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The Notifications Mailing List is the official e-mail list for The Health Wyze Report. It is used to send notices and alerts. All messages originate from Thomas or Sarah. It is very low volume. There is rarely more than a message a week. If you are not sure which subscription option to choose, then pick this one. We are being heavily censored at both Facebook and Twitter. Google is likewise pushing us down for our political incorrectness. Subscribing to this mailing list is the surest way to make sure that you don't lose us forever. Considering the type of information that we publish, this could be a decision that someday saves your life.


You may not have learned of Gab yet (also known as, but it is the best social media system to use for following us. The mainstream services censor our work and postings, because we are politically incorrect. However, Gab was founded on the principle of free speech in a glorious act of rebellion against the despicable behavior of the other services. You are getting cheated if you are using the other services, and you'll never know what they have not been allowing you to see. Gab is simply a better alternative all around. It does not have advertising, doesn't hide the stuff that you want to see, and it doesn't try to cram a leftist ideology down your throat. It has class and integrity, in other words. As a reminder, you'll never be able to find the service by simply looking up "Gab". Remember it's If free speech does not matter to you now, it certainly will start mattering when you lose it.


Minds is a social networking site that shares similarities with both Facebook and Pinterest. It is destined to become our new 'Facebook', which became something of an extortion system in charging us for the right to reach our own people, but politically-incorrect posts were not shown for any price.


Bitchute is the newest video website, and it has garnered great support among those who have experienced censorship at YouTube, due to Bitchute's vocal support for freedom of speech. It uses a different and less centralized technology, which by-design is resistant to network attacks and censorship efforts.


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Our podcast episodes (audio shows) are available on the most popular podcast sites and "apps". Subscribe just below to the service of your choice.

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