We discuss the many ways the Chinese are poisoning us, and how it can no longer be realistically considered accidental or coincidental. We talked about why breast feeding is really the only humane option for infants, and the long-term repercussions of buying the chemical infant formulas that are found in typical retailers. Mentioned are the new recalls for drugs and hygiene products that come from China, and that many are laced with heavy metals. Generic drugs are even less safe and less tested than brand-name drugs. We discuss vaccine refusal "consent forms" being given out by pediatricians that take away parental rights, and that are designed to trick parents into claiming that they are unfit. We discuss how to refuse "mandatory" vaccines and not get into trouble. We talk about the insanity of the new prostate cancer vaccine. What immunosuppressants are and what they really do, and how they are in most of the pharmaceuticals to produce addictions, long term illnesses, and deceptive medicine. The scams of the cure foundations which claim to be seeking the cures for diseases. The sad tale of how they continue to deceive Michael J. Fox, how they will make certain that he is never cured, and how he got Parkinson's disease from aspartame inside Diet Pepsi.


Time: 00:47:30   Size: 26 M.B.