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Episode 40: The Slippery Slope of Socialism

This report explains how and why our educational institutions are training our youth to be fascists, socialists, and communists. It exposes how modern educators and Internet notorieties are at best, unfit to lead, and at worst, guilty of treason. This episode is compelling and political. It will be of great interest to those who have been wringing their hands, and wondering how we are going to get our country back. If you are in the thick of battle surrounded by leftist Marxists, then this episode will give you some of the ammunition that you need to survive and win.

This is the narrated version of the report entitled, One Man's Freedom is Another's Oppression.


Time: 00:26:47   Size: 12 M.B.

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Episode 39: Like I Was Just Left Holding a Gun

This episode catalogs how the pharmaceutical industry tightly colludes with the legal system to cover up crimes that were caused by S.S.R.I. anti-depressants and other psychiatric drugs. This report chronicles a real world example; with testimony from someone who has been persecuted for the sake of protecting the drug companies and their agenda of ensuring that the drugs are never put on trial. As has become a pattern, our guest began his tribulations with the use of an anti-depressant, and then graduated into the next stage of his nightmare, by being awoken to the sound of a fatal gunshot. In this eerily familiar story, he snapped back into reality not even knowing how the gun had gotten into his hand. This story centers around an effect of these psychiatric drugs that is called akathisia, which is like sleep walking; only it is a psychotic form of unconsciousness. We discuss with Kurt Danysh his problems with the legal system and the psychiatric establishment in overcoming their suppression of his story, and some of the surprising reasons why they do it. Kurt founded the S.A.V.E. Project to help others avoid his fate. We also spoke about some of the cases in which young psychiatric patients and children are being incarcerated, for crimes that they did not mean to commit and do not remember. Kurt describes how the bizarre anti-depressant drug withdrawal, commonly called "discontinuation syndrome", is much worse than the drugs' main side effects.


Time: 00:53:46   Size: 23 M.B.

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Episode 38: Modern Euthanasia and Colloidal Silver

We were joined by Brian Humphreys, who shared the story of his struggle to restore his mother's health.The medical establishment transformed hypothyroidism and a case of Lyme Disease into a deadly combination. All reasonable treatment options were institutionally ignored -- going so far as to even deny the patient access to vitamin C. After a variety of hospitals and doctors, Brian came to suspect that there was a secret agenda within the establishment, as medical professionals quietly worked to sabotage Virginia's recovery, while seeking permission to let her die. They began using the police and social services to force the execution of his mother through starvation. They eventually won by vindictively refusing a medication that they had made her depend upon, by their other treatments in the distant past. This episode catalogs the policy of euthanizing the elderly, which is rampant throughout the medical industry, nursing homes, and hospices. The show concludes with a fascinating discussion about colloidal silver and Brian's colloidal silver business, the Purevon company. We discuss the aspects of colloidal silver that Brian is not allowed to comment about due to F.D.A. regulations.


Time: 01:56:37   Size: 54 M.B.

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Episode 37: The True History and Impact of Muhammadism

This report contrasts Muhammadism with other religions, with a special emphasis on exposing the vast differences between it and Christianity. We tell the real history of the Crusades, their significance and how they still impact our lives now. This show questions whether this religion is compatible with any civilized society. As a precautionary notice, this show includes topics that are not suitable for children. Be aware of that before playing this audio aloud in the presence of children.


Time: 01:13:43   Size: 31 M.B.

Episode 36: Truth in a Time of Universal Deceit

This episode begins with a lively discussion about the interesting legal battles that we must face. As an example, we talk about an impending federal lawsuit from attorney Bruce Vetri (Bayport, New York), who is representing Lloyd Jenkins of the so-called "Budwig Center". The legal assault is being made in response to our whistle-blowing report about Jenkins' questionable treatment methodologies and the gross misrepresentations that are being made to his cancer patients. The genesis of the affair occurred 5 years ago, when his cancer patients began calling us to ask why their conditions were worsening. We talk about how we are learning what lawyers consider to be "ethics". We catalog, from the perspective of journalists, how an unscrupulous individual can be relentless in suppressing media exposure. It is an interesting tale involving entrapment attempts and evidence tampering. We even mention the difference between a "lie" and a "white lie", as it is understood by some lawyers. We read a letter from a reader that concerns the horrible state of things, and we respond to it with our best advice on how to make a difference in society. We talk about the disturbing and unreported history of Martin Luther, who is credited with founding the Protestant churches. More importantly, we expose how virtually every Protestant denomination is operating under a lie that is both destructive to individuals and exceedingly corrupting to churches as a whole, because of Martin Luther's influence. Most protestant listeners will be shocked to learn that Luther was not a moral pillar, as they were taught to believe. We talk about how parts of the Protestant Bible were suppressed by Martin Luther, and these chapters have now disappeared entirely in all Protestant Bibles, including the King James version. We discuss how Luther's false doctrine has sown apathy, cowardice, and indifference throughout society, which has led to all of our major predicaments. We especially cover the cowardice topic regarding the Church's unwillingness to hold the parasites of society accountable and its unwillingness to defend Christians. We talk specifically about how our basic rights and religious freedoms are being threatened by so-call "gay rights" groups, and how the Church is deathly silent as Christians are being forced to serve homosexual groups. We talk about how modern churches are driven by fear, which is the opposite of faith. We discuss the pathology of homosexuality in covering both its mental affects, and the physical diseases that accompany it. We talk about how a terrorism campaign in the 1970's by the Gay Liberation Front against the American Psychiatric Association got homosexuality redefined from being a mental illness into a healthy behavioral pattern. We tell all of the sordid history, including that 70% of psychiatrists who voted for the redefinition still considered homosexuality to be a severe mental illness when they were questioned anonymously. We discuss how homosexuals were the first to attack our work from when we had Naturally Good Magazine. They had become upset about the topic of accountability, from our suggestion that a homosexual lifestyle will always cause major immune system disruptions, even for people who have neither H.I.V. nor A.I.D.S. Homosexuals were also enraged that we had been critical of the mainstream drugs for A.I.D.S.; since we stated that the drugs are much more deadly than A.I.D.S. itself.


