"I have four dogs and I like to keep them healthy. Can I use cayenne pepper to treat them for parasites? Also for other things as well? I try to stay out of vets. They are on grain free dog food such as CALL OF THE WILD. Also, what do you think of the raw food diet for dogs? This may be one of the questions not worth answering but to me my dogs are important. Thank You for your help. I just discovered your site and I really like it. I will continue to use it. Thanks again?"

The best parasite cleanse for dogs is diatomaceous earth. We have an article about this which provides ideal dosages for pets. We use diatomaceous earth periodically for our dog. We are not sure if you would be able to get a dog to eat cayenne, but it is not the best choice, in any case.

Grain-free dog food is superior, especially if you can confirm that it is not from China or irradiated. Raw foods should be avoided. If you were referring to raw meats, they increase the risk of parasites, and expose your dogs to the unnecessary risks of various diseases. Furthermore, feeding animals raw meats is known to increase aggression. It really is idiotic to train a domestic dog to crave the taste of blood. A dog's natural diet is predominately protein, with very little vegetation, so raw vegetables would not really benefit a dog.

The basic rules for keeping a dog healthy are the same as those for a human. They consist of a good diet, exercise, plenty of rest, good hygiene, shelter from weather extremes, and emotional happiness. As with humans, the secret rule is that there are no secret rules.

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