"My baby is 14 months and I noticed one of his teeth is whiter than others. I looked closer and it has some decays closer to the gums. Is there anything that I can do to stop and heal the decays? He has never been to a dentist before."

Strange tooth discolorations combined with cavities are almost always caused by chemical exposure (including pharmaceuticals), and it is fluoride in most cases. Sometimes the white spots merely look white because they do not share the same discoloration that the rest of the tooth has, creating an illusion of extra whiteness in a spot. You should probably discontinue whatever drug he has been given, or evaluate his foods. Fluorosis is the name for fluoride-induced tooth damage. If the child is saturated with fluoride, then he will be at a high risk of having problems with his pineal gland and thyroid for the rest of his life. There's also the elevated risk of cancer and heart disease. The sooner that you can get fluoride removed, the better the chance of him living a healthy life. You may be able to neutralize some of the fluoride by regularly supplementing with iodine. If you decide to use iodine, then reference our article about the topic, because using it improperly can cause severe health problems. Never supplement with iodine orally, unless it is naturally occurring in a food. Fluoride exposure could have happened before the child was born, especially if you were taking an antidepressant or hyperthyroid medication. Another hidden source of fluoride is pesticide exposure. Most modern infant health issues would be eradicated if women would simply breastfeed their children, but healthy breastfeeding means that the mother must have a healthy diet herself, so this excludes vegetarians. Reference our How to Cure Cavities article about healing tooth damage, and our candida article for advice on how to avoid unnatural sugars and processed carbohydrates.

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