This episode begins with a lively discussion about the interesting legal battles that we must face. As an example, we talk about an impending federal lawsuit from attorney Bruce Vetri (Bayport, New York), who is representing Lloyd Jenkins of the so-called "Budwig Center". The legal assault is being made in response to our whistle-blowing report about Jenkins' questionable treatment methodologies and the gross misrepresentations that are being made to his cancer patients. The genesis of the affair occurred 5 years ago, when his cancer patients began calling us to ask why their conditions were worsening. We talk about how we are learning what lawyers consider to be "ethics". We catalog, from the perspective of journalists, how an unscrupulous individual can be relentless in suppressing media exposure. It is an interesting tale involving entrapment attempts and evidence tampering. We even mention the difference between a "lie" and a "white lie", as it is understood by some lawyers. We read a letter from a reader that concerns the horrible state of things, and we respond to it with our best advice on how to make a difference in society. We talk about the disturbing and unreported history of Martin Luther, who is credited with founding the Protestant churches. More importantly, we expose how virtually every Protestant denomination is operating under a lie that is both destructive to individuals and exceedingly corrupting to churches as a whole, because of Martin Luther's influence. Most protestant listeners will be shocked to learn that Luther was not a moral pillar, as they were taught to believe. We talk about how parts of the Protestant Bible were suppressed by Martin Luther, and these chapters have now disappeared entirely in all Protestant Bibles, including the King James version. We discuss how Luther's false doctrine has sown apathy, cowardice, and indifference throughout society, which has led to all of our major predicaments. We especially cover the cowardice topic regarding the Church's unwillingness to hold the parasites of society accountable and its unwillingness to defend Christians. We talk specifically about how our basic rights and religious freedoms are being threatened by so-call "gay rights" groups, and how the Church is deathly silent as Christians are being forced to serve homosexual groups. We talk about how modern churches are driven by fear, which is the opposite of faith. We discuss the pathology of homosexuality in covering both its mental affects, and the physical diseases that accompany it. We talk about how a terrorism campaign in the 1970's by the Gay Liberation Front against the American Psychiatric Association got homosexuality redefined from being a mental illness into a healthy behavioral pattern. We tell all of the sordid history, including that 70% of psychiatrists who voted for the redefinition still considered homosexuality to be a severe mental illness when they were questioned anonymously. We discuss how homosexuals were the first to attack our work from when we had Naturally Good Magazine. They had become upset about the topic of accountability, from our suggestion that a homosexual lifestyle will always cause major immune system disruptions, even for people who have neither H.I.V. nor A.I.D.S. Homosexuals were also enraged that we had been critical of the mainstream drugs for A.I.D.S.; since we stated that the drugs are much more deadly than A.I.D.S. itself.


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