"Just recently have been experimenting with different toothpastes for my husbands gum issues. Found one from Thailand. It has white clay, calcium salts and this natural substance called borneol in it. I have gotten some conflicting info on the borneol being that it's natural plant based cleansing agent I thought it would be fine. After some other findings it is more related to a skin, eye and respiratory irritant. Now the good old FDA of course Does not approve it. I guess I need your expert opinion, on this toothpaste powder. Is this another one of those things that can be helpful and of course our government surely would not agree with that!"

We are not going to waste time researching the plant, since brushing with dirt (e.g. clay) is an inherently bad idea. You would never use sandpaper on your teeth, and there is not much difference. Even if the toothpaste works to improve gum health, it is not worth the trade-off of destroying the enamel. We realize that brushing with clay and other forms of dirt have become popular in the alternative health community, but that does not make it any less foolish. You can help to repair enamel damage that has already been done by incorporating lots of real butter into the diet.

Severe gum problems are usually caused either by candida, which lives in the mouth too, or by kidney impairment. In most of the cases that we have seen, the cause is kidney impairment, because our audience tends to go crazy with the supplements, especially the dangerous ones that we recommend against. You can treat the symptom by gargling with chlorophyll and hydrogen peroxide, but not at the same time. We discuss the issues surrounding kidney impairment in our diabetes and heart disease articles. If we are right about the kidneys, then it puts him at an increased risk of developing these diseases. If it is candida, then there will be lots of allergy and immune system issues, and he is at an elevated risk of eventually developing cancer.

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