Time: 01:17:13   Size: 32 M.B.

Episode 35: The Drug War Farce

We discuss how the so-called "War on Drugs" is a farce, and its real purpose is to benefit the pharmaceutical industry in blocking access to painkillers to private citizens. What is really being outlawed is the competition of alternative medicine. We discuss the true history of the drug wars, starting with the first one in China in the 1400's, and how the very first addictions were fostered by the original pharmaceutical industry as a means of social control. We describe how it was once normal to grow opium and cannabis, and how America's Founding Fathers played key roles in making drugs available to all citizens which have since been made illegal. We outline how each of the illegal drugs was once prescribed, and existed as part of mainstream medicine. We talk about how drugs have been made addictive intentionally by the pharmaceutical industry, and we warn about a new practice wherein inmates are forced to take addictive psychiatric drugs. Finally, we discuss the methods through which doctors terrorize patients into compliance, and the psychological fear games that they use to prevent alternatives from being employed. We also discuss the sad cases wherein we are asked to help friends and relatives, who are too afraid to accept the help.


Time: 00:54:13   Size: 23 M.B.

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Episode 34: Home Hypnosis and Trauma Therapy

In this audio report, Thomas and Sarah discuss how hypnosis can help people to overcome psychological barriers. They catalog their very personal experiences with hypnosis, while detailing how the media's portrayal of it is inaccurate. Most people could benefit from a good hypnosis session, even those without serious emotional problems. Routine problems, such as anxiety and impatience, can be somewhat abated through hypnosis. The report explicitly explains how to perform hypnosis, and it was made with the intention of helping Health Wyze listeners to hypnotize their loved ones. People can accomplish in weeks through hypnosis what would otherwise take decades of standard therapy. Listeners are forewarned that this show contains some adult-only content regarding the childhood traumas that were experienced by co-host, Sarah. Those who wish to bypass the introduction and our usual banter may go directly to the hypnosis procedure by skipping to 20:15. By skipping to that point, you will also skip all of the adult material.


Time: 00:53:29   Size: 21 M.B.

Episode 33: How 2,000 Architects Can Be Wronged

We were guests on the Field Interference show for this episode, with host Ryan G. Banister. The interview exposes the inner workings of the truther organization, It is based upon our own experiences as insiders of this cult-like sect. This report autopsies an organization that has become detrimental to its own truth-seeking principles, due to its lack of principled leadership. We catalog how the organization betrays the people who attempt to support it, and peers alike. We likewise discuss how the group thwarts its very mission, and whether that is intentional, or the product of incompetence. We express our belief that their drive for a new investigation is a farce, and that their petition has merely become a watchlist for the potential troublemakers, who could actually do a legitimate investigation. We name names and call them out on the details of their activities. The show particularly highlights our experiences with Richard Gage and Justin Keogh. We expect for this to be riveting, even for listeners who are not normally interested in the truther movement.


Time: 00:49:36   Size: 19 M.B.

Episode 32: The Faithless

In this audio report, we expose the true cause of shaken baby syndrome, and discuss the immorality of doctors who blame parents for infant deaths to avoid being held liable. We talk about efforts to criminalize parents in shaken baby syndrome court cases, and coerced confessions. We talk about how attempts to help smokers are vilified. We warn that tobacco is grown using radioactive fertilizers, and the smoke that is inhaled is subsequently radioactive. We talk about how the fertilizer that is used for conventional produce is also radioactive, and soils are expected to be tainted for millions of years. We chastise the militant feminists who have been rewriting important documents and history for political correctness, and discuss how the educational system is eroding at our moral values. We talk about our frustrations with the people who have been misled by new-age spiritualism, and how modern "spirituality" is about leading people away from God. We explain that Alcoholics Anonymous has become almost useless because of its pandering to political correctness, and subsequent removal of faith. We mention that we believe Dr. Andrew Weil to be an immoral con-man, and his "integrative" medicine is designed to lure people who are interested in alternatives back into mainstream medicine. We expose how he encourages antibiotics, radiation, and mercury dental fillings. We discuss the ethical problems with naturopathic doctors, especially those who sell products that they prescribe. We warn against radiation devices, such as Rife machines, and explain that they can only cause harm. We talk about how mainstream doctors are brainwashed and held as prisoners of the system, with almost no control of how they treat diseases. We provide the shocking truth about how everything that we have been taught about nutrition is wrong when fighting an illness.


Time: 01:05:31   Size: 30 M.B.

