U.S. History Test Time

Question: Which branch of the U.S. Government is the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank a division of, and to whom is the Federal Reserve Bank accountable to?

Answer: The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is not a part of the U.S. Government.  It is a privately owned bank, with strong international influences.  It is accountable to no U.S. regulators, and is, as its chairman once stated, "above the law".  Its building is treated as a foreign embassy.

Question: Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires that taxes be paid for income?

Answer: There is no amendment to the U.S. Constitution requiring the payment of income taxes, and in fact, the U.S. Constitution makes taxation upon income an illegal activity.  The sixteenth (I.R.S.) amendment was never ratified by the states.  Only four states ratified the sixteenth amendment, which prevented it from becoming law.

Question: How does the Federal Reserve System really work?

Answer: The privately owned Federal Reserve Bank prints paper from nothing, for paper debt notes (dollars) are no longer backed by precious metals.  This worthless paper is loaned to the United States, and then we are required to pay back this artificial debt with interest.  This is why the U.S. national debt can never be eliminated, and why we will always owe; because of the artificial debt created for every dollar printed.  It was designed to be this way by the bankers who hijacked the U.S. during the Wilson Administration.  This is the basis of wealth creation for every nation with a so-called "Federal Reserve" Bank.  All the wealth generated belongs to an elitist international banking cartel, in a system of perpetual, and self-generating debt for everyone else.  Thus, America's economic system is the modern equivalent to slavery.  For an excellent movie about this topic, and what they are really trying to do to us, see my previous entry, "Why The Economy Will Fail".

Modern U.S. History

The following clip was taken from the movie, 911: The Road To Tyranny, by Alex Jones. It shows official military training in U.S. cities for forcefully disarming U.S. citizens, and for dealing with American "insurgents".  They may soon be bringing "freedom" and "democracy" to America, as they are already doing in other countries.  I can only hope that those who have been cheering this sort of behavior overseas, and cheering for the elimination of our rights locally, will find themselves being the first to have their homes raided at gunpoint by the marines.  I imagine it will be the "liberated" Iraqis who will be cheering whenever it happens.

The Constitution is almost completely gone, and there is precious little time. The first step toward freedom is freeing your mind. Turn off the T.V. and stop obeying.