"Thanks so much for telling it like it is! You've opened my eyes to so much, I have turned a lot of people onto this site especially your cancer documentary. I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Would you be so kind as to let me know if any of the following essential oils are estrogenic causing: Lavender, Balsam Fir, Clove, Thieves, Peppermint, Coriander, Frankincense, Lemon. I've just started using therapeutic grade and learning my way around. Also I am trying to learn about Whey Protein. I am scared to use it as it looks to have soy in it. Wild Yams is another confusing point for me..."

There is no evidence that essential oils provide any health benefits over those which are psychosomatic. Normal foods, such as lemons, should not be avoided out of a fear of their chemical breakdown (such as their estrogenicity). Eating a healthy, natural, balanced diet is the key to correcting our diseased society, and the biotech industry is hardly a trustworthy source for health information. Perhaps a diet consisting of only a concentrated lemon extract would harmfully produce the predicted consequence, and this might therefore seem to lend a slight credibility to their science, but the science is ridiculous from the get-go. Only with man's tampering do these things even happen. For example, we could take concentrated orange oil (used industrially as a cleanser) and prove that it is fatal by forcing someone to drink it. From the result, we could conclude that oranges are poisonous, and that vitamin C is poisonous, since it exists in oranges. Perhaps you will someday come to be as underwhelmed by the 'science' as we are. Apples could equally be transformed into something deadly too, if we chemically extracted the cyanide from the seeds and then concentrated it. That same cyanide is naturally bound inside of vitamin B-17, and it is completely harmless in this naturally-occurring form. In fact, vitamin B-17 is the single most anti-cancer substance ever discovered. It is why the F.D.A. forbade the existence of bitter almond trees in the U.S. and undertook a smear campaign against the trees, for the almonds were reliably curing cancers with very few adverse effects.

Whey protein is usually a bad idea. Even in those rare cases wherein it is not mixed with any toxic additives, we remain concerned about its manufacturing process. It has to be chemically altered to be made into a worthwhile source of protein. If you really need a source of protein, then meats and hemp protein are much better choices, and they both provide a plethora of other nutritional benefits. Satisfying your nutritional needs through your diet is always the best choice, and avoiding meats has serious consequences.

Our research has shown no indication that wild yam is cancer-causing. In fact, it may actually be helpful whenever cancers are worsened by hormonal irregularities, which is fairly normal. There is still much debate as to whether it improves or decreases fertility, but it is never dangerous. It is primarily used by women to improve their menstrual cycles, and it is very effective for this.

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