The "Pain Compliance" Device

The use of tasers has been on the news repeatedly over the last year, with videos involving police brutality, and the cover-ups for the electrocution deaths of taser victims.  The first taser death acknowledged by governmental officials occurred in June of 2005.  Contrary to popular belief, tasers are not non-lethal weapons.  As the U.S. Department of Justice correctly contended, tasers should be recategorized as "less-lethal weapons" instead of non-lethal weapons.  Most accurately; tasers should be categorized as torture devices, for this is their most common use.  Indeed, in law enforcement communities, tasers are sometimes referred to as "pain compliance" devices.

Tasers cause pain and mental confusion by overloading a victim's central nervous system, and therefore, they cause even passive victims to become aggressive, and thereby the target of even more tasing until the damage becomes crippling.  The internal burns, damage to the nervous system, and subsequent heart injuries are all invisible.  It is this invisibility of injuries which allows for the plausible deniability that the departments who issue these devices desire.  This is the real reason why tasers are still being issued to officers. The people making and marketing these terrible devices have always known the truth, and they really are that evil, as further reading shall prove.

The most common use of tasers in law-enforcement now is as a pain submission device.  Originally, tasers were not intended to be weapons for use when individuals did not comply with orders from officers, but rather as a less-lethal alternative to firearms in life-threatening situations only.

Richmond County's Special Police

On May 28th, 2008, sixteen-year-old Quayshaun Leak from North Carolina (USA) was tasered in his school merely for refusing to yield identification.  The subsequent electrocution attack upon him by a law-enforcement official not only risked his lifeBadge Image, but it was also a spine-tingling message about obedience for all of us, and it is a warning about what the future holds of a land where the law does not apply to them any more than it protects us.

Remarkably, utilizing tasers on students in Richmond County, North Carolina, is actually an official policy of the Richmond County School System, and this policy is listed in its official documents as: Special Police Policy #4201.  You see, the police whose job is to harass, intimidate, taser, and illegally search students are called the Special Police.  The aforementioned policy states that tasing students is a "reasonable use of force".  This speaks volumes about the system if it must use weapons and so-called "reasonable force" against children, and such child abuse is an official policy.

Leak was criminally charged with Disorderly Conduct by the Special Police involved.  After all, he was screaming loudly whilst being electrocuted, which qualified him as the one disturbing the students' peace.  They also charged him with assaulting an officer, and resisting arrest (since his arms were flailing during the electrocution).  (Wink)  Most of his assaulting and resisting took place during his spastic convulsions on the ground.

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

U.S. Bill of Rights - Amendment IV

In lieu of the ensuing cover-up, the Richmond County Daily Journal reported:

"Patti Almanza, Leak's [the victim's] cousin, filed two discrimination complaints Monday with the United States Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights on behalf of Leak.  The first complaint alleges Leak was 'brutally attacked' and that his mother was not allowed to view the video tape of the incident. The second claims Leak was denied the right to file charges against the arresting officer because the magistrate 'did not believe the child's version'."

Roger Holyfield

Meet young Roger Holyfield.  Roger is dead, and never saw his eighteenth birthday.  Phillip Burch, a medical examiner in Jerseyville, Illinois, officially reported that Roger's death in 2007 (at age 17) was the result of "excited delirium".  This condition is not listed in any medical literature, and was apparently created specifically to explain Roger's death to the public.  Dr. Burch was willing to claim as a doctor, and as a representative of the state, that Roger Holyfield had died of being too emotionally excited, which then led to his fatal heart-attack.  The fact that Roger had been electrocuted with 50,000 volts was conveniently presented as being merely coincidental by the doctor, and incredibly, he furthermore claimed that he found no indications of trauma.  His no trauma diagnosis is especially damning when considering that taser guns emit 50,000 volts of electricity into the body by internal "probes" (meat hooks) that bury themselves deep into flesh, and that electric chairs used for executions use only 2,000 volts, which is applied externally.  The depths of corruption in Jerseyville are beyond belief, but it is not only Jerseyville with these problems.

Roger's crime was that he was carrying a Bible and talking about Jesus.  He was to be baptized on the following day.  To Jerseyville police officer Todd Witt, Roger's behavior proved that he was delusional, and needed immediate intervention by law-enforcement, including electrocution torture until his heart was destroyed.


"Witnesses say officers then tasered the teen at least twice and repeatedly punched him... Jerseyville Police admit that a teenager had already been handcuffed when he was tasered twice by two police officers... Police say although he was handcuffed, teen who was tasered and died was still a threat."

