"In your hypothyroid article, you stated to stay away from non-stick cookware... is that just Teflon, or does that include ceramic coated, etc too? Please give as much detail as possible!!

We were referring specifically to Teflon products when we wrote about avoiding non-stick cookware. In theory, ceramic cookware ought to be safe, if it was made without toxic chemicals, glues, or metals infused into it. However, since there are so many risk factors in manufacturing it, we generally avoid it, and we recommend that others do the same. You can be certain that the ceramic has glues and metals infused into it if it was manufactured in China; along with it being colored by a lead or cadmium-based paint. The Chinese have earned themselves an enduring reputation. We really should be boycotting all of the companies which sold us out to the Chinese. They have callously aided the Chinese efforts to poison our families. Instead of enriching these people, we, as a society, ought to be charging them with treason. Anyway, the best non-stick cookware is old-fashioned cast iron, because iron is actually good for us. Such pans are often made in the United States or other reputable countries. Of course, there is no requirement to use non-stick cookware, since there are healthy oils and butter to prevent sticking. The lack of such healthy (saturated) fats is playing a huge role in our dropping life expectancy. These are the fats which doctors have been warning us to avoid for decades. However, natural, saturated fats are ironically critical to heart and cardiovascular health, amongst many other things. To summarize, grandmother knew best.

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