositional findings to Keys' were ignored or maligned. As a result of his flawed scientific methodology (cherry picking results to match what he wanted to find) saturated fats like butter and eggs were used less, in exchange for the poisonous trans fats that are in hydrogenated oils. Heart disease rates have been rising exponentially since then.

The French eat more fats than any other group in the world, yet they have low rates of heart disease. There are plenty of countries with similar patterns. The French lifestyle especially counters Keys' hypothesis, and it also provides evidence that resveratrol (found in wines) improves heart health. Resveratrol has been shown to reverse atheriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

High cholesterol levels should be a warning to people that inflammation is present. It is a risk marker, and a symptom that can save your life, unless you follow your doctor's advice. Eliminating the cholesterol through drugs is the equivalent to eliminating the thermometer in a room that is too hot. It is illogical, and it does nothing to eliminate the dangerous cause.

Cholesterol levels naturally drop whenever the body's need for it does, and cholesterol should never be forced lower with drugs. Diet and lifestyle can reduce cholesterol, but it is never because of a lowered cholesterol intake. The natural drop in cholesterol happens only when a person stops eating toxic foods that attack the arteries, because healthy arteries do not need patching. Remember that a body typically produces 3-4 times the amount of cholesterol that is consumed. The fats that a person eats are therefore comparatively insignificant. Cholesterol will rise whenever the body's need for cholesterol rises, so trans fats and inflammatory substances are what need to be avoided. These attack the arteries, and a body will be required to do a great deal of patching as a consequence. References will be made to herbs that lower cholesterol levels later, but herbs do it by lowering a body's need for cholesterol, not by forcefully lowering it like pharmaceuticals do.

Studies on the link between cholesterol and heart health have been manipulated for decades. The first studies on eggs showed elevated cholesterol levels because they had used dehydrated eggs, and studies of coconut oil yielded similar results because they had used partially hydrogenated coconut oil to get the results that they wanted. Why will this billion dollar industry not test organic, range fed eggs?


bill vanderbilt
# There is mold in them there hearts. bill vanderbilt 2010-08-26 07:09
I have been talking with a medical pathologist for about 4 years now and something that he told me a long time ago really shocked me. I originally contacted him because of an illness that I contracted that I believed was due to exposure to toxic mold. This man actually does autopsies to discover cause of death and disease. Here is what he said.

" When it comes to blocked arteries in the heart, it isn't plaque and cholesterol causing the blockages at all".In 99 % of all the autopsies he has done over the years he has found mold to be the culprit. The human body is the perfect place for mold to colonize so this sounds very logical to me.. Anti fungal drugs in the early stages of heart disease involving blocked arteries will solve this problem in 99 % of cases. Cancer is also linked to mold exposure. So,, we have the 2 greatest medical mysteries and,, the 2 greatest killers of all diseases. Could it be that they are using the wrong treatment protocols for these aliments,,,,intentionally. Something to ponder considering how much money is made off of the treatments of these 2 killers.
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# RE: There is mold in them there hearts. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2016-08-25 14:28
Indeed, mold is the biggest health topic which is not being reported anywhere. We hope to get to that topic someday. It's responsible for lots of problems, and very few people have any idea about it. Entire categories of diseases are the result, especially those effecting the central nervous system. It does everything from that to causing unexplained organ failures, even diabetes; and yes that may eventually lead to heart problems given enough time. People in the medical industry avoid the topic because they have no understanding whatsoever about how the unique toxins are made, how to reproduce them chemically, or even how to specifically test for the damage that they do. The mold topic just makes them look stupid and impotent, in other words. The rest of us tend to avoid the topic because we so rarely discover that it was the real problem, even after decades of searching in pain. I hope that we get to it, because the topic is extremely important.
Ryan Laird
# Ryan Laird 2012-08-05 18:39
That's a whole lot of reading but well worth it.

Thanks, Ryan
Rose Marie
# Rose Marie 2012-08-29 22:01
I have been told my HDL is too low - and that my triglicerites are too high. I don't have a clue what to do to improve these numbers as I have already made a lot of dietary improvements but so far have not found these numbers to improve. Any suggetions? Thank you so much for all the research you do to help people. You are greatly appreciated.
Thomas Donald Houston
# Thomas Donald Houston 2013-12-23 21:41
Cholesterol was implicated in heart disease over a hundred years ago when it was noted in autopsy that heart attack victims had cholesterol clogged arteries. Some blamed the cholesterol and some believed that the cholesterol was associative, not causative. By 1914 at least it was known that cholesterol was not causative. Biochemistry has since proven that cholesterol plays no part in causing heart disease, its a symptom of chronic nutritional or toxic damage to the arteries, not a cause.
Deficiencies in vitamin c and selenium are the principle cause of heart disease, copper is another major factor (grey hair is a result of chronic copper deficiency).
Stroke and aneurism were determined by vets in the late forties/early fifties to be caused by selenium deficiency, medical doctors are still entirely ignorant of this.
Hardening of the arteries is caused by an inability of the body to properly produce elastin and collagen, the structural elements of arteries. Vitamin c, selenium and copper are essential for proper production of collagen and elastin. These elements are also what keeps skin smooth and elastic, if your skin is becoming thin, inelastic and wrinkled so to are your arteries. Vitamin c and selenium work together (selenium increases the activity of vitamin c by a factor of 100) so if you need one you need the other too.
Its kind of sick that the biggest killer in our modern world is also one relatively easily treated, after all, most heart disease is nothing more than chronic, subacute scurvy.
Dev Pero
# Dev Pero 2014-02-20 16:25
Great article. Very nice to see all most of the information in one place. Thanks
Ali Christy
# No Heart Attack Ali Christy 2015-01-14 22:19
My older sister died of a heart attack at age 57 following a by-pass. My younger sister was told today she needs a triple by-pass. I was the health-food freak of the family, avoiding trans-fats, eating whole foods, etc., thankfully. However, I am going to step up my regime, especially in the area of emotional joy (have strong faith) and in outdoor activities and exercise. Thank you for this article to encourage what I know to be the right path.
Alison RN BSN
Nurse Advocate

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