Starvation and Electro-Shock For Disabled Children

ABC News reported the abuse at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Canton, Massachusetts:

"A special education school where two emotionally disturbed students were wrongly given dozens of shocks after a prank call, will be allowed to use electric shock treatments on students for another year.

"But the state's Office of Health and Human Services said the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center must prove it uses shock treatments only for the most dangerous and self-destructive behaviors, and also show that the treatments reduce those behaviors.

"On Aug. 26, someone posing as a supervisor called in shock treatments on two students, aged 16 and 19.  The teens were awakened in the middle of the night and given the shock treatments, at times while their legs and arms were bound.  One teen received 77 shocks and the other received 29.  One was treated for two first-degree burns."

The San Diego Union-Tribune wrote about the same center in lieu of the San Diego School District's offloading of one of its special needs children to it.

"The center has 220 students, most of them from New York and Massachusetts public schools.  With parent permission and court supervision [for orphans], some students wear remotely activated shock devices that send painful sensations through the skin.  When they misbehave, students get shocked with varying levels of intensity for up to two seconds.  The Rotenberg Center, which is licensed by Massachusetts agencies, also withholds food....

"Last year, investigators from the New York State Department of Education who visited the school issued a scathing report alleging excessive and improper use of shock treatment at the Rotenberg Center.  According to the report, shock devices were used for 'behaviors that are not aggressive, health dangerous or destructive, such as nagging, swearing or failing to maintain a neat appearance'.  Students also were required to wear the devices during showers and baths, raising concerns of electrocution, according to the report."

Gordon Randall Jones

"In July 2002, an Orange County [Florida] deputy shocked Gordon Randall Jones with a Taser 14 times in four minutes on the day the 37-year-old Orlando man died.  Jones had taken cocaine that day and was acting strangely when deputies came to remove him from a hotel where he was a paid guest.  But Jones had not been violent and was not being arrested for a crime when the Taser darts hit him in the back, crumbling him to the floor.

"A lobby surveillance tape shows Jones lying, sometimes still, sometimes writhing, while a circle of deputies stands near him, some with arms folded, waiting for him to follow orders to put his hands behind his back.

"Eventually, deputies discussed another plan to gain control over Jones, who had bloody drool frothing from his mouth.  By then, observers in the lobby had begged deputies to stop shocking him.  One woman had fled from the smell of burning flesh.

"According to depositions, deputies didn't tell paramedics about the repeated taser shocks as they loaded Jones face-down into an ambulance.  He died on the way to a hospital.

"The Orange County deputy chief medical examiner found Jones suffocated, with taser shocks and cocaine intoxication contributing.

"The taser shocks, Dr. William Anderson said, interfered with the muscles Jones needed to breathe, making him already short of breath when he was eventually handcuffed lying on his chest."

-- Antigone Barton of the Palm Beach Post


Does anyone believe the part about cocaine, or that the paramedics saw no need to monitor the victim's breathing and pulse before he died in their emergency care?

The Clear Message

Badge ImageThere is a clear message being sent to students.  It is the message that any disobedience to governmental authorities could leave them in a horrific, and even life-threatening situation.  The government, and the police, were chartered to serve the people; but many of them nowadays have begun attempting to force the public into servitude.  There is no mystery as to why today's teenagers foster such a deep sense of rebellion and resentment.  Nobody appears to have the guts to stand up for them anymore, and all of their authority figures try to herd them like cattle.  Young people are being treated like animals, and raised like animals, so it is no surprise that many of them are devolving into animals.  It is to be expected.

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."

-- George Orwell

The orchestrators of the current state are traitors to both God and country, and ultimately, we will all pay a high price for what they have unleashed upon us.  Instead of addressing these issues, agents of the public school systems attempt to impose consistently expanding draconian regulations to control their rowdy students, and boldly advise parents to send their children to school-chosen doctors to receive chemical straight-jackets for Attention Deficit Disorder.  This is a disorder that many of those who have been diagnosed do not actually have.  It is no coincidence that the establishment claims that the kids suffering from A.D.D. are the rebellious (independent and free-thinking) ones, because these are the same kids they wish most to silence using the chemical tools at their disposal.  This also explains the statistically high correlation between children who are intellectually gifted with those who have A.D.D..  It all explains why all the smart kids with leadership suddenly began being diagnosed as mentally ill in the middle 1980's, and why they now seem to have no scruples in adulthood.  The school policies are no more about education than they are about health, but are instead they are completely about population control.

"You can't make socialists out of individualists. Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent."

