To write that there are problems with the American health care system (symptom management system) is to commit an understatement of gigantic proportions. As a result of frustrations with both incompetence within the system, and the system's strong tendency to bankrupt its own customers, there have been groups of U.S. citizens who have been demanding a nationalized health care system for several years. It says something about the current dismal state that so many U.S. citizens tend to believe that their government would almost certainly do a better job. In many cases, socialized medicine proponents have heralded the British system as an ideal for the U.S. to follow. They have boasted that everyone in the U.K. has access to medical care, regardless of income.

An economic disaster has struck the United Kingdom, similar to the one in the U.S. One quarter of working-age Britons are unemployed, and those having part-time jobs has risen 40 percent. One of Britain's first governmental institutions to experience the effects of the country's economic tailspin has been its glorified national system of medicine. The Telegraph has just reported that the British Government is now making health decisions for people, without their consent, in order to halt what it considers to be unnecessary health care expenses. The British Government is suddenly deciding which medical treatments are necessary, and cutting its losses. The British people shall continue paying the same exorbitant amounts in taxes, but for a lower standard of care now, and sometimes to have that care entirely refused against their wishes and wellbeing. The senior citizens are expendable, after all. Right?

This is the future of America, when it switches to a similar system.

"Some of the most common operations — including hip replacements and cataract surgery — will be rationed as part of attempts to save billions of pounds, despite government promises that front-line services would be protected."

We have all heard promises from the socialist politicians infiltrating the American government, who disingenuously pretend that nobody will ever be left without healthcare support. Many of us have seen through the smoke of these assurances. Rationed care has always been a reality whenever bureaucrats have made health decisions for families that they had no relations with. History is a much more honest guide than our politicians are. Nursing homes for the elderly in the U.K. are already being scheduled for closure, and terminally ill patients will soon be told to manage their own symptoms during weekends and nights. This is the 'care' that is coming to America, so a small portion of our readers should have been more careful what they wished for.

“These are not unusual procedures, this is a really blatant attempt to save money by leaving people in pain"

Katherine Murphy, Patients' Association

Throughout the U.K., agencies and surveys have called for greater staffing and funding for the overburdened National Health Service (NHS), yet this moves in the opposite direction. Why get more staff, when you can simply reduce the help that people are given?  Who has the right to decide who deserves quality care?  Do children have more rights than the elderly, and if so, should the elderly be denied care altogether?  Of course, the British Government has already answered that last question.

There are obvious problems with the American system of medicine, but this is not because the free market is inherently bad, as we are being led to believe. To the contrary, it is because the current medical establishment enforces a closed market, which excludes competition. Forced licensing by governmental agencies like the F.D.A. costs millions of dollars, which is a cost that few outsider companies can bear. Thus, medicine has become monopolized by an exclusive cartel. Current government intervention is already the problem with our expensive medical care, so the fix could not possibly involve even more bureaucracy.

Costs could easily be lowered by allowing real competition, and by employing methodologies that are statistically proven to actually work. Failed allopathic methodologies are instead protected for generations with governmental, regulatory police powers. These methods are the "approved" methods, and It's one big happy, money-making, murderous cartel that never cured anyone. The great majority of our current 'medicine' is designed to perpetuate chronic disease, not cure it.

Take as an example, has your orthodox doctor cured any disease, ever?  Can he give you just one name?  We dare you to ask. Ask him if he would ever use chemotherapy on his own family, and watch the sweat bead on his forehead. (Curing disease is a routine thing for people like us. It's usually cheap, and without any risks.)  Unfortunately for caring American doctors, and the rest of us Americans, curing disease in the U.S. is literally forbidden by law, because disease cures are always refused by the F.D.A at the behest of their pharmaceutical partners. We challenge our readers to find an F.D.A.-approved cure for anything except the most minor conditions. Things are designed to be this way, because curing means freeing people from the system, and losing life-long customers. Just follow that money trail back to the pool of blood. The free market does not even enter the equation, except to the degree it is actively suppressed.

Is the solution really to funnel even more money to the fat cats, with mandatory taxations?  That'll teach 'em!  American citizens should realize that their system is expensive and ineffective by design, because being broken is the most profitable mode for officially licensed drug dealers. Healthy patients are not profitable, and the most profitable consumers are the ones who are prognosed with incurable, life-long diseases. These prognoses become self-fulfilling prophesies for most victims, who will never escape the artificial drug addictions.

It is not really the free market that is causing any of this. It is from the corruption that reaches to the highest levels; amongst those who work tirelessly to ensure that there never will be any free market in healthcare. For the establishment, full governmental control means full governmental protection from all competition, so socialized healthcare is a home-run for our pharmaceutical opponents, and they tricked many of us into helping them in implementing it.

Alternative medicine is a threat to the mainstream establishment because it cures diseases. It also reduces costs for individuals, and the nation as a whole. If the best alternatives were honestly researched, and incorporated into modern medicine, then it would quickly crumble to dust. Quite a few medical professionals would probably get lynched too, when the public finally realized what the establishment has been perpetuating against it for generations. Individuals would begin to realize how much control they have always had over their own health, and they would become free. While that would be ideal for individuals, and America as a whole, it would leave the pharmaceutical and health insurance companies struggling. With the exemption of emergency care, the current medical establishment is designed to do nothing except make huge profits. It needs to be completely revamped, and that cannot be done right with a governmental take-over, because it is the government that has been helping them do this to us all along.

People do need to look over to examples of socialized health care, such as England, to see what is coming if we follow suit. For the Brits, decisions based upon eugenics is only a step away.