We talk about how sociopathology and sociopathic hiring practices are leading to America's demise. We explain what sociopaths are, and include our personal anecdotes about sociopathology. We contrast the differences between leadership and manipulation, and we discuss when the pop psychology of emotional intelligence tainted business ethics, and the inevitable economic destruction. We expose the dark implications of the new emotional intelligence craze in business. We explain how the cycle parallels that of abusive relationships, and how the downfall of modern corporations is similar to the break-up of dysfunction families. We talk about how the science of psychology has been perverted, and how this compares to mainstream medicine. We discuss how the lack of Christian principles in modern business is leading to America's decline, and how the capitalistic society that made America great is imploding without the moral glue that once kept its managers in check. We discuss hCG diet products that are being sold without any hCG, and the new "Shape Ups" shoes that hurt people instead of helping their health. We revisit the scam of homeopathic medicine, and enlighten people about one aspect that was previously unmentioned. We warn people about over-supplementation, how excess can lead to kidney stress, and advise listeners about what to do if it happens. We expose gyms and health clubs for their frequent use of dangerous air fresheners, as well as equipment that is designed to ensure that their customers have weakened backs, for the benefit of lawyers at the expense of patrons.


Time: 00:58:01   Size: 28 M.B.