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Previously Asked Questions and the Answers

Subject: Indian Tobacco for Lung Infections
Name: R Bailey
Date: 8/14/2017

Question: I recently read the H. W. article titled, "Smoking To Cure Lung Infections and For Good Lung Health" and I will soon be using the recommended Indian tobacco. Basically, I want to use the best possible method of using herbs like Indian tobacco for most age groups, including my family. However, I am not sure what the best method for inhalation would be, including smoking and other methods. For instance, in the article, you suggested using a pipe or rolling flax to smoke Indian tobacco. Also, I have recently heard about using dry herb vaporizers for Indian tobacco. The nicer vaporizers tend to be pretty expensive and I am wondering if they would be worth the price, versus using a pipe or rolling the herbs. However, would a dry herb vaporizer be a potentially safer, healthier option?

Answer: The main difference between using a pipe and a dry herb vaporizer is that whenever lighting a pipe, one tends to inhale some of the toxic fumes from the lighter or match. If the family members who you intend to aid with Indian tobacco are young, then a dry herb vaporizer might be easier for them to use, because dealing with a match and pipe can be problematic for children. However, the only reason to treat a whole family with Indian tobacco (lobelia inflata) would be if they were all sick. It is not a preventative medicine, and one should not smoke any substance as preventative medicine.

Inhaling colloidal silver through a nebulizer is more effective than Indian tobacco for some lung infections. If you decide to use colloidal silver, then either make it yourself or get it from Purevon, because impure colloidal silver is worse than none at all. We have a great deal of information about colloidal silver on our site. Taking a goldenseal supplement for a lung infection would also be of benefit, due to its astringent properties, which helps the person to resist or eliminate pneumonia. Additionally, nebulized vodka vapor can be used as a lung antibiotic, and it dissolves mucous. Vodka can be orally consumed for added antibiotic effect, as is the case for colloidal silver. Our cough tea is outstanding for symptom suppression and restfulness. Much of the information cited here is explained in greater detail within our "Colds and Flu" article.

Subject: Niacin and Blackouts
Name: Jannene
Date: 6/20/2016

Question: I have been taking 100 mg. of Niacin for several months now on a daily basis and haven't had much reaction to it, until recently it caused me to become dizzy, and I passed out. I have been using the Nature's Way brand all this time. Could the product be contaminated? My husband hasn't any problems taking the same product. Or is it possible my body is very toxic and that could have caused this reaction. Now I'm kind of afraid to use it.

Answer: Taking 100 mg. per day is not overdoing it. This dosage is actually ideal for most adults. Nature's Way has earned our respect, so we believe that contamination is unlikely.

The real problem is low blood pressure. The niacin is making it lower, to the degree that you lose consciousness. We do not have enough information to diagnose further. Amongst the many possible causes for the low blood pressure are electrolyte imbalances, illnesses, cardiovascular issues, kidney impairment, and blood sugar issues. That is just a taste. The full list would be rather large, so we would need more information to investigate further. It could simply be that your diet is too low in sodium (or potassium), which fits into the electrolyte category. If you are one of those people who avoid all salt, then be advised that such behavior will eventually damage the kidneys, and then the heart.

When considering the types of people who are attracted to this site, it would be irresponsible to forgo mentioning that a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle could be the problem, and this would mean that heart and kidney damage is already done. We refuse to comment about the nutrients needed in such maladjusted diets, because we refuse to enable such self-destructive behaviors. The solution in such cases is a good psychologist, who would be willing to treat these mental illnesses (eating disorders).

Subject: Best Version of the Bible
Name: Aneta
Date: 4/5/16

Question: Good morning! I love your website and read it everyday! I started to live by it :) I have a question that is not about a health issue but something more important. I was raised Roman Catholic and recently my husband and I began reading the Bible, over the past month we both feel overwhelmed and feel like we have been lied to for so many years by our church. Your website has helped me in many ways and I always recommend it to everyone I meet. I feel like you are a good person and I can ask you this question about which Bible you may recommend that would be closest to the real Christian church. Thank you for all that you do. God Bless

Answer: We were not sure whether we should answer this here, since this page is mostly tailored to common health questions. However, we decided not to be like everyone else; adopting an attitude that there is a place for God and a place to be godless. There would be no Health Wyze without God's guidance and blessings. Answering your question here actually allows us to drive some of the unchristian people away, because we are not interested in helping them, and ultimately they sooner or later become our enemies anyway.

The original King James variant of the Bible is the most accurate English version, because it was translated directly from the original texts into English, whereas the other variants are almost always the product of multiple translations. This has resulted in some inaccuracies and lost meanings. However, if one were to purchase a modern reprint of the King James Bible, it would almost certainly be lacking 7 books. These seven books are referred to as the Apocrypha. They are present in all Catholic Bibles, but they were censored from Protestant Bibles in Martin Luther's attempts to politically correct Christianity, to whitewash the concepts of personal responsibility and accountability, which are actually the basis of being a good Christian. We talked about this fascinating and disturbing history in detail in episode 36 of our audio shows. The simple answer to your question is that we recommend searching for a King James version with the Apocrypha. You can find them online and at some book stores.

Subject: MRSA
Name: Maryann
Date: 3/25/2016

Question: I was diagnosed with MRSA several years ago and underwent a very aggressive antibiotic regiment. No one seems to know how/where/why this happened to me however, I have small pockets that sit under my skin. I was told that I needed surgery to have them removed and I opted out of that. Long story short pocket will periodically rise up, but I am told they are not MRSA unless they have the bad odor. Either way I cannot find any information on this issue on the website. I have been told that they are now simply boils or carbuncles. When it happens they are quite painful, not to mention disgusting, and there are other ailments, such as pain stretching through my neck that seem to come from those areas but I am not sure if there is a connection. Can you give any information or advice regarding this?

Answer: This would normally be a question for which we would recommend that you open a case by filling out the questionnaire, because this is not a simple case. Nevertheless, we may already know the solution to your problem. Boils over the body normally indicate the presence of an entrenched infection within the lymphatic system, so these tend to be some of the worst infections. Take for example, the infamous Bubonic Plague is one of these infections. Your doctors are not likely to make the connection to the lymphatic system, and if they did realize it, then they could not do anything about it. This is because orthodox medicine has nothing that can drive an infection out of the lymphatic system. However, we do. It is called astragalus. You can buy it as a supplement. If you combine it with the general antibiotics that are mentioned in our colds and flu article, then you have a good chance of destroying the infection. Combining astragalus with normal antibiotics would significantly improve the likelihood of them being successful too. Although, we recommend the natural antibiotics from the aforementioned article, not only because they are immensely safer, but because the infection will have no resistance to them as it might with the drugs. This is another shining example of the power of God's natural medicines versus man's pathetic attempts to do the same with sorcery ("chemistry"). Astragalus is one of those rarely-known silver bullets that is saved for whenever the time is right. Since this is an issue within your lymph nodes, it would be wise to get a tiny bit of exercise every day too, even if it is just walking up the street.

Subject: Non-stick Cookware
Name: Michelle
Date: 3/25/2016

Question: In your hypothyroid article, you stated to stay away from non-stick cookware... is that just Teflon, or does that include ceramic coated, etc too? Please give as much detail as possible!!

Answer: We were referring specifically to Teflon products when we wrote about avoiding non-stick cookware. In theory, ceramic cookware ought to be safe, if it was made without toxic chemicals, glues, or metals infused into it. However, since there are so many risk factors in manufacturing it, we generally avoid it, and we recommend that others do the same. You can be certain that the ceramic has glues and metals infused into it if it was manufactured in China; along with it being colored by a lead or cadmium-based paint. The Chinese have earned themselves an enduring reputation. We really should be boycotting all of the companies which sold us out to the Chinese. They have callously aided the Chinese efforts to poison our families. Instead of enriching these people, we, as a society, ought to be criminally charging them with treason. Anyway, the best non-stick cookware is old-fashioned cast iron, because iron is actually good for us. Such pans are often made in the United States or other reputable countries. Of course, there is no requirement to use non-stick cookware, since there are healthy oils and butter to prevent sticking. The lack of such healthy (saturated) fats is playing a huge role in our dropping life expectancy. These are the fats which doctors have been warning us to avoid for decades. However, natural, saturated fats are ironically critical to heart and cardiovascular health, amongst many other things. To summarize, grandmother knew best.

Subject: Reddish Splotches on Feet and Legs
Name: Par
Date: 1/29/2016

Question: I have had reddish splotches on my calves from the top of the foot to just below the knees since boot camp. Sometimes they are very red and other times they are brownish. No doctor has told me what they were or if they indicate something is wrong internally. They don't itch or hurt. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you kindly.

Answer: The establishment labels this condition Schamberg's disease, and it refuses to officially recognize a cause. The most likely explanation is that you have a minor circulatory issue that is more-or-less regionalized to your legs for the time being. Our preliminary opinion is that the spots are tiny pools of blood that are trapped in your outer tissues, and your tiny vessels are unable to clear it, like in the case of blood pooling in the lungs for patients having congestive heart failure. It is possible that you experienced one or more mild heart attacks during your basic training from having your body overdriven. Cardiovascular problems usually appear in the legs before they do elsewhere. It is also possible that you have the outer vessel damage from chemical exposure, including harmful detergents, which may have laced your socks, boots, or pants. Finally, these spots can be caused merely by sitting or laying about too much, which is an increasingly common problem due to the growth of computer jobs.

