We discuss a new initiative called "positive discipline", which is being mandated in daycare centers throughout the U.S. This psychological experiment trains children to be manipulative sociopaths. Its proponents boast that children are taught to ignore the suffering of others, and to ignore troubled peers. Its pseudoscience claims that traditional discipline permanently reduces children's intelligence, and that successful people have always been those who have had sociopathic traits. This governmentally-sponsored program actually discourages child care professionals from using phrases like "good" and "bad", because moral lessons are purported to be judgmental; and thereby that morality itself is undesirable. Through this program, daycare children are literally being trained to become evil adults, by evil adults who are willing to go along with the program. We discuss the connections between heart disease, routine snoring, sleep apnea, and how the medical establishment confuses the relationship. We talk about how some people are deceived into eating mushrooms to fight cancers, and how modern brown sugar is even more unhealthy than bleached white sugar. We list the names which monosodium glutamate (MSG) is often hidden under, and explain how deceptive the word "natural" is concerning food labeling. We explain how MSG plays a huge factor in fatal heart attacks amongst otherwise healthy young people. We expose Dr. Stanilaw Burzynski, a Polish doctor who practices in America. He is an oncologist (cancer doctor) who has been embraced by some proponents of alternative medicine. We explain Burzynski's false credentials, his fraudulent medicine, and how the F.D.A.'s half-hearted lawsuits against him are merely a ruse to bolster the Burzynski therapy among alternative practitioners. We explain how this 'alternative' doctor prescribes chemotherapy drugs; sometimes without ever informing his alternative-seeking patients. We explain that Burzynski's antineoplaston therapy is actually urine therapy. We factually refute his claims that his treatments don't cause serious side-effects. Then we explain how he has emulated the tactics of Dr. John Brinkley, who was a well-established quack and con-artist during the 1930's.


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