In the United States, we are one day away from an election that we believe could change the country. However, I am still left thinking 'why vote?'. My time in the BNP caused me to become enraged at people who would ask this same question. Back then, I believed that the votes of the people mattered, due to the democracy that we lived in. I am not as naive as I was then. In this country (U.S.A.), it is the votes of the Electoral College that actually count. The votes of citizens do not. In that respect, Britain is more free. All the same, the votes are terribly controlled in Britain too. I remember being at the count and seeing voting cards which were marked with two different parties, which were in opposition. (The British do not vote by candidate, but by party). Boxes arrived during the last ten minutes which voted solely for the Labor Party. Those boxes contained no non-Labor votes, and they changed the results of that election.

In this modern era, I have no doubt that the decision of who will become the next President was made long ago. This decision was not related to the will of the Electoral College, and it was definitely not dependent upon the wishes of the American people. Instead, the decision was made by a relatively small group of global elites.

Voting has been undermined in a great number of differing ways. Most notably, through the direct rigging of elections. This process has been made much easier through the use of electronic voting machines. They leave no tangible evidence requiring elimination with their easily altered computer data, and no accountability. I advise you to watch "Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections". Maryland and Virginia are now switching back to paper ballots, although it will be too late for this Presidential Election. While I do believe that technology is a great thing, but in this case, it is being used for evil. The companies that created these machines have been repeatedly proven to be unscrupulous. Their voting machines are why, for the first time in history, that the exit polls are practically always wrong. They were never wrong before these machines were implemented, and their margin of error was always less than 1%.

Some people value their votes, and for them; they should demand that the system be fixed to leave a verifiable paper trail of evidence in the very least.