We recommend regular but moderate exercise, and the use of natural blood thinners, such as those listed in our heart disease article. If the problem arose from toxin exposure, then supplementing with niacin could help to flush the toxin faster, as niacin massively increases circulation throughout the outer tissues. Reference our report about niacin supplementation before using it, for it has some strange effects. If it works, you can expect to experience some serious itching for a thirty-minute period each time.

Even if you do everything correctly, this could get worse (look worse) before it gets better. The worst case is that you did, in fact, damage your heart during your basic training. You can bet that the governmental doctors would never admit it, and we imagine that they would be trying to run interference. The good news is that you have time to reverse it before it becomes a major problem. This sort of thing usually heals very slowly, so expect a minimum of one year before all visible signs are gone. It is important to realize that you are more likely to be killed or maimed by the military establishment itself and its doctors than by enemy fire.

Subject: Scalp Itching and Electrical Sensations
Name: Bridgit
Date: 01/12/2016

Question: A couple of weeks ago I had a shot of vodka and it almost immediately made my scalp have warm, electric crawling. I thought it was weird but didn't give it a lot of thought. A few days ago the exact same thing happened. I just stumbled upon your site (with much gratitude, it's truly awesome) and was wondering if this was a sign of parasites. I'm thinking so since I learned that anemia is linked to them.

Answer: You are correct. The most common cause of bizarre scalp sensations and itching is parasites. That is the first thing that we would try to verify or eliminate.

Subject: Is Bone Broth Toxic With Lead or Healthy?
Name: Ane
Date: 10/15/2015

Question: Hello, First of all, thank you so much for all your hard work. I very much appreciate all you do. My question is regarding bone broth. I make chicken or beef broth very often for my family from organic chicken bones. I have recently been told by a few people that bone broth is very toxic because of the lead that is released from the bones. I started researching it and there are many articles that state the same. This has come a bit of a shock to me as I thought I was doing such an amazing thing for my family but turns out that I can be actually harming my children! Please let me know what your thoughts are on this topic. Thanks so much again and God Bless You.

Answer: Bone broth is not something that we would ever consume, but we do not have a compelling reason to discourage you from consuming it. One rule that we have found, which applies without exception, is that whenever you find someone warning about the dangers of eating organic foods, then you can know that you have found an incredibly untrustworthy source of information overall. The lie that you have heard got its origin from an extremely flawed study. Each study that tried to replicate it has returned the opposite results. Namely that organic bone broth does not pose a heavy metal exposure risk. You can read a rebuttal to the study at the Weston Price Foundation, which is a fairly trustworthy source of information. It is one of the few peer organizations that we still have some respect for. We have the utmost respect for the late Dr. Weston Price, except for the fact that we categorically dispute his recommendation to eat organs.

Subject: Kangen Water and Alkaline Water
Name: Maria
Date: 10/08/2015

Question: Hello, I was wondering what is the truth about Kengen water, alkalinized water. It looks to have a lot of natural practitioner's back up, but at almost 5k price per machine it's quite a hard buy for normal people. Plus, how can this small machine clean up all the bad stuff from your tap water, really? May be I am missing something? I thought (with not much knowledge) natural source spring water was supposed to be best for our bodies. Thank you.

Answer: Many years ago, when we were young and green, we promoted the use of alkalized water. Then one day, when we were a little bit older and wiser, we made the realization that alkalized water is just man's attempt to replicate spring water. We realized how stupid it was to expend all of that effort and money to make an inferior imitation of something that God freely gives to us. Our former naivety is why we don't talk about the subject much. We have attempted to move on and pretend like it never happened.

The minerals in spring water tend to keep it alkaline, and act as pH buffers. Of course, there is the obvious benefit too, which is that spring water contains minerals that are good for us. Sellers like to talk about how the alkalized water has a higher affinity to oxygen, and contains more oxygen. However, they do not mention that spring water has the same property, because it is naturally slightly alkaline. The extremely alkaline water that is man-made may actually cause pH problems in the body in an unexpected way. What can happen is that highly alkaline water can neutralize the stomach acid somewhat. To compensate for this, the human body will leach minerals from other parts of the body to recreate the stomach acid, which has the effect of making the rest of the body more acidic. This is a common problem for people who take antacids regularly. An acidic body pH then leads to acidosis and dozens of serious health problems.

We use a Berkey water filter, which filters out the chemicals, but leaves the naturally-occurring minerals behind. So, the result is essentially spring water that has been extracted from tap water. Our strong advice is to beware whenever you hear claims that someone has been able to make something healthier than it is in nature.

Subject: Antibiotics and Probiotics
Name: Nanci
Date: 07/21/2015

Question: What are the best probiotics to take while taking antibiotics (Keflex) and how far apart should they be spaced?

Answer: Taking antibiotics with any sort of beneficial bacteria is foolishness, because antibiotics kill the helpful bacteria. It is pointless to attempt the rebuilding of the intestinal flora until antibiotic usage has been completely ceased, due to the aforementioned reason. We figure that you are trying to minimize the impact of the antibiotics upon your long-term health, but there will always be consequences to antibiotic usage, and there is no way to escape with probiotics or anything else. The effects of taking antibiotics cannot be simply neutralized by probiotics. It is wisest to avoid antibiotics in general, except in the most extreme of cases. Extreme cases are the do-or-die ones, like brain infections (meningitis), wherein we would recommend immediately attacking the invader with anything and everything. Otherwise, there is usually a better way than antibiotics.

Natural antibiotics from alternative medicine likewise kill the beneficial bacteria, but they do not cause the long-term toxicity problems of the pharmaceuticals, which make it difficult for beneficial colonies of bacteria to revive.

Yogurt is the truest and most natural probiotic. It is the real deal. It has a fantastic history of being completely safe and effective. The people making yogurt do not need to wear hazardous material suits, they are not biotechnology engineers, and yogurt is not likely to originate from child slaves in a Chinese chemical cesspit.

We have not done enough research of probiotics to know if any of the available probiotic 'supplements' have an acceptable help-to-harm ratio, but we have doubts. We are already confident that we would be aghast at the manufacturing processes from what we already know.

Take note that the idea of 'supplementing' with probiotics is very new. A generation ago, people only supplemented with whatever vitamins and minerals that they lacked, which was wise. People have historically (and rightfully) believed that the concept of intentionally consuming raw bacteria was an insane abomination against nature, but it has somehow become trendy and hyped now. Throughout most of history, people did not need such 'supplements', and they should not need them now. Our forefathers did not need probiotics, because they did not routinely poison themselves so thoroughly that critical intestinal bacteria died. Jumping to the present era of food perversions and poisons that are being called 'medicine', and understanding what is happening should not surprise us.

The big picture that many of our readers have missed is that the chemical industry is never going to save us from its sorcery or ourselves. The probiotics hype is another financially-lucrative trick to get us to pay the pharmaceutical industry for the privilege of committing germ warfare against ourselves. It is really incredible when one pauses to contemplate it all, and they are meanwhile making fools out of so many of our people. They actually used the principle of flora stimulation from legitimate alternative medicine, and then they spun it to mean that we need to swallow pills of germs, and even pay them for it. Most incredible is the fact that the new scam is intended to fix the health damage that was caused by their other 'solutions', and yet so few ever learn the pattern.

Subject: Bleeding Gums
Name: Aneta
Date: 06/29/2015

Question: Hello, I have bleeding gums most of the time, I floss and brush regularly and nothing seems to improve. I have 4 children, had them very close together, year after year. Could the pregnancies be causing my bleeding gums? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you .

Answer: Being constantly pregnant will definitely take its toll upon a body. We immediately suspect that you have kidney dysfunction, or you are using a terrible toothpaste, but it is probably both. The likelihood of kidney dysfunction is always the greatest concern in such cases. Other signs of failing kidneys are changing vision, water cravings, frequent urination, severe energy problems, a weakened immune system, swelling in feet or calves, hormonal problems, and a loss of appetite. You may notice that these symptoms mimic those of pregnancy, which is why they might have been ignored. The cause of kidney stress is almost always chemical, unless it was caused by diabetes, which is technically also related to chemical exposure (i.e. artificial sweeteners, chemotherapy, pharmaceuticals, tainted supplements, municipal water, etc.). For your sake and your children's, you need to eliminate the source of the kidney damage, and you need to take the kidney support protocol that is cited in our diabetes article. Eat a carrot daily too. You should supplement with iodine in exactly the way described in our article about iodine supplementation, since a strong thyroid can compensate by producing some hormones that are usually left for the kidneys to produce, as a way to reduce some of the stress from the kidneys. It would also be wise to avoid getting pregnant for a couple of years. Four kids ought to keep you plenty busy until then. If no other contraceptive option is acceptable to you (and "the pill" eventually has horrific consequences), then you could try taking a double dose (to the bottle's recommendation) of a neem supplement daily. It also works as a contraceptive if the male takes it, but do not rely on that. Be advised that neem may cause hormone imbalances in women, so you would have to experiment to determine its help-to-harm ratio for you. We normally avoid the topic of birth control because we have reason to believe that our boss, God, likely frowns upon it in general. However, it might literally be a life-saver in your case. Neem combined with Saint John's Wort is slightly more effective in contraception, but Saint John's Wort is rumored to cause birth defects if the person is already pregnant. The studies are sparse and sketchy. By the way, you could try treating the symptom of your bleeding gums with our dental product, but the bleeding gums is likely to be a symptom of a more serious issue, so be proactive in strengthening your kidneys regardless. We are betting that you got some 'help' from the doctors during the pregnancies and during the birthing process. You may be paying the price for it now. Our women's health topics are spread throughout this site, but to put it all together, you might need to reference the Women's Health chapter of our book. It is a very small price to pay to get your life back.