Episode 31: Dr. Oz and Dysfunctional Medicine

In this show, we blow the lid off of functional medicine, which is being promoted by Dr. Mehmet Oz. We talk about the similarities between functional medicine and pyramid schemes, and report about the non-existence of the research that it is purportedly based upon. We expose the shady history of Jeffrey Bland, who founded functional medicine. We talk about the Doctor Oz show, and how his viewers have contacted us about various scams that he has promoted. We caution about the new seaweed-based gel that Doctor Oz and his functional medicine affiliates are promoting, and the dangers that it presents. We warn that functional medicine is designed to quietly introduce biotech into the health-conscious community, and its strong emphasis on genetic testing. We describe technobabble, and advise people to be watchful for it. We play some clips from telephone calls that we have received from Bioceutica, a company which is part of the functional medicine pyramid scheme. We conclude with a recent discovery that has led us to lose trust in Dr. Mercola.


Time: 00:49:44   Size: 22 M.B.

Episode 30: Heart Health and Heart Disease

In this show, we expose how almost everything that you have been told about heart health is wrong. We discuss the importance of fats for curing heart disease, and talk about how cholesterol is not really a menace. We cover all facets of heart health, including disease, nutrition, and lifestyle. We provide this information in plain English, skipping all of the lingo that is used by doctors to silence meaningful discourse. In order to fully encompass heart conditions, we talk about nutrition and supplementation in more depth than we ever have before. We provide a little-known method of determining the likelihood of heart attacks, and warn about the serious dangers of mainstream testing procedures and treatments. This could be the most important audio show that you ever hear, because heart disease is the number one killer of the civilized world, and this gives listeners all of the information that they need to prevent or reverse it.


Time: 01:08:52   Size: 30 M.B.

Episode 29: The Omega Connection

In this audio show, we discuss the aftermath of a vitamin being improved by a pharmaceutical company. We expose most of the survivalist food packages for being fraudulent, and in particular, we warn about EFoods Direct. We discuss the importance of proteins in a true survival situation. We talk about how pet foods often contain vegetables and grains, and we warn pet owners about irradiated pet treats. We talk about how U.S. media companies have been attacked by the Chinese Government, and what the U.S. Government is really doing behind the scenes. We discuss the new scam of krill oil products for omega-3 supplementation, and how they are being shamelessly advocated by Dr. Joseph Mercola. We warn listeners about shellfish, and we explain why flax seed oil is the only safe way to obtain omega supplementation. We talk about how Johanna Budwig's research proved that rancid oils prevent the cells from adequately getting oxygen, which includes most omega supplements. We discuss the upcoming U.S. socialized health care system and its sneak provision that is designed to eliminate private insurance companies.


Time: 01:06:27   Size: 32 M.B.

Episode 28: Antibiotics for the Mind

In this audio report, we talk about the E.M.F. devices that are marketed to filter radiation from the air. We discuss major sources of radiation, such as "energy efficient" light bulbs. We expose the true nature of the allegedly natural food additive, xanthan gum. We talk about the real cause of indigestion, and how most alternative and mainstream health sources are completely wrong about it. We explain why antacids seem to work, whilst making the long-term problem worse. We provide legitimate solutions for eliminating indigestion immediately, and preventing it from reoccurring. We describe the safety and efficacy issues with the whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine, and discuss the scare tactics that have been used to terrorize parents into vaccinating their children. We then talk about the lack of science behind vaccines, and how the vaccines are causing diseases at a greater rate than they would occur naturally. We also mention the similar fraudulent science of the chickenpox vaccine. We warn about the devastating effect that socialized medicine will have on the health of Americans. We discuss how most bacteria has mutated to be resistant to antibiotics, and the dirty little secret that the pharmaceutical industry has been hiding about antibiotics all along. We talk about how the World Trade Organization is trying to prevent Americans from putting country of origin labels on meats. We discuss how this United Nations group orchestrated it as part of its agenda to bring about a socialistic one-world government.


Time: 01:00:35   Size: 28 M.B.

Episode 27: For God and Country

We discuss the importance of buying products that are manufactured in ethical nations. We describe the silent economic warfare by the communists, and how it is happening right under our noses. It is a process through which the Republics of the West will be overthrown using only economic warfare. We explain how this is responsible for the economic collapses throughout the industrialized world. Their socialist infiltration of our educational system has deceived the current generation of young adults that a parasitic society is healthy and productive. We describe the crucial historic role of Christianity in producing strong, moral nations. We explain how socialism is a type of institutionalized sociopathology, and we talk about the deception by treacherous product manufacturers, who falsely market that they employ domestic workers. We report on a case in which cannabis (marijuana) was portrayed by the media and medical establishment to be more harmful than chemotherapy. We elaborate on some of the true effects of chemotherapy. We describe the manipulation attempts that are used by critics of marijuana use. We mention fluoride, and how it actually causes cavities. We then discuss the moral implications of forced medicating using the water supply.


Time: 00:56:10   Size: 25 M.B.

