In this audio show, we discuss the aftermath of a vitamin being improved by a pharmaceutical company. We expose most of the survivalist food packages for being fraudulent, and in particular, we warn about EFoods Direct. We discuss the importance of proteins in a true survival situation. We talk about how pet foods often contain vegetables and grains, and we warn pet owners about irradiated pet treats. We talk about how U.S. media companies have been attacked by the Chinese Government, and what the U.S. Government is really doing behind the scenes. We discuss the new scam of krill oil products for omega-3 supplementation, and how they are being shamelessly advocated by Dr. Joseph Mercola. We warn listeners about shellfish, and we explain why flax seed oil is the only safe way to obtain omega supplementation. We talk about how Johanna Budwig's research proved that rancid oils prevent the cells from adequately getting oxygen, which includes most omega supplements. We discuss the upcoming U.S. socialized health care system and its sneak provision that is designed to eliminate private insurance companies.


Time: 01:06:27   Size: 32 M.B.