This interview is for anyone who wants to know us better, find out what kind of people we are, what we do, and why we do it. We were interviewed by Kjelene (pronounced Shalene) Bertrand of Neothink Radio Network. We talk about what our childhood dreams were, how we started, and our history as a health publication. We discuss medicine before it was taken over by allopathy, and how cannabis (marijuana) was once regularly used as a mainstream medicine. We also expose the hidden pharmaceutical history of all illegal drugs, as well as the concealment of cancer cures by the medical industry. We discuss Health Wyze Media's official "no fear" policy, the threats that we have received, and how most health experts are too paralyzed by fear or too corrupt to be of any use to their audiences. We talk about standard disclaimers, what they really mean, and why we refuse to use one. We advise people about how the mainstream media is completely controlled by its sponsors. We also discuss Kjelene's hope for an eventual cure for aging, and how most people are aging faster than is natural. We also talk about how doctors have very limited options, due to governmental control. We conclude with our hopes for the future.


Time: 00:37:59   Size: 16 M.B.