Episode 26: Parts is Parts

In this audio show, we discuss the type of phone calls that we get; particularly from those who use alternatives only as an act of desperation. We warn about 'expert' friends and the dangers of having just a little bit of knowledge. We talk about the risk of over-supplementation, especially for issues involving the liver or cancer. We also talk about the extreme level of brainwashing that is done to patients, and how some people have even become afraid of eating healthy foods without doctor approval. We warn about the lack of nutrition in pre-made vegetable juices like V8, and talk about the differing properties of wholesome vegetable juices. We report about how dog treats from China are tainted again, including those made by Nestlé. We talk about the new politically-correct trend of animal cruelty that consists of feeding vegetable products and carbohydrates to carnivores. We mention the nutrient deficiencies which are caused by a vegetarian diet, and the permanent effects of chemotherapy and radiation on the brain. We discuss why so many people are afraid of choosing alternative medicine for life-threatening conditions, due to social forces. We warn about Megafood supplements, which contain ingredients from China, alongside yeast. We also warn people about the so-called "nutritional yeast", which will cause long-term health problems. We give a brief history of both yeast and antibiotics, and we explain the impact of candida in relation to allergies. We discuss the fear tactics that are used by doctors when they tell patients that they have cancer. We detail an actual case history of how the medical system destroyed an otherwise healthy lady.


Time: 01:09:38   Size: 33 M.B.

Episode 25: Dr. Burzynski and Other Evil People

We discuss a new initiative called "positive discipline", which is being mandated in daycare centers throughout the U.S. This psychological experiment trains children to be manipulative sociopaths. Its proponents boast that children are taught to ignore the suffering of others, and to ignore troubled peers. Its pseudoscience claims that traditional discipline permanently reduces children's intelligence, and that successful people have always been those who have had sociopathic traits. This governmentally-sponsored program actually discourages child care professionals from using phrases like "good" and "bad", because moral lessons are purported to be judgmental; and thereby that morality itself is undesirable. Through this program, daycare children are literally being trained to become evil adults, by evil adults who are willing to go along with the program. We discuss the connections between heart disease, routine snoring, sleep apnea, and how the medical establishment confuses the relationship. We talk about how some people are deceived into eating mushrooms to fight cancers, and how modern brown sugar is even more unhealthy than bleached white sugar. We list the names which monosodium glutamate (MSG) is often hidden under, and explain how deceptive the word "natural" is concerning food labeling. We explain how MSG plays a huge factor in fatal heart attacks amongst otherwise healthy young people. We expose Dr. Stanilaw Burzynski, a Polish doctor who practices in America. He is an oncologist (cancer doctor) who has been embraced by some proponents of alternative medicine. We explain Burzynski's false credentials, his fraudulent medicine, and how the F.D.A.'s half-hearted lawsuits against him are merely a ruse to bolster the Burzynski therapy among alternative practitioners. We explain how this 'alternative' doctor prescribes chemotherapy drugs; sometimes without ever informing his alternative-seeking patients. We explain that Burzynski's antineoplaston therapy is actually urine therapy. We factually refute his claims that his treatments don't cause serious side-effects. Then we explain how he has emulated the tactics of Dr. John Brinkley, who was a well-established quack and con-artist during the 1930's.


Time: 01:13:52   Size: 33 M.B.

Episode 24: When Alternative Medicine is Worse

We discuss the uselessness of Brita water filters. We explain how juice manufacturers are using deceptive labeling to conceal their juices' countries of origin, and more tricks from China that are intended to poison us. We also discuss the new occurrence of cadmium in children's toys from China, the lack of regulations concerning them, and the new "stamina boosters" that are being sold by the Chinese. We warn about toothpastes that contain antibiotics, and the dangers of antibacterial soap. We discuss remineralizing teeth and curing cavities naturally. We talk about the disastrous effects of vegetarianism upon dental health, and the role of sugars and carbohydrates on overall health. We report about the messages that we commonly receive from people who have been harmed by bad naturopathic medicine, the fraud of "natural hygiene", and the problems of misplaced faith. We catalog a case history whereby naturopathic doctor Kenneth O' Neal killed two of his patients on the same day. We warn about the dangers of ocean plasma (otherwise known as Quinton Plasma), which was originally promoted by René Quinton, and is now being marketed and used by rogue naturopaths. It is actually sea water that is being injected into people, and in many cases, it kills them through suffocation and heart attacks. We discuss Kellogg's use of genetically modified sugar, mention some superior companies, explain how children's products are not allowed to be honestly labeled, and we report about why truthful labeling is prohibited by the F.D.A. We advise listeners about the safest cookware, and especially warn about cookware coming from China. We talk about the need for resveratrol, especially in men, and then explain how people can detect the signs of dehydration. We report about substandard green tea at regular grocery stores, and report which types are best. Finally, we warn listeners about the rarely known dangers of aluminum foil, and explain how to identify aluminum when it is deceptively listed in ingredient labels.


Time: 01:07:11   Size: 32 M.B.

