The Health Wyze detectives interview Bruce Levine, a psychologist, author, and social critic who challenges modern mental health treatments. Bruce is author of, "Get Up, Stand Up", "Surviving America's Depression Epidemic - How to find Morale, Energy and Community in a World Gone Crazy", and "Commonsense Rebellion". We discuss Bruce's insights into psychiatry, as well as its authoritarian nature. We discuss the brokenness of mental health treatments, including the use of primitive and dehumanizing behavior modification techniques. We discuss the willingness of mental health professionals to pathologize healthy rebellion. The discussion includes how modern psychiatry is utilized to pacify society, as an instrument of social control. Bruce tells us about the inherently authoritarian nature of most psychiatrists, which is only exposed in private settings, and how large numbers of potentially great therapists abandoned college, due to the scientific corruption. He explains how liberals and conservatives are two sides of the same coin, because they both see psychological treatments as a means to "fix" people who are not actually broken. We likewise discuss how it is those who have no informed consent, such as the elderly in nursing homes and children, who are the most likely to get drugged with psychiatric medications. We talk about the overall pattern of drugging children who show leadership and creativity; to pigeonhole the best potential leaders into a state of lackluster compliance. Bruce mentions the marketing of drugs to fix disorders that formerly did not exist, until a disorder was needed to sell the drugs, and drugging to stop normal behaviors, such as shyness. We discuss the proven dangers of these drugs, including how they increase impulsivity enough to double the rates of suicides and violence. Thomas shares his personal experiences as a "Ritalin kid" of the 1980's, and talks about the drug dependency that occurred. We also contrast psychiatry against allopathic medicine and explain how there is never any effort to cure disease; but instead, the agenda is to create repeat customers, who are forever dependent. Many, perhaps most patients, were never really sick prior to being "helped".


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