Subject: Brushing with Sea Salt
Name: Seven
Date: 06/19/2015

Question: I've heard of people brushing their teeth with salt. Is this healthy or not?

Answer: We are not surprised that people are now doing this, or that it is being hyped. It is proof that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Sea salt is a great source of minerals overall, so some people figured that it could help to remineralize the teeth. The problem is that we need the right minerals, in the right amounts, and in the right ratios with one another. While sea salt really is good for the overall health as part of a nutritious diet; sea salt's mineral composition in no way resembles that of healthy bone material, and it is therefore unlikely to be truly beneficial to the teeth if it is used as a cleaning agent. We believe that it has a poor help-to-harm ratio, since its excessive sodium is combined with gritty minerals that are likely to damage tooth enamel with long-term use. We even discourage the use of baking soda, except for occasional use. This is a topic wherein we have done extensive research. You may wish to check our store for our own dental cleanser product. The best primary source for dental research is the late Dr. Weston Price, who inspired our formulation. We apologize if our mention of the product seems like gratuitous marketing, but we sincerely believe that it will be the best of the best. This is because its ingredients are more-or-less natural to a degree that no other safe and effective product is, and because it is being based upon the trinity of minerals that are needed for tooth remineralization, which are calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. The calcium and phosphorus in our product will have maximum bioavailability, because they are being derived from concentrated milk.

Subject: Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Name: Cindy
Date: 06/18/2015

Question: What is your opinion of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Answer: We have a very negative opinion of this topic, and we cannot imagine that we would ever recommend this therapy to anyone. It is so irresponsible that Suzanne Somers, and whichever ghostwriters might have actually written her books, ought to be flogged to death. These pharmaceuticals are not truly human hormones, because all of them are refined inside chemical factories, and they simply are not identical to anything that exists in the natural world. It would be bad enough if the pharmaceutical companies were merely making us into their guinea pigs, but their synthetic hormones have had consequences that have been documented for decades. The synthetic hormones were modified just enough so that they could be re-marketed under differing names, and they are now known as "bio-identical hormones". It heralds their next generation of deceptive marketing. Imagine if a chemical company decided to start selling us DDT as a better pest repellent, and they just added an extra ingredient so that it could be silently re-branded as "TLC". That analogy basically summarizes the history of 'bio-identical hormones'. It could technically be argued that they are not even hormones at all. We have noticed that whenever the pharmaceutical companies re-release their products in this manner, that safety and effectiveness are never the reason. They do it whenever their drug patents expire.

We recently posted a brief, but thought-provoking report about bio-identical hormones, from William Kay, M.D. Doctor Kay was the best guest that we ever had on our audio shows, so you may wish to listen to episode 23.

Subject: Extended Usage of Diatomaceous Earth
Name: Simon Bulmer
Date: 06/16/2015

Question: Hi there, just wondering if it would be safe to take 1 to 2 tablespoons a day, as a ongoing parasite preventative, and also for all the other health benefits. I seems by the research I have conducted, a lot of people are taking 1 to 2 tablespoons a day, is this a concern.

Answer: It is unwise to consume diatomaceous earth over a long-term period for several reasons. It contains aluminum, and it is dehydrating. Furthermore, it has not been studied for extended use, so you would be making yourself into a guinea pig. Most of the claims for diatomaceous earth's health benefits come from people who are promoting supplementation with silica. We have an article about the fraud of silica supplementation, which you are welcome to read.

Subject: Magnesium Stearate, T-Cells, and Dr. Mercola
Name: Viv
Date: 06/16/2015

Question: On reading your wonderful book I've dramatically cut down on supplements. I read elsewhere (Dr Mercola) that Magnesium Stearate is a dangerous ingredient used in supplements as an anti-caking agent. According to Mercola, this ingredient could be detrimental to health because stearic acid has been linked to the suppression of T cells. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and know that these 'killer' cells play an important role in the illness; by attacking the myelin sheath, which protects the nerves. If Magnesium Stearate suppresses T cells – as Mercola suggests, might this not be positive in the case of over-active T-cells such as in MS?

A while back I decided to cut out all supplements and this resulted in a relapse. So I started taking them again and sure enough I improved and am back in good health once more. Do you think this could have anything to do with the suppression of over-active T-CELLS caused by the presence of Magnesium Stearate in my supplements? Thank you for your time and the important service you offer.

Answer: The best advice that we could possibly give you is to stop reading Dr. Joseph Mercola. He had his glory days of yesteryear, but now he is about as bad as Mike Adams and Dr. Weil. Doctors do not understand a tenth of what they pretend to know. They rarely know what T-cells attack anymore than they know when space aliens are in a galactic war around the Milky Way. Most doctors are so clueless about the human body that they believe inflammation and an immune response are always the same thing. They tend to blame the immune system categorically, and anything else rendered by God, as a way to deflect all blame away from their own chemical industry. Their white, chemical laboratory coats are not a coincidence.

In actuality, magnesium stearate is not a danger. The only concern with supplementation is getting too much overall magnesium, so that it begins stripping other minerals out of the body, which it has a tendency to do with overdoses. Judging from his history, we are betting that Mercola is selling supplements that lack the 'dangerous' magnesium stearate. He has become rather easy to predict. We lost respect for Mercola after he made a video pushing his krill oil product, wherein he suggested that the competing flax oil supplements were inferior.

Subject: Excessive Lysine (L-lysine)
Name: Dave
Date: 05/27/2015

Question: In your herpes article you said that 2000 mg of lysine long term can be harmful (unbalanced) How long would that be? Rath/Pauling protocol for reversing atherosclerosis calls for high doses of vit c, lysine 7500mg and proline for 3 to 6 months based on one companies program. What are the risks?

Answer: Any supplement is harmful to the body if it is consumed in large amounts for an extended period. This is especially the case for amino acids. Linus Pauling was brilliant, but he was almost equally reckless. At one point, he was experimenting on himself with 75 grams of vitamin C each day, which could have easily caused liver or kidney failure. Some of his research is priceless, but he is not to be worshiped. All of our protocols begin with the principle of "First do no harm". It is important to consider that the success of a cardiovascular therapy is irrelevant if major organs are damaged in the process.

Subject: Fluoride from Shower Water
Name: Evelyn
Date: 05/27/2015

Question: Thanks for the information you provide to us all. It is greatly appreciated. My question: Is fluoride absorbed by the skin when showering? Berkey does not sell shower filters that remove fluoride. Their customer rep. told me that since the shower water is quickly running down your body the skin would not absorb it. Is this true?

Answer: You will absorb some fluoride from skin exposure and inhalation. We have not found a company which produces shower filters that remove fluoride. The salesman should have told you that he did not know the answer to your question, instead of attempting to cover his ignorance with a lie. It is impossible to avoid all fluoride. For example, trace amounts of it can be found in tea, which occurs naturally. Fluoride can be neutralized with iodine supplementation, but supplementing with iodine should always be done transdermally. To different degrees, iodine also has a neutralizing effect upon other harmful halogens, such as chlorine. You should reference our article about iodine for more information. Fluoride causes calcification throughout the body (such as hardening of the arteries), so some of fluoride's harm can be reduced through a healthy diet that contains ample amounts of magnesium and vitamin D, since these things aid the body to properly utilize calcium. Vitamin C furthermore helps to protect the arteries from the excess inflammation that is responsible for calcification, especially when it is combined with folate. We urge caution concerning magnesium supplementation, because too much magnesium will cause a body to flush other vital minerals.

Subject: Antacids and Vinegar
Name: Jose J Sanchez
Date: 05/17/2015

Question: Hi and thanks for the apportunity to ask this question. Thank God that I found your web site. I am taking antiacids but am very concern even scared want to stop taking antiacid, my question is when should I take vineger before or after eating I don't feel pain or stomach pain but I do feel slight burning in the esophagus and burping alot and gerd am afraid of getting esophagus canser what should I do?? Thanks and my God bless.

Answer: You are welcome to experiment, and to do whatever works best for you. Apple cider vinegar is not a drug, so there are no dangers. We expect that taking the vinegar after a meal will yield the most pleasant results.