Episode 23: The Cutting Truth with Dr. Will Kay

This episode features guest William Kay, M.D. He is a former surgeon, who now operates as a health advocate. His departure from institutionalized medical care happened after the death of one of his surgical patients. Dr. Kay then decided that he could no longer silently condone the status quo of modern medicine. He literally walked out of the hospital, and he never looked back. In the show, Will recants the high price he repeatedly paid for trying to do the right thing, and the fear games that are used to keep medical professionals under tight control. Will discusses how textbook brainwashing techniques are used during every doctor's residency, how the true purpose of medical licensing is to suppress dissent and stifle innovation, how maintaining a medical license is a matter of popularity amongst peers and embracing whatever they vote to be the "standard of care", how licensing is in no way related to actual performance, how all alternative methodologies are prevented at the local level for the sake of maintaining the prevalence of more expensive treatments, his personal experience with improving patient care and the subsequent vengeance of his colleagues, how "smart doctors" are the ones who make bad decisions to keep hospital administrators happy, how dissent can get a doctor permanently banned from medical practice, how hospitals casually harm patients to save money and then redirect that money into marketing, his personal experiences with how ineffective and unscientific modern medicine has become, the new abomination of preventatively removing organs and the breasts when the patient is healthy, the shockingly early menstrual cycles in five-year-old girls, the new protocol of using drugs to mask the horrible effects of other drugs regardless of the long-term damage to the patient's health, how modern doctors relish their power and control over patients and describe it with the phrase "patient compliance", how modern doctors work with child protective agencies to break-up families who dare challenge their authority or suggest alternatives by claiming "medical neglect", how hospital bioethics boards decide that certain parent's wishes are to be ignored by hospital staff members and they sometimes even mandate surgeries for children against the parent's wishes, how school systems use terrorism and various manipulation games to enforce vaccinations on children despite vaccinations not actually being mandatory. Finally, Dr. Kay explains what he does as a health advocate, and how he finally has the freedom to help people.


Time: 01:26:46   Size: 33 M.B.

Episode 22: Emotional Intelligence

We talk about how sociopathology and sociopathic hiring practices are leading to America's demise. We explain what sociopaths are, and include our personal anecdotes about sociopathology. We contrast the differences between leadership and manipulation, and we discuss when the pop psychology of emotional intelligence tainted business ethics, and the inevitable economic destruction. We expose the dark implications of the new emotional intelligence craze in business. We explain how the cycle parallels that of abusive relationships, and how the downfall of modern corporations is similar to the break-up of dysfunction families. We talk about how the science of psychology has been perverted, and how this compares to mainstream medicine. We discuss how the lack of Christian principles in modern business is leading to America's decline, and how the capitalistic society that made America great is imploding without the moral glue that once kept its managers in check. We discuss hCG diet products that are being sold without any hCG, and the new "Shape Ups" shoes that hurt people instead of helping their health. We revisit the scam of homeopathic medicine, and enlighten people about one aspect that was previously unmentioned. We warn people about over-supplementation, how excess can lead to kidney stress, and advise listeners about what to do if it happens. We expose gyms and health clubs for their frequent use of dangerous air fresheners, as well as equipment that is designed to ensure that their customers have weakened backs, for the benefit of lawyers at the expense of patrons.


Time: 00:58:01   Size: 28 M.B.

Episode 21: Who We Are and Having No Fear

This interview is for anyone who wants to know us better, find out what kind of people we are, what we do, and why we do it. We were interviewed by Kjelene (pronounced Shalene) Bertrand of Neothink Radio Network. We talk about what our childhood dreams were, how we started, and our history as a health publication. We discuss medicine before it was taken over by allopathy, and how cannabis (marijuana) was once regularly used as a mainstream medicine. We also expose the hidden pharmaceutical history of all illegal drugs, as well as the concealment of cancer cures by the medical industry. We discuss Health Wyze Media's official "no fear" policy, the threats that we have received, and how most health experts are too paralyzed by fear or too corrupt to be of any use to their audiences. We talk about standard disclaimers, what they really mean, and why we refuse to use one. We advise people about how the mainstream media is completely controlled by its sponsors. We also discuss Kjelene's hope for an eventual cure for aging, and how most people are aging faster than is natural. We also talk about how doctors have very limited options, due to governmental control. We conclude with our hopes for the future.


Time: 00:37:59   Size: 16 M.B.

Episode 20: Authority Figures and Bad Medicine with Psychologist and Author, Bruce Levine

The Health Wyze detectives interview Bruce Levine, a psychologist, author, and social critic who challenges modern mental health treatments. Bruce is author of, "Get Up, Stand Up", "Surviving America's Depression Epidemic - How to find Morale, Energy and Community in a World Gone Crazy", and "Commonsense Rebellion". We discuss Bruce's insights into psychiatry, as well as its authoritarian nature. We discuss the brokenness of mental health treatments, including the use of primitive and dehumanizing behavior modification techniques. We discuss the willingness of mental health professionals to pathologize healthy rebellion. The discussion includes how modern psychiatry is utilized to pacify society, as an instrument of social control. Bruce tells us about the inherently authoritarian nature of most psychiatrists, which is only exposed in private settings, and how large numbers of potentially great therapists abandoned college, due to the scientific corruption. He explains how liberals and conservatives are two sides of the same coin, because they both see psychological treatments as a means to "fix" people who are not actually broken. We likewise discuss how it is those who have no informed consent, such as the elderly in nursing homes and children, who are the most likely to get drugged with psychiatric medications. We talk about the overall pattern of drugging children who show leadership and creativity; to pigeonhole the best potential leaders into a state of lackluster compliance. Bruce mentions the marketing of drugs to fix disorders that formerly did not exist, until a disorder was needed to sell the drugs, and drugging to stop normal behaviors, such as shyness. We discuss the proven dangers of these drugs, including how they increase impulsivity enough to double the rates of suicides and violence. Thomas shares his personal experiences as a "Ritalin kid" of the 1980's, and talks about the drug dependency that occurred. We also contrast psychiatry against allopathic medicine and explain how there is never any effort to cure disease; but instead, the agenda is to create repeat customers, who are forever dependent. Many, perhaps most patients, were never really sick prior to being "helped".


