"Hello, I was wondering what is the truth about Kengen water, alkalinized water. It looks to have a lot of natural practitioner's back up, but at almost 5k price per machine it's quite a hard buy for normal people. Plus, how can this small machine clean up all the bad stuff from your tap water, really? May be I am missing something? I thought (with not much knowledge) natural source spring water was supposed to be best for our bodies. Thank you."

Many years ago, when we were young and green, we promoted the use of alkalized water. Then one day, when we were a little bit older and wiser, we made the realization that alkalized water is just man's attempt to replicate spring water. We realized how stupid it was to expend all of that effort and money to make an inferior imitation of something that God freely gives to us. Our former naïvety is why we don't talk about the subject much. We have attempted to move on and pretend like it never happened.

The minerals in spring water tend to keep it alkaline and act as pH buffers. Of course, there is the obvious benefit too, which is that spring water contains minerals that are good for us. Sellers like to talk about how the alkalized water has a higher affinity to oxygen and contains more oxygen. However, they do not mention that spring water has the same property, because it is naturally slightly alkaline. The extremely alkaline water that is man-made may actually cause pH problems in the body in an unexpected way. What can happen is that highly alkaline water can neutralize the stomach acid somewhat. To compensate for this, the human body will leach minerals from other parts of the body to recreate the stomach acid, which has the effect of making the rest of the body more acidic. This is a common problem for people who take antacids regularly. An acidic body pH then leads to acidosis and dozens of serious health problems.

We use a Berkey water filter, which filters out the chemicals, but leaves the naturally-occurring minerals behind. So, the result is essentially spring water that has been extracted from tap water. Our strong advice is to beware whenever you hear claims that someone has been able to make something healthier than it is in nature.

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