Hands Making HeartWe, of Health Wyze Media, are seeking new people to form the inner circle of our organization. We are not asking for money or anything else in particular. We are instead asking for good people to offer whatever it is that they have to offer. In fact, you may have something that we need which none of us even know about yet; whether it be a particular skill, or just something that makes you different.

We are certain that what is needed most are people with enough faith and passion to follow us through the evil labyrinth that is the modern world. Therefore, we seek those who would follow us, and who would also lead when the time for that comes. The issues that we are facing spiritually and health wise need more than just good individuals, in order to solve them. What is needed is community amongst such brethren. You might be the very person who is needed most, even though none of us yet know it.

Our issues of concern are wide ranging. Some examples are the destruction of civilization itself by the communists who are everywhere, the attacks against freedom and decency by various non-Christian groups, the way these groups and secret societies are poisoning our minds and our bodies -- from personal care products to our foods, drugs, and even the drinking water, the corruption of the media and how truth has become so rare in the propaganda apparatus, the corruption of our legal system and our educational system, the outright outlawing of medical plants and cures, the corruption of even the Christian Church itself, where instead of safeguarding the foundations of society, it has become part of the problem. The people who envision a dystopian future usually predict that the human race will be annihilated by disease epidemics, weather catastrophes, war, or famine from a destroyed world. However, these things are merely the symptoms of that dystopian future, which is almost here. The examples that we cited shall be its cause, so it is most important that we address them.

We may need you, and you may need us. Your association with Health Wyze Media could help you to make the world a better place. Few people are given that opportunity. The information that you provide here will be kept confidential by Health Wyze Media.

— It Begins Here —

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