Time: 00:56:41   Size: 23 M.B.

Episode 19: Trust No One

In this report we discuss how people should not blindly trust anyone in the alternative or mainstream medical establishment. We talk about other leaders, along with how they frequently mislead to sell products. We expose the true origin of snake oil, and the historical ignorance held by modern doctors. We provide examples of modern medicine's inability to connect cause and effect relationships (use science), and explain why life expectancies had risen until recently. We tell our audience how they can avoid kidney stones, whilst warning it about the risks of excessive vitamin D supplementation and how it may cause milia. We describe the differences between the omega-3 provided by flax seed oil, and that which is provided by fish oil. We also talk about grass-fed organic beef, and about the fact that most beef is so old that it is actually greenish prior to chemical recolorization. We critique homeopathic medicine and draw connections between it and current orthodox medical practices. We warn people, particularly pet owners, about irradiation, and its current use in foods. We inform people about the deceptive metal bottles that are being sold by Whole Foods Market, and we strongly advise people against the use of guar gum as a dieting aid. We also talk about night terrors, and their link to both autism and vaccines.


Time: 01:30:09   Size: 43 M.B.

Episode 18: Fluoride, Endometriosis, Scams and Shams

In this episode, we discuss so-called "living foods", expose Le Bleu's deceptive water marketing, and talk about the allegedly energy-giving bracelets that are being sold in major retailers and malls. We also report about how the Food and Drug Administration spent years preventing a pharmaceutical company from honestly labeling their anti-depressant drug as being dangerous for children because it would have harmed sales for other anti-depressant medications, which the agency admitted. We give advice to pregnant women about supplementation, provide methods to help women cope with endometriosis, and discuss some of the sexually perverted practices in modern medicine, which hearken back to the days when all doctors were men. We discuss how doctors in our society are treated like high priests, who are immune from reproach, and who cannot be questioned, regardless of how they "handle" their female patients. We explain why so many people have discolored teeth, and offer a safe way to whiten them. We inform listeners about the presence of fluoride in anti-depressant drugs, and how fluoride effects the mind. We also warn about fluoride's presence in the tap water, and its effects upon both creativity and intelligence. We expose that the Boy Scouts have abandoned their original ideals, and are instead teaching blind obedience and feminization. We warn about Internet spam "feedback loops", which are used by unethical Internet providers. We advise people against drinking imported orange juice, due to contamination by a banned fungicide that is used in some foreign countries.


Time: 01:06:58   Size: 33 M.B.

Episode 17: Beware of Gurus and the Chinese Really Are Evil

In this show, we outline why we don't always play well with others, expose the problems with the so-called leaders of our community, explain why we do not associate ourselves with many other groups, and we warn people about some of the deceptive games played by the health 'gurus'. We specifically mention problems with Natural News, Curezone, Mike Adams, and Gary Null. We especially caution people about raw foodists who recommend raw meats and eggs. We discuss even more problems with products coming from China, their upcoming involvement in vaccine manufacture, the modern use of cadmium to poisoned toys, along with the hidden danger in painted plates from China. We elaborate on the health dangers of factory farmed fish and how such breeding methods lead to a lack of biodiversity. We explain the problems with high definition televisions, explain how to avoid most of the issues, and expose the dangers of wireless internet in large institutions, such as schools and colleges. We mention the mental issues caused by flickers in fluorescent lights and televisions, and the associated seizure disorders. We talk about WikiAnswers from, and how the website attempts to berate alternative medicine. We warn people about detergents, dryer sheets and dishwasher drying agents. We offer an alternative for vegetarians who must otherwise rely on soy, give advice specifically to adult men who are getting too much iron, and cite the discoveries of Linus Pauling concerning how to remove excess iron from the body. We explain that people who have problems with fungi and dandruff should supplement with zinc. We also advise pet owners about using nutrition to treat severe pet injuries.


Time: 01:10:13   Size: 32 M.B.

Episode 16: Being Healthy in a Poisonous World

In this report, we answer some of the most common questions that we get from our readers, explain why we can no longer associate ourselves with Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth (, and we also briefly mention some of the disturbing findings that we have uncovered in the making of our upcoming documentary, Prescription For Manslaughter. We mention the dangers of using humidifiers and vaporizers, uses of chlorophyll, the incredible hypocrisy of Whole Foods Market, the dangers of energy efficient (radioactive) light bulbs, our water filter recommendations, and why everyone should avoid decaffeinated coffee. We explain why allergies to healthy foods have suddenly become so common, and how to recover. We also provide a plan through which people can cure their bruxism (teeth grinding), mention why mushrooms can never cure a cancer, and explain why the overwhelming majority of diets are destined to fail. We explain why we are forced to reject so many of our advertising offers for ethical reasons. We cover how beef is an essential part of a healthy diet, and flaws in the vegetarian religion. We also briefly report the ethical problems with 501(c)3 'charities', and how the modern churches are actually employed by the government.

For more information about AE911Truth, you may wish to read, The Shaky Moral Foundation that AE911Truth is Built Upon.


Time: 01:44:23   Size: 46 M.B.

