Sex ought to be a sacred and loving exchange between consenting adults. Whatever it is and however it happens, it should be done in private. If we all do not agree with the first premise, you would think that most of us could agree on the second. There are certain behaviors that do not belong in the public sphere. The most obvious of these behaviors consist of bedroom and bathroom activities. Getting to work, catching a bus, buying coffee and holding a conversation would all be needlessly complicated if people were fornicating and relieving themselves thereabouts.

I do not seek to be vulgar, but we seem to be in a moment where the very notion of privacy is being eroded. Those amongst us who seek greater control over our lives are no longer content to regulate our actions in public. They want every aspect of our lives to be subjected to their scrutiny and approval. In order to accomplish this, they need our co-operation in removing the barrier of privacy, so that our private lives can be displayed in the public sphere. One way in which this is accomplished is by desensitizing us, by making whatever instinctually feels intrusive and unwarranted more commonplace.

Beginning in grade school, children in the public schools are engaged in discussions of sexuality, which are usually from an 'alternative' standpoint, by teachers and other trusted authorities. Many of the colleges have made gender and sexual deviation studies into academic majors, despite this destroying the employment prospects of their students. They furthermore are encouraging public demonstrations and marches, where their young students proudly exhibit sexual perversions.

The irony is that people have been practicing 'alternative' sexuality in the privacy of their bedrooms for as long as bedrooms have existed. In previous generations, there were laws against homosexual activities, so the homosexual activists of the 1960's and 1970's felt compelled to protest. Such laws were either eradicated, or they are no longer enforced in the other cases. Subsequently, gay bars and gay couples strolling arm-in-arm are now normal sights in most cities.

Similar to feminism's overreach, those who simply wanted to avoid discrimination self-selected out of the movement upon having achieved their goals, leaving behind a collection of extremists, who were not content with stopping at equality. Now they demand that we placate their bizarre fantasy of gender being entirely a social construct. They want our approval to drug and sexually mutilate confused children. Those who dare to resist this absurdity are labeled with the tired mantle of bigot. Once you have been labeled as such, the extremists will evermore feel obliged to target you for hatred, scorn, and violence. Interestingly, one of their most consistent harassment techniques is to dig into their victims' private lives, to sift for embarrassing information, and then to reveal it publicly. With the pervasive, coercive, and ultimately consensual self-exposure of social media, this has become increasingly easy.

I recently received an e-mail from a wedding registry company that invited me to participate in frank discussions about my sexuality, while Facebook has encouraged its users to upload nude "selfies" for their categorization and protection. The notion that sending one's nude photographs of himself to anonymous Facebook employees, as a safe and effective means of protecting himself from embarrassing revenge porn, so that random strangers are instead examining his naked body for the sake of privacy is deeply ironic. It is a bizarre appeal to authority for safety that will never come. Apparently, very little thought is being given to the obvious possibility that Facebook itself, or the governmental agencies that it works with, might themselves use the photographs to blackmail citizens and their families, for the purpose of silencing political dissent, or for whatever other reasons they might have. Common sense ought to tell us that this idea was unlikely to have been originated by Facebook, but a closely-connected governmental agency.

The desire of the would-be tyrants of our society is to completely break down any semblance of privacy that remains, as is necessary for them to control us. Privacy is itself a freedom, and this is why privacy was codified in the U.S. Bill of Rights. Privacy is a freedom that really drives the totalitarians into deeper madness.

I suspect that we shall ever be learning more about the perverted activities of those in power, in the same way that they will continue touting the horrible excesses of gun ownership. The terrible exceptions will be proposed as the rule, and all of us will be called to atone for them. The regulations will follow. I hope that our natural instinct for privacy guides us through the continued browbeating, harassment, and shaming that awaits those of us who do not conform to their bogus causes and their false claims to be helping us.

The Angry White Man is a humble seeker of truth. He believes the truth will set you free, but first it will make you uncomfortable, the two reasons why so many stand vehemently opposed to it today. The Angry White Man knows in his heart that the Western Tradition has produced the greatest achievements of humanity and is angered to watch the powers-that-be stir up misguided fools, under the banner of tolerance, to attack, degrade, and confuse us to the point of surrendering our freedom.


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