"Hello, First of all, thank you so much for all your hard work. I very much appreciate all you do. My question is regarding bone broth. I make chicken or beef broth very often for my family from organic chicken bones. I have recently been told by a few people that bone broth is very toxic because of the lead that is released from the bones. I started researching it and there are many articles that state the same. This has come a bit of a shock to me as I thought I was doing such an amazing thing for my family but turns out that I can be actually harming my children! Please let me know what your thoughts are on this topic. Thanks so much again and God Bless You."

Bone broth is not something that we would ever consume, but we do not have a compelling reason to discourage you from consuming it. One rule that we have found, which applies without exception, is that whenever you find someone warning about the dangers of eating organic foods, then you can know that you have found an incredibly untrustworthy source of information overall. The lie that you have heard got its origin from an extremely flawed study. Each study that tried to replicate it has returned the opposite results. Namely that organic bone broth does not pose a heavy metal exposure risk. You can read a rebuttal to the study at the Weston Price Foundation, which is a fairly trustworthy source of information. It is one of the few peer organizations that we still have some respect for. We have the utmost respect for the late Dr. Weston Price, although we categorically dispute his recommendation to eat organs.

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