"Hi I'm sure you have seen my numerous questions coming across your email, but hey you say "ask away" so here goes another. Been working on making some alternative breads, found a company that sold a book called" better breads". One thing in it was ground flaxseed and of course I had to question this as you speak about heating flaxseed being rancid. Now I did ask the company about there thoughts on flaxseed and this is what I got. http://www.wellnessbakeries.com/baking-with-flaxseed/. I found this rather interesting and it made me think, did you guys mean that the oil can go rancid but not the actual flax seed itself in baking as they point out? Sorry to get nitpicky ( if that's even a word) but I take your information and spread it to lots of people and want to make sure I'm do my best possible for my own family."

It is the oil that makes flax healthy or dangerous. The nutrition comes from the oil, and damaged oil makes flax a carcinogen. They are doing what all of these companies do. They lie. Flax seeds should not heated, and even breaking the shells for processing is bad, for they must be consumed immediately to be safe health-wise. Just exposure to oxygen and light is enough to make opened flax bad. Therefore, an old-fashioned wheat bread is actually healthier than any flax-based bread, and this includes even those that are made with chlorine-bleached flours. Our recommendation is to boycott the dishonest companies and do business with more ethical companies.

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