I turned eighteen in October, so 2009 will be the first year that I will be given the chance to vote. As a British citizen living abroad, I could vote by mail; and supposedly, my opinion would matter. All the same, I feel obliged to point out why I will not be voting, for I can remember just how frustrating people like me were, from when I was involved in politics.

While my passport may still read "British Citizen", I do not live there, contribute to its economy, pay its taxes, nor hold any loyalty to the Queen, and I am unaffected by virtually every decision that is made by the British government, or the local councils. Ironically, I was paying taxes when I turned 16, even though I was not old enough to vote against them. I would not consider it unfair if any other Brit were to tell me that I have no right to vote. It is indeed no longer my right, regardless of what is written into law.

You see, citizenship has several layers. There is, of course, the legal basis that one must either be born of that country, or later be "naturalized" as a citizen. However, citizenship forms a large part of the identity for each of us, and it is not fitting to allow the law to define who we are. In my view, citizenship is also very dependent upon the loyalty of a person to that country. To be a citizen in this effect, is to hold the same moral and cultural values of that country, and to have an innate desire for its success.

This dual-layered citizenship was something that I became aware of, ironically, throughout my time in political campaigns. Throughout our campaigns against unchecked mass-immigration, we realized that there was much more to citizenship than a new passport. It became very apparent when we saw the so-called British citizens, who left Pakistan less than 5 years prior, with signs that advocated the downfall of our nation, and the influx of their new culture that was intended to abolish our faith. After all, if their culture and country were so much superior, then why would they have chosen to leave it permanently?

Even though I was born and raised in Britain until I turned 16, I hold a lot of hostility towards almost everything British (except some of its more noble history), to the extent that I do not consider myself a British citizen in the most important sense. I have always had problems with British authorities, since a very young age. I saw that in almost all cases, British authorities were not rightfully appointed. I saw (and still see) the monarchy as a system which is contrary to the goals of any nation which hopes to excel, and it is an establishment that inhibits natural progress. I have never understood why a people would hold loyalty to someone who did nothing to earn their respect, who was never elected into any position of legitimate authority, and who was often treacherous to her own people. Instead, Queen Elizabeth II was merely born of a bloodline which places her into the position of a slave master. This eugenically based evil still has a grasp over British society, but only because we have allowed it to. No people can be truly enslaved against their will for long.

The police in England have virtually no restrictions, and modern Britain truly is the living embodiment of George Orwell's famous "1984". Camera's are everywhere, alongside the new "community support officers", who are more commonly known as CSO's. They serve as the intimidation force for government, by handing out fines for litter dropping, riding bicycles on the sidewalks, or anything else that they deem as 'anti-social' behavior. They may, in fact, recreate the law at will. They immediately call for police backup whenever anyone questions their authority, so that the victim of the newly created crime may be promptly arrested.

No, I do not support dropping litter on the ground, but it is even less acceptable to have governmental thugs on the streets to watch every movement of law-abiding citizens. There is no reasonable equivalent to the U.S. Bill Of Rights in Britain, so any citizen can be searched by these CSO's without any 'probable cause'. The people of England have virtually no human rights.

These CSO's can earn £24,500 (~$50,000) each year, when statistically, it takes 6 of these CSO's to detect a single crime each year. They are useless in everything except reassuring the public that they are being watched, which is, in actuality, their real mission. Most galling is the fact that the British public is not rebelling, and they are not questioning this in mass. By way of the media's manipulation of society, and England's loss of its cultural identity, the British have become cowards. It is so lost that it has become socially unacceptable for a Brit to proclaim himself to be a Christian, and this new secular society appears to be hell-bent on its own self-destruction. When the British people lost their faith, they became demoralized from it, and they likewise lost their drive for self-preservation. Their new-age version of morality is reprehensible, to say the least.

The British do not have a right to bear arms, so only criminals are armed, while those who would try to defend themselves are forced to remain helpless. Criminals do not care about which laws are made, so British law only disarms those who would seek to defend themselves from criminals. Under British law, citizens can be imprisoned for defending themselves, even if they are brutally attacked inside their own homes. All self-defense is illegal, including unarmed self-defense.

Regardless, there is still no mass revolt. I am, of course generalizing; and I am sure that there are some Brits who do not fit into the category of cowards, but I am equally certain that Britain is not the place that it once was. It is not a safe place to live, and as a nation, it is lacking any real character which is noteworthy.

Some people would encourage me to vote, in order to change these problems, which I have outlined. In truth, these problems only exist because the public allows them to. If the public did revolt against these laws, then these laws would quickly be negated for the purpose of keeping the public at bay. There are not enough police and soldiers to keep the public silent if the citizens were to begin rebelling. As said earlier, no people is ever truly enslaved against its will. It would be inappropriate for me to vote, because I am now unaffected by the decisions that are made. Furthermore, my opinions appear contrary to the desires of the masses, who would rather live as animals cowering in fear, than stand up and fight like people of character.

Politics in England is something that I am thoroughly experienced with, but I now see it as a waste of valuable time. The system itself is a broken one, designed to keep out, and silence smaller parties, and a general disillusionment has been growing over time through media blackouts, and flagrant vote-rigging. Britain is past the point at which politics could have been of use, and now change will only happen if the people stand up for what is right, in order to make the government fear the people, as it rightfully should, instead of the other way around. Unfortunately, I do not foresee it happening anytime soon.

There have been some remarks by those involved in the political scene in Britain about the irony of my current status in the United States. While I am not an illegal immigrant, like most of those who we campaigned against, I have not yet gained citizenship. Perhaps, this post will explain, to those people, the differences between my situation, and the immense problems in Britain caused by unchecked mass immigration, by those who wish to further undermine the very nation that offered them hospitality.