Subject: Distilled Water Controversy
Name: James
Date: 03/09/2015

Question: So what's the deal with distilled water? I.e. is it safe to drink continually? I have a machine that that makes it and it tastes great compared to tap water and bottled water but I have read conflicting data about its safety. Some saying its benefits are unlimited and others saying it robs minerals from the body! Can you help?

Answer: You should not grant credibility to anyone who suggests that water is dangerous if it is too pure. Unadulterated spring water is the gold standard of water, but distilled water is a close second place. We use a Berkey water filter with added fluoride filters ourselves, which was designed to create man-made spring water by leaving the minerals, while stripping everything else out.

Subject: 14-Month-Old Baby Tooth Decay
Name: Alena
Date: 03/09/2015

Question: My baby is 14 months and I noticed one of his teeth is whiter than others. I looked closer and it has some decays closer to the gums. Is there anything that I can do to stop and heal the decays? He has never been to a dentist before.

Answer: Strange tooth discolorations combined with cavities are almost always caused by chemical exposure (including pharmaceuticals), and it is fluoride in most cases. Sometimes the white spots merely look white because they do not share the same discoloration that the rest of the tooth has, creating an illusion of extra whiteness in a spot. You should probably discontinue whatever drug he has been given, or evaluate his foods. Fluorosis is the name for fluoride-induced tooth damage. If the child is saturated with fluoride, then he will be at a high risk of having problems with his pineal gland and thyroid for the rest of his life. There's also the elevated risk of cancer and heart disease. The sooner that you can get all fluoride removed, the better the chance of him living a healthy life. You may be able to neutralize some of the fluoride by regularly supplementing with iodine. If you decide to use iodine, then reference our article about the topic, because using it improperly can cause severe health problems. Never supplement with iodine orally, unless it is naturally occurring in a food. Fluoride exposure could have happened before the child was born, especially if you were taking an antidepressant or hyperthyroid medication. Another hidden source of fluoride is pesticide exposure. Virtually all modern infant health issues would be eradicated if women would simply breastfeed their children, but healthy breastfeeding means that the mother must have a healthy diet herself, so this excludes vegetarians. Reference our How to Cure Cavities article about healing tooth damage, and our candida article for advice on how to avoid unnatural sugars and processed carbohydrates.

Subject: Sauna Benefits
Name: Olga
Date: 03/09/2015

Question: I would be curious to know your opinion on sauna benefits. Can sauna to some extent substitute the detox program?

Answer: Using a sauna for a detox is better than doing nothing. Sweating helps to cleanse the lymph nodes, and it is the only thing that really does. Cleansing the lymph nodes is of particular importance for people who have used aluminum-containing antiperspirants for years, for they need to clean aluminum out of the lymph nodes that are located in the armpits. This aluminum is the most significant cause of breast cancers and hormonal problems in modern society. Sweating from exercise would be much more beneficial to overall health than a sauna however.

Subject: Flaxseed Info
Name: Kelly G
Date: 03/09/2015

Question: Hi I'm sure you have seen my numerous questions coming across your email, but hey you say "ask away" so here goes another. Been working on making some alternative breads, found a company that sold a book called" better breads". One thing in it was ground flaxseed and of course I had to question this as you speak about heating flaxseed being rancid. Now I did ask the company about there thoughts on flaxseed and this is what I got. I found this rather interesting and it made me think, did you guys mean that the oil can go rancid but not the actual flax seed itself in baking as they point out? Sorry to get nitpicky ( if that's even a word) but I take your information and spread it to lots of people and want to make sure I'm do my best possible for my own family.

Answer: It is the oil that makes flax healthy or dangerous. The nutrition comes from the oil, and damaged oil makes flax a carcinogen. They are doing what all of these companies do. They lie. Flax seeds should not heated, and even breaking the shells for processing is bad, for they must be consumed immediately to be safe health-wise. Just exposure to oxygen and light is enough to make opened flax bad. Therefore, an old-fashioned wheat bread is actually healthier than any flax-based bread, and this includes even those that are made with chlorine-bleached flours. Our recommendation is to boycott the dishonest companies and do business with more ethical companies.

Subject: Borneol and Clay Toothpastes
Name: Kelly g
Date: 03/09/2015

Question: Just recently have been experimenting with different toothpastes for my husbands gum issues. Found one from Thailand. It has white clay, calcium salts and this natural substance called borneol in it. I have gotten some conflicting info on the borneol being that it's natural plant based cleansing agent I thought it would be fine. After some other findings it is more related to a skin, eye and respiratory irritant. Now the good old FDA of course Does not approve it. I guess I need your expert opinion, on this toothpaste powder. Is this another one of those things that can be helpful and of course our government surely would not agree with that!

Answer: We are not going to waste time researching the plant, since brushing with dirt (e.g. clay) is an inherently bad idea. You would never use sandpaper on your teeth, and there is not much difference. Even if the toothpaste works to improve gum health, it is not worth the trade-off of destroying the enamel. We realize that brushing with clay and other forms of dirt have become popular in the alternative health community, but that does not make it any less foolish. You can help to repair enamel damage that has already been done by incorporating lots of real butter into the diet.

Severe gum problems are usually caused either by candida, which lives in the mouth too, or by kidney impairment. In most of the cases that we have seen, the cause is kidney impairment, because our audience tends to go crazy with the supplements, especially the dangerous ones that we recommend against. You can treat the symptom by gargling with chlorophyll and hydrogen peroxide, but not at the same time. We discuss the issues surrounding kidney impairment in our diabetes and heart disease articles. If we are right about the kidneys, then it puts him at an increased risk of developing both diseases. If it is candida, then there will be lots of allergy and immune system issues, and he is at an elevated risk of eventually developing cancer.

Subject: Tangy Tangerine 2.0
Name: safetyfactorman
Date: 02/20/2015

Question: Youngevity sells a product called tangy tangerine 2.0. in early 2015, Before its news posted a story about someone who allegedly had tangy tangerine 2.0 analyzed by a swiss lab, and the results were horrifying. Are you familiar with the product, the saga, and wherein lies the truth?

Answer: What was reported at Before It's News was removed, either due to threats or because they decided that it was not a credible story. We are too busy to follow up with the lab and confirm that they really did the test and got the results that were published online. According to reports published elsewhere, the testing laboratory was Interlabor Belp AG, and the test identification number is 413232.

Assuming that the online reports are accurate, this is what they mean. The metal levels (mercury, aluminum, arsenic, and lead) are in the trace amounts that would be expected from real foods. This substantiates that the company is being honest about their vitamins being food-based. It is not all good news, however. The presence of high levels of fluoride, chlorine, nitrates and phosphates indicate that they almost certainly use tap water for production, so the supplement contains all of the impurities from the municipal supply.

We would never recommend this supplement to others based upon its ingredients label alone, for it contains a variety of mushrooms and chlorella (algae). Earlier versions did not appear to contain these nefarious additives, which leads us to conclude that Youngevity is doing whatever is trendy and hyped, at the detriment of their customers. So in conclusion, we did not find the smoking gun that you expected for us to find, but we still conclude that the supplement is unfit for human consumption, due to other factors.

Subject: The H.W. Oxygenating Drink
Name: Lynn
Date: 02/02/2015

Question: I saw an article several months ago that gave a recipe for an oxygenating drink. I think it was in the article about cottage cheese curing cancer, and that's no longer available. Is it possible to get the recipe for the oxygenating drink again?

Answer: After a re-evaluation, we decided that we were not certain of its benefit, so we removed the oxygenating drink from our Budwig Protocol article. We are adding it here due to multiple requests. Just be aware that your results may vary. Do not drink this if you have a stomach ulcer.

  • 8 oz. water
  • 2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 tsp. baking soda
  • 1-2 tsp. of 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide (wait until all fizzing has stopped before adding, and be very gentle)

Subject: How To Cure Large Uterine Fibroids and Ovarian Cyst
Name: Helen
Date: 01/27/2015

Question: I have been diagnosed with large uterine fibroids at 47 It am mostly asymptomatic but getting tired of looking pregnant and getting bigger. Can you help?

Answer: Uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and weight gain are indications of a severe hormonal imbalance. The most likely possibility is that the imbalance is the result of a C-section. When a woman has a cesarean section, her body often continues to act like it is pregnant forever after. This can cause a whole host of hormonal problems, and can make it very difficult to lose weight. A woman's hormones reset after a natural birth.

If there was no C-section, then another possibility is that the body has become overwhelmed by toxins. Toxins could cause both the cysts and the unexplained weight gain by disrupting the hormones. One likely origin of toxicity would be diet products, which is rather ironic. Diet products are amongst the most toxic food items sold. Other likely causes include hypothyroidism and the use of prescription contraceptives. Hypothyroidism is caused by the same factors that cause hormonal imbalances. It would be wise to compare your current condition with the symptoms that are listed in our hypothyroidism article.

You really ought to read our article about hormonal imbalances, because the list of potential causes is simply too large to cover here. If you want to get to the bottom of your problem, there is an enormous amount of reading and research that you need to do. It might be best for you to get a copy of our book, and to pay special attention to the "Women's Health" and "A Poisoned World" chapters. A lot of the people who come to us in predicaments like yours discover that they have been doing everything wrong, including their choices in foods, medicines, cleaning products, and even their feminine hygiene products. It is a long road for some, but it is a superior option to spending a decade or two deteriorating into disease and death.

