We discuss the uselessness of Brita water filters. We explain how juice manufacturers are using deceptive labeling to conceal their juices' countries of origin, and more tricks from China that are intended to poison us. We also discuss the new occurrence of cadmium in children's toys from China, the lack of regulations concerning them, and the new "stamina boosters" that are being sold by the Chinese. We warn about toothpastes that contain antibiotics, and the dangers of antibacterial soap. We discuss remineralizing teeth and curing cavities naturally. We talk about the disastrous effects of vegetarianism upon dental health, and the role of sugars and carbohydrates on overall health. We report about the messages that we commonly receive from people who have been harmed by bad naturopathic medicine, the fraud of "natural hygiene", and the problems of misplaced faith. We catalog a case history whereby naturopathic doctor Kenneth O' Neal killed two of his patients on the same day. We warn about the dangers of ocean plasma (otherwise known as Quinton Plasma), which was originally promoted by René Quinton, and is now being marketed and used by rogue naturopaths. It is actually sea water that is being injected into people, and in many cases, it kills them through suffocation and heart attacks. We discuss Kellogg's use of genetically modified sugar, mention some superior companies, explain how children's products are not allowed to be honestly labeled, and we report about why truthful labeling is prohibited by the F.D.A. We advise listeners about the safest cookware, and especially warn about cookware coming from China. We talk about the need for resveratrol, especially in men, and then explain how people can detect the signs of dehydration. We report about substandard green tea at regular grocery stores, and report which types are best. Finally, we warn listeners about the rarely known dangers of aluminum foil, and explain how to identify aluminum when it is deceptively listed in ingredient labels.


Time: 01:07:11   Size: 32 M.B.