Episode 11: Tainted H1N1 Vaccines, Curing Ulcers, and Doctor Strikes

We discuss how Greece's socialized medical system is cutting off limbs to cut costs, states are linking prescription databases in spite of privacy violations, the paradoxical relationship between doctor strikes and decreased death rates, and how formaldehyde is being used to straighten hair. We also talk about how Walgreen's is offering vaccination gift cards, the regular flu shot now contains H1N1, how doctors are afraid to take their own medicine, and an amazing case of medicine in which fatty acid therapy can actually make a chopped-off fingertip grow back. We analyze the current era of marketing to children, the way that radiation is now glorified to youngsters, how power is seen as an end unto itself, and the subliminal messages embedded into cartoons. We expose the F.D.A.'s pro-poisoning agenda with their approval of the botulism toxin, and their simultaneous attack on chelation therapies that cure autism. We warn of the high levels of lead and cadmium in children's jewelry, in large part because cadmium is currently unregulated. Finally, we explain how people can cure ulcers permanently with cabbage juice, a fact that was proven 60 years ago, but it has been institutionally suppressed.


Time: 01:09:35   Size: 25 M.B.

Episode 10: The Scam of Institutionalized Medicine

We discuss the F.D.A.'s threats toward Nestlé Corporation, their attempts to stop companies from using honest labeling, and armed raids against raw milk sellers. We also talk about the F.D.A.'s infringement of freedom of speech, and how they prevent supplement companies from making honest statements on their products. We tell people how to stop a heart attack naturally, give the common causes of sudden heart attacks and heart disease, list the many benefits of cayenne pepper, warn about the effects of vitamin C on tooth enamel and provide other dental tips. We explain how the medical establishment ignores medicines that do not produce toxic side-effects, because they maintain that only toxic products can be beneficial. We highlight the unethical practices of Horizon dairy company, and their intentional deception of health-conscious customers. We expose how the companies that are funding the cancer "cure" are the ones actually causing the cancers, particularly in the case of deodorants. We talk about the unique approval process being used for G.M.O. salmon, the dangers of homogenization, curing and preventing hangovers, and the government's increasing invasion of privacy, including Thomas' personal accolades with U.S. Census workers.


Time: 01:20:01   Size: 74 M.B.

Episode 8: The HIV/AIDS lies, Immune Disorders, Thyroid Problems, and Dangerous Sunscreens

This episode was hosted by Bob Tuskin from Truth Be Told Radio. It covers the intentional drug dependence created by most pharmaceuticals, the H.I.V./A.I.D.S. mythology, the victims of so-called immune disorders, the deadly A.I.D.S. hysteria of the 1980's, how we first got involved with alternative medicine as a result of Sarah's diabetes, the effect of long-term disease management, thyroid disease, fluoride, how to best supplement iodine, the dangers of sunscreens, the dangers of deodorants, and the benefits of sunlight.


Time: 00:50:31   Size: 38 M.B.

Episode 7: Don't Let Them Kill You

We discuss the many ways the Chinese are poisoning us, and how it can no longer be realistically considered accidental or coincidental. We talked about why breast feeding is really the only humane option for infants, and the long-term repercussions of buying the chemical infant formulas that are found in typical retailers. Mentioned are the new recalls for drugs and hygiene products that come from China, and that many are laced with heavy metals. Generic drugs are even less safe and less tested than brand-name drugs. We discuss vaccine refusal "consent forms" being given out by pediatricians that take away parental rights, and that are designed to trick parents into claiming that they are unfit. We discuss how to refuse "mandatory" vaccines and not get into trouble. We talk about the insanity of the new prostate cancer vaccine. What immunosuppressants are and what they really do, and how they are in most of the pharmaceuticals to produce addictions, long term illnesses, and deceptive medicine. The scams of the cure foundations which claim to be seeking the cures for diseases. The sad tale of how they continue to deceive Michael J. Fox, how they will make certain that he is never cured, and how he got Parkinson's disease from aspartame inside Diet Pepsi.


Time: 00:47:30   Size: 26 M.B.

Emergency Natural Medicine and First Aid

We were guests on Buckshot's Survival Hour on March 24th, 2010 to discuss emergency alternative medicine. The show was hosted by Bruce Hemming ("Buckshot") and Marcus Jones ("Captain Gringo").


Time: 00:52:58   Size: 9 M.B.

Episode 6: Health Product Lies

This episode briefly describes the new health care reform bill, H.R. 676, which does not reform health care, but instead offers another incentive for illegal aliens to sneak into the United States. We explain that S.S.R.I. antidepressants, which are known for causing psychotic reactions, also fuel future diseases by causing extreme malnutrition. Also discussed are chemicals (such as MSG), which are hidden in foods behind intentionally deceptive labeling, and the pesticide fumes inhaled through air 'fresheners'. Additionally covered are the many foods and drinks that are consumed in the name of health, but are actually toxic, with an emphasis on chewing gums and flavored waters, including the dirty trick used to get "sugar free" labels on products that are laced with sugar. We also mention the political games which have led to the changed names of diseases by the medical establishment, ignoring science when it is unpopular, and the whole (but unpopular) truth about H.I.V./A.I.D.S. We also discuss how and why to avoid synthetic vitamins. Finally, we discuss how our media was "too Christian" for our former retailer, Earth Fare Stores.


Time: 01:04:10   Size: 29 M.B.