Subject: Infant Epilepsy
Name: Kgomotso
Date: 11/20/2014

Question: Hi my daughter was diagnosed in June 2014 at 5 months that she has epilepsy. Shea was then put on Keppra and Epilim. since then she has been hospitalized twice more. The Pediatric Neurologist has not determined what is causing her seizures because she does not have any high temperatures. Please could you let me what alternative medicine that I can give her. Also the best type of diet?

Answer: Your daughter may not have epilepsy at all. Any problems that she was having, including seizures, are likely related to vaccines. Brain damage and seizures are known side effects. You can look it up, but they will never tell you that. Although, they will happily have you arrested for child abuse if you question them. It is typical of the medical establishment to blame its victims. Since the child is already experiencing neurological problems, continuing to give her vaccines would not only be foolish, but also evil. We have an article about epilepsy. A child who is on epilepsy medications is guaranteed to have neurological problems, because the drugs themselves damage the central nervous system. We are betting that they did not mention that either.

If we are correct about the vaccines, then she is at an elevated risk of dying, and having the death blamed on either sudden infant death syndrome or shaken baby syndrome, as is the usual procedure. The medical industry goes to extreme lengths to cover up what vaccines do, and the usual policy is to blame the grieving parents, and have them put into prison, so that parents do not become a problem. We explain it in our S.I.D.S. and shaken baby syndrome articles. Vitamin C should be given to help compensate. It could save her life. Dr. Archie Kalokerinos proved that vaccines cause a massive depletion of vitamin C, and that vitamin C can prevent most vaccine-related childhood deaths, such as those blamed upon S.I.D.S.

Subject: Colloidal Silver and Yogurt for the Common Cold
Name: Mzehr
Date: 10/28/2014

Question: We recently made colloidal silver (CS) after reading your excellent article from your book and we had a couple of questions about its uses. Since CS is harmful to both the good and bad bacteria would it be advisable to take some organic yogurt while taking CS? Also would you recommend taking CS for a common cold or would you recommend only taking CS for more serious ailments such as when someone had flu-like symptoms?

Answer: Colloidal silver seems to have limited effect upon the common cold and flu. It is like the old saying, "There is no cure for the common cold". In fact, the antibiotics which seem to work against them tend to act more like immunosuppressants, which merely hide the symptoms in the short term, but they potentially weaken the overall immune system in the long term. In the case of colloidal silver, it seems to work much better as a preventative. We generally use it just prior to visiting a sick relative or a hospital. Even though it is a great preventative, we do not recommend taking it on a routine basis. Taking it daily can cause other problems, like candida overgrowth and iron deficiencies. However, if you are an older man, the iron depletion could be a good thing, as it may significantly reduce the chance of heart disease. Although, resveratrol and vitamin C combined is a better approach at reducing iron than colloidal silver. There is something inherently different about the common cold and the flu. The one thing that nobody is admitting publicly, is that nobody actually understands them. Whatever they are, the old germ theory may not actually apply to our most common infections. Vaccinating against the flu is an exercise in futility, for you are more likely to catch it if you get the vaccine. We have an article about fighting colds and the flu using anti-viral herbs and supplements. You may read it here: Recovering from Common Colds and the Flu.

Yogurt will not provide its normal probiotic benefit when it is taken with silver, because the bacteria in it will simply be killed. Although, it will still provide healthy sulfur proteins, which are particularly beneficial when combined with a source of omega 3, such as flax seed oil. Eating yogurt when you have finished taking silver would be wise, as a means to repopulate your gastrointestinal tract with beneficial bacteria.

Subject: Supplement Intolerance
Name: Eugene Stannard
Date: 10/21/2014

Question: Almost every supplement I take whether it be a vitamin, mineral or herb causes a detox reaction that goes for 1-2 weeks. I'll spare you the details but I basically get every symptom of a Herxheimer Reaction. I have leaky gut, candida, heavy metals, parasites and h-pylori. My question is what could be causing this? Thanks guys.

Answer: Allow me to briefly explain to readers what a Herxheimer reaction is. Many of our readers will not know. It is the phenomenon in which a person actually becomes sicker before getting better, during a successful parasite cleanse. In the world of alternative medicine, it is often confused with a healing crisis.

Most likely, your only conditions are leaky gut syndrome and H-pylori. We are assuming that these were officially diagnosed. These conditions mimic the others that you mentioned.

In a bizarre case like this, we have to mention the possibility that it could be psychosomatic. There could be an emotional issue at play. We realize that nobody wants to hear this, but it would be irresponsible of us to not mention the possibility.

Another possibility is that you are having an adjuvant reaction. An adjuvant reaction occurs when the body is exposed to something toxic at the same time as something non-toxic, and the body begins falsely associating the toxicity of the unhealthy substance with the healthy substance. Thereafter, the body reacts harshly to exposure to the healthy substance, usually giving the symptoms of a hyperactive immune response. This is exactly how vaccines work, when they do work. They hyper-stimulate the immune system by intentionally adding poisons like formaldehyde into the vaccines. If this is the answer, then it means that you have taken supplements that were harmfully contaminated. From our experiences during the last couple of years, the supplements most likely contained one of the new, harmful, fad ingredients, such as spirulina, chlorella, kelp, genetically-engineered yeast, mushrooms, or whatnot. They may have been outright poisoned with something like antifreeze or even worse, if any of the ingredients came from China. If you took all of your supplements at the same time, then all of those supplements could now trigger the immune response. The risks significantly increase when a product is a multivitamin, because there are so many ingredients and so many routes of contamination. If it is indeed an adjuvant response, then the only fix is a slow desensitization to whatever healthy substances that your body is rejecting. The desensitization should be done slowly and carefully, for it is possible to trigger a fatal allergic reaction. During such self-treatment, keep some activated carbon handy for an allergy emergency (like difficulty breathing). In the case of severe difficulty in breathing, always get to an emergency medical center quickly for a life-saving steroid shot.

Subject: Evaporated Cane Juice
Name: mzehr
Date: 10/21/2014

Question: I'm searching for the best source to purchase evaporated cane juice and it appears that some companies are taking some shortcuts so I'm having difficulty in finding a product that is legitimate. I'm leaning toward buying a name brand such as Rapadura or Sucanet but I was wondering if you could tell me what product you use and where you purchase it.

Answer: You really cannot go wrong if the only ingredient is "evaporated cane juice". It is the only real sugar, just as God made it. Organic is always best, because this eliminates any possibility of pesticide contamination. We use Florida Crystals brand, and we get it from Walmart.

Subject: Cell Phones
Name: Jason Azevedo
Date: 10/19/2014

Question: How bad are cell phones for ones health? I was thinking of getting one but haven't because I am unsure if it is worth the risk.

Answer: All radiation exposure is bad, but some types are much worse than others. You must decide for yourself what is an acceptable risk for you. We use cellular phones ourselves, and we feel that we are at an extremely low risk of developing brain cancer with our current lifestyle. The big risk is not from the phones, but from the radio towers. Having one nearby is a great cause for concern, as are other sources of high radiation, such as high voltage power lines. Most people get their most dangerous radiation exposure from the new CFL ("energy efficient") light bulbs, high-frequency televisions (especially the plasma type), radioactive (high phosphate) fertilizers, fluoride, irradiated foods such as "cold pasteurized" mayonnaise, smoke detectors, and fluorescent light bulbs. The biggest radiation threat is the fact that you probably have a nuclear power plant in your state that could wipe out half of your state in a matter of hours and make the survivors wish they were dead.

Subject: Ebola and Colloidal Silver
Name: Steve Miller
Date: 10/19/2014

Question: Will colloidal silver eliminate the ebola virus? Where do you believe the ebola virus come from?

Answer: We have some doubts about silver working against ebola because of how hard and fast the pathogen strikes. The dosage would have to be extreme to have any chance. History has shown that whenever there is a super infection that has crossed into humanity from another species, the U.S. Department of Agriculture was involved, for the organization hides military bio-weapon research in plain sight. You can safely bet that it was doing some 'research' in Africa just before the outbreak happened, as was the case elsewhere for Lyme disease, West Nile, avian (bird) flu, swine flu, and the list goes on. Animal diseases were never able to cross into the human race throughout most of history, and still only do so with help. Cow pox might have been an exception, but its history is likewise fishy, and that history has been written in a way to promote the vaccine industry. Creating cross-species diseases is the main thrust of the U.S. bio-weapons program. They cannot create new life, so they are stealing diseases from the animal world. It is documented that they have been storing ebola for decades. We recommend the book, "Lab 257", for something that would keep you up all night.

Subject: Nightshades, Calcification, and Calcitriol
Name: Brandon
Date: 10/18/2014

Question: What do you guys think about nightshades? Specifically I have been reading about calcitriol (I think that is the right spelling anyways ;-) ). Can nightshades cause calcium deposit problems in the soft tissues of your joints? Namely, calcification? Or is that only a problem if something else is wrong?

