"What is your opinion of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?"

We have a very negative opinion of this topic, and we cannot imagine that we would ever recommend this therapy to anyone. It is so irresponsible that Suzanne Somers, and whichever ghostwriters might have actually written her books, ought to be flogged to death. These pharmaceuticals are not truly human hormones, because all of them are refined inside chemical factories, and they simply are not identical to anything that exists in the natural world. It would be bad enough if the pharmaceutical companies were merely making us into their guinea pigs, but their synthetic hormones have had consequences that have been documented for decades. The synthetic hormones were modified just enough so that they could be re-marketed under differing names, and they are now known as "bio-identical hormones". Imagine if a chemical company decided to start selling us DDT as a better pest repellent, and they just added an extra ingredient, so that it could be silently re-branded as "TLC". This analogy basically summarizes the history of 'bio-identical hormones'. It could technically be argued that they are not even hormones at all. We have noticed that whenever the pharmaceutical companies re-release their products in this manner, that safety and effectiveness are never the reason. They do it whenever their drug patents expire.

We posted a brief, but thought-provoking report about bio-identical hormones, from William Kay, M.D. You may wish to listen to episode 23 of our audio reports, which features Dr. Kay.

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