PLU Chart for Produce

American readers should print this chart, and always take it with them when they go grocery shopping.  When Americans buy fruits and vegetables individually, there is usually a small sticker on them.  This sticker will include a 'PLU' number.  The first digit in that number is significant.

The Meaning Of The PLU First Digit On Fresh Produce

8 The product is genetically modified, and almost any chemical may have been used on it. It is a verified Frankenfood. Please boycott all companies producing and distributing it.
3 The product is likely genetically modified, and almost any chemical may have been used on it, at any time. The genetic heritage is unknown or not disclosed.
4 The product was grown with synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides.
9 This is organic. It is the highest quality produce, most nutritious, most natural, and the most safe.





Linda Jodko Stewart
# plu chart for all produce itemsLinda Jodko Stewart 2012-03-09 00:34
in my store we have alot of seasonal foreign help.being able to seee what fruits and vegetables are will greatly improve customer service

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