Answer: Concerning the nightshade controversy: whenever someone advises his readers to avoid entire families of the best vegetables and spices for the sake of health (like quite a few mainstream doctors are doing nowadays), then you can know that the advice is the pinnacle of quackery. We shall never tell you to limit your vegetables and then pretend like nutritional science is on our side. We can assure you that neither cayenne pepper nor potatoes are a source of your health problems. We did not cover the nightshade topic previously, because it is so absurd. Unfortunately, since there is no officially known cause for arthritis, sites like Natural News have had a free-for-all fabricating both science and alternative medicine, in a way that makes fools out of their own readers. It's par for the course over there and at various other reprehensible sites.

The modern problem of calcification is actually a result of not having enough vegetables and healthy herbs in the diet, for a lack of these causes deficiencies of magnesium, which (along with Vitamin D) is a requirement for the proper utilization of calcium. The end result is that calcium is not properly utilized, so it gets stored elsewhere and combined improperly with the wrong materials. Thus, kidney stones are one of the first warning signs that something is terribly wrong everywhere else, and heart disease (hardened arteries) is impending. Calcification is also caused by fluoride which retains calcium everywhere, including the pineal gland to cause permanent psychiatric problems, such as clinical depression and sleep disorders. Pharmaceuticals are often the root problem for causing nutritional deficiencies by impairing the G.I. tract and various systems, and as a double-whammy, a shocking number of drugs have added fluoride for no obvious reason. Sometimes the fluoride is not even disclosed in the chemical name or in the ingredients. Look for "fluo" in the chemical name for the cases in which it is disclosed.

"Calcitriol" is the term that is sometimes used to hide the fact that doctors are prescribing Vitamin D. They would not want us to realize that nutrition works better, after all. Patients are paying small fortunes for the 'medical' Vitamin D.

Our advice is for you to eat a balanced diet and to avoid those 'experts' -- both the doctor and definitely whomever regurgitated that nightshade thing. We also advise you to treat the problem instead of the symptoms, or you will eventually pay dearly for it. You should carefully review your diet to determine why you are not getting enough Vitamin D or magnesium. The problem is never too much calcium, because there is no such thing as too much whenever a body has the materials to process it properly. It is like the thing with oxidation and free radicals. The human body cannot have too much oxygen, but it can be lacking in the vitamins (anti-oxidants) necessary to prevent oxidative damage. One more note, be sure not to overdo any future magnesium supplementation, since too much will cause the body to flush other minerals.

Subject: Donating Blood
Name: JJ
Date: 10/17/2014

Question: Do you believe that giving blood is safe or could it possibly lead to some health issues?

Answer: As long as the person extracting the blood is competently trained, it should be safe to donate blood. Donating blood on a regular basis eliminates heart disease in some men, because it is the fastest and surest way to remove excess iron from the body. Iron build-up is a chronic problem for men world-wide. Normal men, who are not vegetarians, should definitely avoid all supplements containing iron. Few women have excess iron during their childbearing years, due to menstrual blood loss, and this is one of the reasons why women rarely develop heart disease before menopause. Then heart disease quickly becomes one of the top killers for women too, once the iron begins accumulating throughout the senior years. The infamous blood-letting practices of the past were exclusively practiced by the mainstream medical establishment, and in certain select cases, it actually worked! Excess iron likely played a strong role in those cases. I believe that it was Linus Pauling who discovered the iron problem, and he also discovered how to compensate using resveratrol supplements and grape products like red wine.

Subject: Trigger Points
Name: Marty Cooke
Date: 10/16/2014

Question: I have several large trigger points in my neck and shoulder area. I have had a couple of messages and have done a lot of stretching in those areas but nothing is helping. Do you have any suggestions about nutrients or healing foods that may help to reduce these trigger points? A couple of the ones in my neck feel like they are pinching a nerve.

Answer: Your problem is probably not related to nutrition, so the only supplements that might help are the anti-inflammatory ones. For information about these, reference our arthritis, carpel tunnel, and Bell's palsy articles. Your random problems being spread over a region in a way that mimics pinched nerves tells us that your issue is almost certainly a spinal misalignment. We're betting that a good chiropractor could have you back to normal in about 10 minutes. The good news is that we have found that the most trustworthy chiropractors tend to be the ones who charge the least. The best ones try to use their hands for everything, and only resort to using equipment as a last resort. We have visited one in the past, since our lengthy writing sessions are prone to causing us back problems. He only charges $30.00 (U.S.) per visit, to give you an idea of what to expect. To contrast this with what a person can expect from the other side, a regular doctor wanted to surgically replace several of Sarah's vertebrae and about half of her ribs with metal plates, to transform her into some half human and half cyborg thing. It would have left her permanently crippled.

Subject: Raw Dairy and Grass-fed Beef
Name: Paul
Date: 10/16/2014

Question: What are your thoughts on Organic Grassfed raw milk and Grassfed beef?

Answer: Cows were designed to eat grass, so grass is the ideal diet for them, and it is also their most humane diet. We have little to comment about this because it ought to be common sense. We were wondering how long it would be before someone asked the raw milk question. We do not drink unpasteurized milk, and we feel that it would be irresponsible to encourage our readers to drink it. Many of the people who write about alternative medicine encourage their readers to drink only so-called "raw" (unpasteurized and unhomogenized) milk. They believe that the "raw milk" is considerably more nutritious than the standard varieties, absolutely safe, and that the detrimental effects of milk come from the way that pasteurization alters it. They are well-intentioned, but wrong. The nutritional difference between milk which is pasteurized and that which is not is negligible. The end product of pasteurization is practically identical where the nutrients are concerned, and the biggest difference between the two is that the pasteurized version is sterile. That's usually a good thing for foods, and the benefits of sterilization are why we cook most foods. While most people can safely drink the "raw" milk most of the time, there are those rare cases wherein a pathogen has breed inside of it, and these cases can be fatal. Is it worth risking the life of your child or spouse? Thus, we feel ethically bound to discourage the drinking of unpasteurized milk. The people promoting unpasteurized milk are a perfect example of what happens with just a little bit of knowledge. Even though most pasteurized milk is dangerous to health, it is not actually the pasteurization that is the problem. The problem is that pasteurized milk is virtually always homogenized too, and it is the homogenization which makes it so dangerous. Standard commercial milk is probably the single biggest cause of heart disease, and we covered the details in our heart disease article called, The Big One. Feel free to get your milk straight from the cow all you want, but please boil it prior to use for the sake of protecting your loved ones. If you have to drink an 1/8th more of a cup of the milk to get the same nutrition, then that is a very small price to pay to ensure that something does not shut down your child's liver. Doing what is right begins with first doing no harm.

We support everyone's right to drink milk "raw", but that does not mean that it is the wisest thing for a person to do. Unhomogenized (but pasteurized) milk is available at some health food stores. It is usually called "creamline milk". It is what we recommend. We discussed the details of this topic in the heart disease article.

Subject: Essential Oils and Whey Protein
Name: koala mama
Date: 10/14/2014

Question: Thanks so much for telling it like it is! You've opened my eyes to so much, I have turned a lot of people onto this site especially your cancer documentary. I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Would you be so kind as to let me know if any of the following essential oils are estrogenic causing: Lavender, Balsam Fir, Clove, Thieves, Peppermint, Coriander, Frankincense, Lemon. I've just started using therapeutic grade and learning my way around. Also I am trying to learn about Whey Protein. I am scared to use it as it looks to have soy in it. Wild Yams is another confusing point for me...

Answer: There is no evidence that essential oils provide any health benefits over those which are psychosomatic. Normal foods, such as lemons, should not be avoided out of a fear of their chemical breakdown (such as their estrogenicity). Eating a healthy, natural, balanced diet is the key to correcting our diseased society, and the biotech industry is hardly a trustworthy source for health information. Perhaps a diet consisting of only a concentrated lemon extract would harmfully produce the predicted consequence, and this might therefore seem to lend a slight credibility to their science, but the science is ridiculous from the get-go. Only with man's tampering do these things even happen. For example, we could take concentrated orange oil (used industrially as a cleanser) and prove that it is fatal by forcing someone to drink it. From the result, we could conclude that oranges are poisonous, and that Vitamin C is poisonous too, since it exists in oranges. Perhaps you will someday come to be as underwhelmed by the 'science' as we are. Apples could equally be transformed into something deadly too, if we chemically extracted the cyanide from the seeds and then concentrated it. That same cyanide is naturally bound inside of vitamin B-17, and it is completely harmless in this naturally-occurring form. In fact, Vitamin B-17 is the single most anti-cancer substance ever discovered. It is why the F.D.A. forbade the existence of bitter almond trees in the U.S. and undertook a smear campaign against the trees, for the almonds were reliably curing cancers with very few adverse effects.

Whey protein is usually a bad idea. Even in those rare cases wherein it is not mixed with any toxic additives, we remain concerned about its manufacturing process. It has to be chemically altered to be made into a worthwhile source of protein. If you really need a source of protein, then meats and hemp protein are much better choices, and they both provide a plethora of other nutritional benefits. Satisfying your nutritional needs through your diet is always the best choice, and avoiding meats always has serious consequences into the long-term future.

