In this audio report, we expose the true cause of shaken baby syndrome, and discuss the immorality of doctors who blame parents for infant deaths to avoid being held liable. We talk about efforts to criminalize parents in shaken baby syndrome court cases, and coerced confessions. We talk about how attempts to help smokers are vilified. We warn that tobacco is grown using radioactive fertilizers, and the smoke that is inhaled is subsequently radioactive. We talk about how the fertilizer that is used for conventional produce is also radioactive, and soils are expected to be tainted for millions of years. We chastise the militant feminists who have been rewriting important documents and history for political correctness, and discuss how the educational system is eroding at our moral values. We talk about our frustrations with the people who have been misled by new-age spiritualism, and how modern "spirituality" is about leading people away from God. We explain that Alcoholics Anonymous has become almost useless because of its pandering to political correctness, and subsequent removal of faith. We mention that we believe Dr. Andrew Weil to be an immoral con-man, and his "integrative" medicine is designed to lure people who are interested in alternatives back into mainstream medicine. We expose how he encourages antibiotics, radiation, and mercury dental fillings. We discuss the ethical problems with naturopathic doctors, especially those who sell products that they prescribe. We warn against radiation devices, such as Rife machines, and explain that they can only cause harm. We talk about how mainstream doctors are brainwashed and held as prisoners of the system, with almost no control of how they treat diseases. We provide the shocking truth about how everything that we have been taught about nutrition is wrong when fighting an illness.


Time: 01:05:31   Size: 30 M.B.