"In your herpes article you said that 2000 mg of lysine long term can be harmful (unbalanced) How long would that be? Rath/Pauling protocol for reversing atherosclerosis calls for high doses of vit c, lysine 7500mg and proline for 3 to 6 months based on one companies program. What are the risks?"

Any supplement is harmful to the body if it is consumed in large amounts for an extended period. This is especially the case for amino acids. Linus Pauling was brilliant, but he was almost equally reckless. At one point, he was experimenting on himself with 75 grams of vitamin C each day, which could have caused liver or kidney failure. Some of his research is priceless, but he is not to be worshiped. All of our protocols begin with the principle of "First do no harm". It is important to consider that the success of a cardiovascular therapy is irrelevant if major organs are damaged in the process.

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