"Hi, I was diagnosed with pancreatitis 7 days ago. I went to the emergency and then hospitalized for 7 days. The doctors thought I had gallstone, but I don't. I have a cyst in my left ovary, small bumps on my neck that was removed for biopsy; I did take pain medication 3 times while staying in the hospital. So, I am back home doing my natural medicine, but I am afraid of doing so because my doctor advised me about my condition saying that it is very serious and I should be hospitalized. I would like your help and advice about this. thanks."

They'll use your half-hearted dabbling with alternative medicine as proof that it does not work, and they'll claim that their "real medicine" was less effective because of it. We've been doing this long enough to predict exactly how it will play out. We know that somebody is wasting our time whenever we see a phrase like "my doctor says", followed by a demonstrated fear of natural medicine. Let us know if you decide who to believe, and if you decide before it's too late.

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