Our research has shown no indication that wild yam is cancer-causing. In fact, it may actually be helpful whenever cancers are worsened by hormonal irregularities, which is fairly normal. There is still much debate as to whether it improves or decreases fertility, but it is never dangerous. It is primarily used by women to improve their menstrual cycles, and it is very effective for this.

Subject: Oven Roasting Vegetables
Name: Sofia
Date: 10/13/2014

Question: I have found oven roasting vegetables moe flavorful and easier to cook. I use extra virgin olive oil and go no higher than 375 degrees to prevent smoking. Do you have an opinion about this practice? My concern is about changing the molecular structure of the oil from over heating and getting the wrong balance of omegas.

Answer: You could simply supplement with flax seed oil to ensure that you always get the appropriate balance of omega oils. Flax seed oil does not normally contain any omega oils, but it instead contains the precursor compounds that a body easily uses to manufacture its own omega-3 as needed. This is why we (and Dr. Johanna Budwig) recommend only flax oil for omega supplementation, because it allows a body to self-regulate the omega balance as is needed at any given time. Most of the other omega supplements tend to overload a body with omega-3, which harmfully upsets the balance. Then as they go rancid, they harmfully shift into flooding the body with inflammatory omega-6. For example, pristine fish oil is bad for having too much omega-3, and oil which has become rotten is even worse. Just take cold pressed and properly packaged flax oil. Your body will automatically take care of the rest. Your vegetable cooking is probably fine, and you probably do not need to change anything. However, it is worth mentioning that steaming instead of roasting would preserve more of the nutrients.

Subject: Flax Seed Oil Supplements
Name: CJ Bass
Date: 10/13/2014

Question: Are lignans a beneficial ingredient when choosing a flaxseed supplement? The oils that contain lignans have soy lecithin or tocopherols listed as an ingredient. Soy is bad in any form, correct?

Answer: In the case of flax seed oil supplementation, none of these extra ingredients are harmful or truly helpful. The pre-omega compounds in the oil work independently of them, and these do the job. The soy component is probably safe because soy lecithin is highly processed. The heavy processing ironically makes it safer because soy's organic, hormone-disrupting phytoestrogens are filtered and destroyed. We never mentioned this in the article because our very predictable vegetarian and vegan readers would have run with it, and exclaimed, "See, even H.W. promotes soy!". They really are that predictable.

Subject: Flu Shots
Name: B.R.
Date: 10/13/2014

Question: I work in the health care field. My facility is insisting that employees get an annual flu shot. I totally disagree with this however I need to keep my job. What can I do to rid my body of the mercury and other toxins? Will cilantro extract, chlorella and milk thistle help?

Answer: There is no way to completely compensate for the toxic effects of a vaccine. It is because all vaccines are toxic by design to aggravate the body into an aggressive immune response. Their toxicity is partly created with adjuvant chemicals which often cause a body to mistakenly associate otherwise healthy compounds (inside them) with threats, so that new allergies are created. This, combined with the new generation of pesticides, is why there are so many bizarre food allergies nowadays, such as allergies to peanuts and eggs, for some of the vaccines literally contain peanut oil and eggs. The rule is that if a person is somehow poisoned, then his body will over-react to any other things that were consumed at the same time, and this adjuvant reaction is exactly how vaccines work. These new food allergies were not supposed to happen, and they did not happen during the previous 99% of human history. These terrible, life-long, sometimes fatal allergies are one of those 'miracles' of modern medicine. Vaccinations are also why so many people throughout your industry have latex allergies now, for some of the vaccines contain that too.

Avoid chlorella in all forms. Wherever you got that information, remember it as non-credible at best, but most likely fraudulent. Chlorella and other underwater vegetation will only increase your body's toxicity and overload of heavy metals. It was putting things that were not meant for human consumption into ourselves that got us into this mess in the first place.

Both cilantro and milk thistle might be helpful, so that part of what you have read is true. Be aware that these will effect the metals that are already inside of you, so it is possible that they will aggravate the adjuvant effect of the vaccine by having the previously settled metals inside of you moving at the same time. The metal cleansing is not as simple as it might seem, and you may be a little too influenced by the pop-a-pill mentality of your industry.

If I absolutely had to take a vaccine, then this is how I would manage the aftermath. At the time of the vaccine, I would begin supplementing with selenium as a way of neutralizing new metals. It really does have that effect, so natural foods which contain metals (like fish) usually contain the appropriate amount of selenium to neutralize it. God obviously knew what he was doing. I would also heavily supplement with Vitamin C (2-3 grams), because vaccines have historically caused Vitamin C to dissipate from a body, and the worst vaccine effects seem to be associated with a lack of it. One of our articles (about S.I.D.S.) cataloged how the entire medical industry turned against Dr. Archie Kalokerinos for exposing this, since it was evidence that vaccines are harmful, and that nutritional medicine could do things that "standard" medicine could not. They ruined his career for it, but his science was sound. After the vaccine, I would wait a couple of weeks to allow the body to naturally flush all of the metals that it naturally could, and for the adjuvant reaction to subside. Then I might consider trying a cleanse. We have to take a reverse position on cleansing by recommending a turn-key approach instead of doing it yourself with individual supplements. It is just too hard to get everything right. Just follow our current recommendations for a metal cleanse from our article, Techniques For Cleansing the Body and Detoxifying.

We have to warn you that any cleanse should be undertaken only with forethought. You need to schedule it well, for instance. During that 2 week period, you can expect to have an impaired immune system, flu-like symptoms, various random issues, extreme irritability, and perhaps depression. Unfortunately, that's what happens when you overdrive the liver and kidneys, and combine that with the extreme movement of metals in your bloodstream.

You are not alone. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers make up about 1/3 of our audience. They usually contact us anonymously. We thought it was hysterical when we learned that a few of our top fans work at the Mayo Clinic. Don't worry. We won't rat you out! What is happening at your facility is so wrong. Force-medicating you, even if it were completely safe and beneficial, would still be an egregious violation of your rights as a human being.

Subject: Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration
Name: Jason Azevedo
Date: 10/12/2014

Question: Is reverse osmosis water with added sea salt an acceptable substitute for natural spring water and Berkey filtered water?

Answer: The quality of the finished water will partly depend upon the quality of the input water. Untainted water from a well would be perfect. Reverse osmosis works well overall, but it will not catch fluoride. It is really tough to stop, and the Berkey filters do it with a special aluminum compound. Fluoride and aluminum naturally bind together, and that is why aluminum ore plants are known for giving off super-toxic fluorine gas during aluminum refinement. The Berkey solution is a bit amusing, because they found a way to use one toxic substance to fight against another one, without either being able to escape in the end. That is some seriously cool science.

Hang on for some real irony on this last point. One of the things keeping the average American from falling dead by age 30 from either aluminum-induced central nervous system damage or fluoride-induced cancers is the fact that he is getting so much of both that each gets somewhat neutralized by the other.

Subject: Animal Care with Cayenne, Raw Foods, and Parasites
Name: Edith Dozier
Date: 10/08/2014

Question: I have four dogs and I like to keep them healthy. Can I use cayenne pepper to treat them for parasites? Also for other things as well? I try to stay out of vets. They are on grain free dogfood such as CALL OF THEWILD. Also what do you think of the rawfood diet for dogs? This may be one of the questions not worth ansering but to me my dogs are important. Thank You for your help. I just discovered your site and I really like it. I will continue to use it. Thanks again?

Answer: The best parasite cleanse for dogs is diatomaceous earth. We have an article about this which provides ideal dosages for pets. We use diatomaceous earth periodically for our dog. We are not sure if you would be able to get a dog to eat cayenne, but it is not the best choice, in any case.

Grain-free dog food is superior, especially if you can confirm that it is not from China or irradiated. Raw foods should be avoided. If you were referring to raw meats, they increase the risk of parasites, and expose your dogs to the unnecessary risks of various diseases. Furthermore, feeding animals raw meats is known to increase aggression. It really is idiotic to train a domestic dog to crave the taste of blood. A dog's natural diet is predominately protein, with very little vegetation, so raw vegetables would not really benefit a dog.

The basic rules for keeping a dog healthy are the same as those for a human. They consist of a good diet, exercise, plenty of rest, good hygiene, shelter from weather extremes, and emotional happiness. As with humans, the secret rule is that there are no secret rules.

Subject: Urinary Tract Infection
Name: Diahann
Date: 10/07/2014

Question: I was recently diagnosed with a UTI. I was prescribed antibiotics. I am on my 2nd dose but am hesitant to take it. I bought probiotics to take with the antibiotics. If i stop taking the antibiotics, what can i take naturalky to kill the harmful bacteria i am supposed to have?

Answer: So your plan is to get some bacteria, consume it, and then let it fight the antibiotics, which are being taken to kill bacteria. Everything here is wrong on so many levels. We have done this long enough to know what is happening behind the scenes. You have what we call the "idiot friend" -- that friend or relative who is a self-anointed expert of alternative medicine. Your first step to recovery is learning to ignore that person and finding trustworthy sources of information, and doing so even before you begin ignoring your doctor.