Episode 5: Summer Issues and Hand Sanitizers

This episode covers the topics of treating supposedly "untreatable" injuries with DMSO and MSM, dealing with summer insects and poison ivy naturally, the dangerous fraud of hand sanitizers, the public schools and sex education movies that parents are not allowed to review, the new pesticides that cannot be washed off, treating erectile dysfunction and male sexual problems with natural methods, and the new-age medical claims that allergies are genetic.


Time: 01:43:14   Size: 47 M.B.

Episode 4: Curing Allergies, Eliminating Parasites, and the Truth About A.D.D.

In this episode, we cover how attention deficit disorder symptoms are effecting everyone now, how to cure attention deficit disorder, the fact that at least 85% of the people have internal parasites, how to easily kill them, forced medications, doctors using the courts to split-up families who question them, how radiation is creeping into our foods, the truth about sunscreens, skin cancer and so-called sun allergies, why it is illegal in the U.S. to cure any disease, how to cure allergies, how to rapidly remedy sunburns, the truth about polio and the polio vaccines, how cherries work better than the most expensive COX-2 inhibitors, the lies about autoimmune diseases, why it is illegal to label herbs and alternative medicines with accurate information, the chemical dumbing-down and pacifying of this generation to weaken America for the coming communistic new world order (e.g. The North American Union), and why microwaving food is terrible for the health.


Time: 01:27:23   Size: 40 M.B.

Episode 3: Poisonous Soy, Hidden Ingredients, S.I.D.S., and Daniel Hauser's Story

In this show, we cover the issues of judicially forced medications (on children), the risks of soy-based products, the fraud of the cancer industry, how S.I.D.S. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is caused by a nutritional deficiency, how toxins are intentionally hidden in common foods, and the deceptive word games that are used on food labels to trick us into being chemically dumbed-down and sick.


Time: 01:01:03   Size: 27 M.B.

Episode 2: The Flu, Vaccines, Psychotropic Drugs, Canola Oil, and Supplementing with Iodine

We cover the MMR and Gardasil vaccines, the dangers of psychotropic drugs given to children, the ground-breaking truth about canola oil, the story of Daniel Hauser, the cholesterol scam, holistic treatments for the common cold, and more.


Time: 01:00:21   Size: 26 M.B.

The Audio Edition of Defy Your Doctor And Be Healed is Available

The audio edition of Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed is available from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. It took us over a year just to find the right narrator, before we could begin the work. Former radio announcer, Philip D. Moore, was finally selected as the best candidate. We have listened to various excerpts from other audio books, so we know how terrible most narrators are. Philip was truly an exception. He recited our book so well that listeners are bound to feel as if they are being directly addressed, like listening to an old friend. He gave us exactly what we asked for: a smooth and authoritative voice that is never condescending or uppity. He gave our book the voice that it deserves, as if he had been made for the job. Moore's timing and emphasis expressed perfectly the comical moments of the book. More importantly, most people will learn more by listening to the book than they would from reading it. Of course, every individual is different, but the majority of people do indeed learn better by listening to a fatherly-sounding expert. To give everyone a taste of Moore's spectacular narration, we are including the following twenty-minute preview.

Download this preview

Buy from: Audible / Amazon / iTunes

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Hospice Revisited: This Time With An Undercover Recording Device

Following our recent article, 'Hospice and the Death Cults of Modern Medicine', Thomas attended another hospice event. This time he went undercover with a secret recording device. You are likely to find the audio from a supposedly Christian chaplain to be quite shocking. Thomas recorded a typical hospice sermon that promoted of despair, doubt, and hopelessness amongst grieving families. This preacher had obviously picked a side, and it was not on the side of Christ. Pay special attention to the phrase "custom of expectation", which is used in place of the word 'hope', and to how the preacher contended that hope ("custom of expectation") is always just part of a delusional state of denial. The preacher also noted that the lighting of the ceremonial candle was to meant to commemorate the hospice deaths ("change that occurred"), instead of commemorating the lives and suffering of those in attendance. He also preached that doubting any doctor or medical procedure is just a feudal act of denial. He brazenly stated that "the change" (death of a loved one) is responsible for "us being here today", and implied that their deaths were therefore a great thing. Finally, we suggest that Christians should listen for the preacher's dastardly pro-pharmaceutical perversion of the book Ecclesiastes to promote euthanasia of the elderly. To this preacher, Ecclesiastes is just "a poem" which is openly mocked in the sermon. We shall not spoil the surprise ending by elaborating too much. You really need to hear it for yourself. Even the preachers for hospice are pro-pharmaceutical death cultists and death-worshipping appologists. Listen to this, and any doubts about our reporting of this topic should get quickly wiped away.


Read more ...

Audio: Ronald Reagan on Socialized Medicine

"If all of this seems like a great deal of trouble, think what's at stake. We are faced with the most evil enemy mankind has known in his long climb from the swamp to the stars [communism]. There can be no security anywhere in the free world if there is no fiscal and economic stability within the United States. Those who ask us to trade our freedom for the soup kitchen of the welfare state are architects of a policy of accommodation."

"The most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help you.'"

"Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction."

"Government growing beyond our consent had become a lumbering giant, slamming shut the gates of opportunity, threatening to crush the very roots of our freedom. What brought America back?  The American people brought us back -- with quiet courage and common sense; with undying faith that in this nation under God the future will be ours, for the future belongs to the free."

Listen to the speech that he made for the American Medical Association in 1961, concerning socialized medicine.


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