In this audio report, Thomas and Sarah discuss how hypnosis can help people to overcome psychological barriers. They catalog their very personal experiences with hypnosis, while detailing how the media's portrayal of it is inaccurate. Most people could benefit from a good hypnosis session, even those without serious emotional problems. Routine problems, such as anxiety and impatience, can be somewhat abated through hypnosis. The report explicitly explains how to perform hypnosis, and it was made with the intention of helping Health Wyze listeners to hypnotize their loved ones. People can accomplish in weeks through hypnosis what would otherwise take decades of standard therapy. Listeners are forewarned that this show contains some adult-only content regarding the childhood traumas that were experienced by co-host, Sarah. Those who wish to bypass the introduction and our usual banter may go directly to the hypnosis procedure by skipping to 20:15. By skipping to that point, you will also skip all of the adult material.


Time: 00:53:29   Size: 21 M.B.