As far as the antibiotics go, consider the fact that you are about to begin round two with no changes. It truly is the hallmark of modern, experimental medicine to repeat the same behavior while expecting differing results. Thus, we tend to think of our modern healthcare system as more of a religion than anything scientific. It's like we're just not pretending hard enough to make it work. What is actually happening is that the antibiotics are killing more of the beneficial bacteria than pathogens, which is giving this infection and other opportunistic infections an advantage. With certainty, you'll have an impaired immune system into the long term as a result, and various aggravated allergy issues. No amount of probiotics will save you from that. However, it's conveniently great for your doctor's repeat business.

All that you need to do is to stop abusing your body and drink cranberry juice several times a day, if it is indeed a urinary tract infection. Cranberry juice works without killing things to aid the body in flushing harmful bacteria from the bladder. You will need to use real cranberry juice (not supplements), and get some that is neither from concentrate nor has sugar added. Try to avoid juice that is imported from God-forsaken countries.

With the limited information given, we cannot assume that the doctor was right about the diagnosis. The real issue could be kidney stress from bad medicine, bad supplementation, and lots of other mistakes.

Subject: Juvenile Arthritis
Name: Molly
Date: 10/07/2014

Question: I was wondering if there was any way to naturally treat juvenile arthritis, because I'm sick of having to take pills for it, (which I'm only doing because my mom insists, as she is all for allopathic "medicine", and I don't know if my diet needs to change or what. Also, luckily for me, my grandpa's a supporter of this type of medicine. (Not sure what to call it after reading one of your articles on alternative medicine). And also, as much as I hate lying to my mom, I'm not actually taking the pills; and I've noticed that my arthritis isn't so bad, which is a start.

Answer: It is likely that your issues will remedy themselves, so long as your immune system is not damaged too much pharmaceutically. You are smart to beware of all of their "help", because it is usually where the biggest problems lie. Historically, young people did not get arthritis, which means that there is a high probability that you actually have a misdiagnosed case of Lyme disease. You need to be cautious about mentioning this possibility to your mother, or the stupidity of the interventions could increase. We cannot make any diagnosis with great confidence, since we do not know the particulars of your case. We have plenty of information to help you manage the situation regardless, in case you are in a position to do so. We have a search at the top right of our site. Use it. Don't forget to pray, because you are going to need some help in keeping all of the over-reactive people at bay.

We like to call legitimate alternative medicine either "traditional medicine" or "real medicine". Ironically, our type of medicine is the true conventional medicine, but the phrase has been hijacked for propaganda reasons. We use these terms because it was the medicine that was practiced throughout human history, until the early part of the 20th Century. At that time, medicine was hijacked by cronies and criminals who were linked to the Rockefeller Foundation. Through criminal codes, not science, they made it illegal to practice true medicine, and they mandated that all future treatments would be through petrochemical pharmaceuticals and surgery. Real medicine works, and it doesn't poison or butcher anyone. Anything that kills people should not be called medicine. They put the final nail in the medical coffin by instituting licensing laws, to control who was approved to treat (but never cure) people. We covered the history in our documentary, The Cancer Report. You can watch it for free. The reason why our health system is such a failed catastrophe is because it is so by design, and this was planned a long time ago.

Subject: Pancreatitis
Date: 10/07/2014

Question: Hi, I was diagnosed with pancreatitis 7 days ago. I went to the emergency and then hospitalized for 7 days. The doctors thought I had gallstone, but I don't. I have a cist in my left ovary, small bumps on my neck that was removed for biopsy; I did take pain medication 3 times while staying in the hospital. So, I am back home doing my natural medicine, but I am afraid of doing so because my doctor advised me about my condition saying that it is very serious and I should be hospitalized. I would like your help and advice about this. thanks.

Answer: We know that you will allow your doctorly terrorist to manipulate and kill you, after financially wiping you out. When it is over, they'll blame your death on "the cancer" and call your doctor a "hero" -- as he's buying his new yacht. They'll use your half-hearted dabbling with alternative medicine as proof that it does not work, and they'll claim that their "real medicine" was less effective because of it. We've been doing this long enough to predict exactly how it will play out. We know that somebody is wasting our time whenever we see a phrase like "my doctor says", followed by fear games about natural medicine.

Subject: Ebola
Name: Diahann
Date: 10/06/2014

Question: Should we be alarmed or is this a scare tactic?

Answer: A handful of people have been killed or quarantined here in the United States. To put it into perspective, up to 50,000 people die from the regular flu during some flu seasons, according to the Centers for Disease Control. If you are afraid of getting Ebola, then you should be even more afraid of your greater chance of being struck by a meteorite this year. Anyone telling you to be afraid is a dishonest sensationalist and a terrorist. We noticed that, in addition to the regular media spreading the terrorism, that both Alex Jones and Mike Adams are in full swing again. We made bets about when they would begin.

Subject: Alzheimer's Disease
Name: Monica
Date: 10/03/2014

Question: Alzheimers anything and everything I could give my mom. My mom is in early stages of Alzheimer's. Has been taking coconut oil, MCT too. We need help!

Answer: If we had a loved one with Alzheimer's disease, our first step would be a heavy metal cleanse. We would treat him as if he had autism, because Alzheimer's disease is very much like adult autism. In fact, it is caused by the same things. You may wish to read our report about cleansing, and our report about curing autism. After the heavy metal cleanse, we would follow up by repairing the nerves. There is some information about that in our autism article, but our most comprehensive report about nutritionally-repairing nerve damage is the one about Bell's palsy. You really will need to understand these conditions before you can understand Alzheimer's, for it is very much not dementia. Of course, beware of medications and vaccines. She should also try to embrace an all-natural diet. Severe blood sugar problems could aggravate the condition, or they could even be falsely identified as Alzheimers, so it is something to keep an eye on. The biggest challenge in a case like this, is often one of keeping the effected individual away from the doctors. This wasn't caused by old age. It was caused by them. We know from our own experience that if you cannot convince her of this, then there is nothing that you can do to help her. It is a hard reality that we have had to explain to people time and time again.

Subject: Colloidal Minerals
Name: Jason
Date: 09/29/2014

Question: Is humic shale (colloidal minerals) safe and effective?

Answer: Attempting to supplement with humic shale, which is actually dirt or clay, is a bad idea. Some of the clay that is being sold as a "mineral supplement" contains high amounts of minerals that are dangerous, including aluminum, lead, and barium. Conversely, our edible vegetation extracts healthy minerals from the ground, and makes them bio-available to us, which is exactly what God intended. To get a healthy source of minerals, add sea salt to the diet and get plenty of vegetables. No supplement will replace a good diet. This is similar to the silica 'supplement' scam. These 'supplements' would work for us if we were earth worms. Ironically, such supplements will impair digestion somewhat to cause undernourishment. We've had the perfect mineral supplement for thousands of years. It's called organic spinach.

Subject: Vitamin D
Name: Lois
Date: 09/29/2014

Question: When I typed Vitamin D into your search report window, I was re-directed to a page of advertizements for various vitamin D companies. I am sure that is an error, very disappointing. I really want information on the efficacy, dosage and recommended brands.

Answer: We do not intermingle our information or search results with product endorsements. We consider such routine practices as unethical, dishonest, and it is one of the things that separates us from our peers. The advertisements that you saw were from Google. We have no control over the advertising rendered by Google searches. As for Vitamin D efficacy, it is well documented (even in the mainstream medical literature) that natural Vitamin D from sunlight and seafood is a powerful, health-maintaining nutrient. However, supplemental Vitamin D is less beneficial, and some people get absolutely no benefit at all from it. It is important to know that Vitamin D is virtually useless if the person is deficient in either magnesium or calcium, because they are interdependent for the proper functioning of the body. Likewise, the body will not properly utilize the optimal Vitamin D (D3) if the liver is sufficiently dysfunctional. Be advised that too much Vitamin D from supplementation will prevent a body from properly coping with cholesterol, which can lead to major problems, so less can sometimes be more. There are good reasons why you did not see any recommended brands from us. As part of our ethical policies, we rarely recommend particular brands. There are two important reasons for this policy. Firstly, we want to stay journalistically clean by not having any perceived or real conflicts of interest. Secondly, we cannot recommend specific brands in good faith because supplement ingredients change so regularly that any such advice might eventually get lots of people hurt. We operate under the old principle of "First do no harm". Thus, the main advice that we give concerning brands is that everyone should strive to be an educated consumer in knowing exactly what the ingredients are and where they originate from. For instance, you would be shocked to know how many companies are getting unmonitored ingredients from China, and then relabeling their resultant products as being "American Made", using the trickery of it being "produced" in America, since it is where they mixed the foreign ingredients together. In case this helps you, we personally get most of our own supplement products from, and we currently give the most trust to supplements that are made by Nature's Way. Nevertheless, check each product for yourself, for we cannot make blanket endorsements for either company, nor can we predict their future behavior. Our overall statement about Vitamin D is that it is indeed very important to health, but it is over-hyped amongst the writers of alternative therapies. You may find our article about supplement gotchas interesting: The Supplementation Problem and Our Supplement Recommendations. You may also wish to read: Sunscreen Lies and Cosmetic Trade Secrets.


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