In this report we discuss how people should not blindly trust anyone in the alternative or mainstream medical establishment. We talk about other leaders, along with how they frequently mislead to sell products. We expose the true origin of snake oil, and the historical ignorance held by modern doctors. We provide examples of modern medicine's inability to connect cause and effect relationships (use science), and explain why life expectancies had risen until recently. We tell our audience how they can avoid kidney stones, whilst warning it about the risks of excessive vitamin D supplementation and how it may cause milia. We describe the differences between the omega-3 provided by flax seed oil, and that which is provided by fish oil. We also talk about grass-fed organic beef, and about the fact that most beef is so old that it is actually greenish prior to chemical recolorization. We critique homeopathic medicine and draw connections between it and current orthodox medical practices. We warn people, particularly pet owners, about irradiation, and its current use in foods. We inform people about the deceptive metal bottles that are being sold by Whole Foods Market, and we strongly advise people against the use of guar gum as a dieting aid. We also talk about night terrors, and their link to both autism and vaccines.


Time: 01:30:09   Size: 43 M.B.