We discuss how Greece's socialized medical system is cutting off limbs to cut costs, states are linking prescription databases in spite of privacy violations, the paradoxical relationship between doctor strikes and decreased death rates, and how formaldehyde is being used to straighten hair. We also talk about how Walgreen's is offering vaccination gift cards, the regular flu shot now contains H1N1, how doctors are afraid to take their own medicine, and an amazing case of medicine in which fatty acid therapy can actually make a chopped-off fingertip grow back. We analyze the current era of marketing to children, the way that radiation is now glorified to youngsters, how power is seen as an end unto itself, and the subliminal messages embedded into cartoons. We expose the F.D.A.'s pro-poisoning agenda with their approval of the botulism toxin, and their simultaneous attack on chelation therapies that cure autism. We warn of the high levels of lead and cadmium in children's jewelry, in large part because cadmium is currently unregulated. Finally, we explain how people can cure ulcers permanently with cabbage juice, a fact that was proven 60 years ago, but it has been institutionally suppressed.


Time: 01:09:35   Size: 25 M.B.