-- John Dewey, Father of Modern Education

It is apparent that rebellion is not only justified, but it is actually a desirable thing: for what state would the kids be in now if they did obey everything that the state commanded?  Just how mindless would they really be?  Otherwise, when they reached full adulthood, would they stand up to fight for their freedoms?  Would they instead just lose their rights because the state told them to shut-up, sit-down, and have their papers ready for inspection?  Perhaps this is the problem with the state of affairs now.  Perhaps they were taught too well their lessons in blind obedience.

The Real Monsters

I hope people wake up and realize what this is doing to the youth before it is too late. When I read about the Richmond County taser incident, what appalled me was not just what actually happened; but the comments made in response to it.  Although, it is possible that many of the comments were from the police officers, who were attempting to temper public opinion, and perform damage control.  They included:

Harvey Potter wrote on Jun 2, 2008 11:01 PM:

"I say tase a few more of them, that will keep them unruly kids in check."

eric wrote on Jun 3, 2008 5:25 AM:

"I think the trouble maker got off easy. He should have been tased fully and then he might behave himself.  Evidently he didn't get the instructions correct from his parents to behave at school and in public.  What we have here is a failure to communicate"

In earlier times, (and better times) complaints about rowdy young people were as common as they are now, but never before was there the response that their rambunctiousness should be disciplined through electrocution torture devices.  Electrocution devices were saved for only the worst murders, and they were eventually considered too cruel and inhumane to be used in most states.  If this had been the response in previous times, then I can only imagine how ruthless society would be now, and I can foresee how ruthless it will become.

The people who were quoted above (and many more) who believe that the tasings were justified, and who praised the actions of the officers, are the very reasons why a police state is inevitable.  How will these people feel when they finally get exactly the type of society that they are asking for?  How will they react when they are on the receiving end of this type of justice?  Perhaps they will consider it as they are being kicking in the face.

Those who believe that 50,000 volts of electricity from a police officer should replace good parenting and mentoring should never have children.  In fact, there really should be no place in society for them.

Words From The Taser Makers

The use of tasers as a torture-till-compliance devices is repeatedly emphasized in the taser user manuals, which are provided to each law-enforcement officer who carries one.  When the cartridge (where the probes are armed) is removed, the taser is still usable by pressing it against a victim's body.  One of the the user manuals that I read phrases it rather interestingly:

"The drive-stun mode will not cause NMI and generally becomes primarily a pain compliance option.  The drive-stun works more effectively when aggressively applied to pressure points on nerve bundles.  This includes the brachial area, common peronial, mastoid, and pelvic triangle.  The TASER X26C must be actively depressed or aggressively driven into the nerve bundles in a 'drive-stun' manner to be effective in the drive-stun mode.

"If the probes are deployed, even at very close range, the user may be able to use drive-stun to another portion of the body that is farther away from the probes, thereby resulting in enhanced NMI effect."

The taser manual furthermore includes a message encouraging application of tasers to areas which would inflict the most severe and long-term injuries, as cited below (emphasis mine):

"WARNING: Use care when applying a drive-stun to the neck or pelvic triangle. These areas are sensitive to mechanical injury (such as crushing to the trachea or testicles if applied forcefully).  However, these areas have proven highly effective targets."

The Consequences

Tasers are not non-lethal weapons, but they are not as lethal as firearms.  They were initially made and marketed as devices to replace guns in life-threatening situations.  This is why society accepted them as a law-enforcement tool.  Tasers were never condoned by society as a pain compliance weapon for police to easily enforce their will upon us; at least not until very recently.  There are tremendous differences between the word tool, the word weapon, and the phrase "pain compliance device".  Those differences are very important.  Unfortunately, legislators who condone the use of tasers do not agree.  It amazes me that a weapon which sends 50,000 volts of electricity through a person's body has not been through rigorous testing.  It is still unknown which types of people are the most vulnerable, and who tasers are likely to kill.  The damage from tasers can be both permanent and invisible.  Tasers cook their victims internally in a similar fashion to microwaving them.  The painful consequences can last life-times.  Surgery is commonly required to remove their meat hooks (which the manufacturers politically refer to as "probes") because the "probes" have a tendency to burrow deep into muscle tissues, and even bones. The invisibility of taser injuries shields law-enforcement from accountability, and this is one of the main reasons why tasers have become so popular. As I write this, tasers are being used to torture the elderly, pregnant women, and six-year-old children. How many people will die from these weapons, and how many more will have it used on them as a pain compliance device before the public puts an end to it?