The Free Market Era of the Internet has passed, at least in the categories where freedom matters most. These losses include the freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of personal privacy, and increasingly the freedom of religion too, in the case of Christians. Political speech, in particular, has been under attack; especially for conservatives. George Washington on FacebookThe major Internet companies are actively working together to suppress speech and organizations that are politically incorrect, and then they justify this behavior as a noble suppression of "hate speech". The censorship campaign began immediately after the election of Donald Trump (U.S.), when elitist software company executives concluded that the problem with our society was that the citizens were too well informed, so democracy had to be thwarted for the sake of manipulating future elections. They perpetuate this conspiracy even as they repeat the mantra that Donald Trump's supporters somehow manipulated the election, in what is a case of projected denial, in much the same way that certain criminals will point to an innocent third-party exclaiming, "he's the real killer".

It's one big technology cartel that now conspires against society. Its members include Microsoft (Bing), Google, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The whole affair began at a secret meeting with the ADL, which is the self-appointed hate police of the Internet. It is important to keep in perspective that what they call "hate speech" is just about anything that is patriotic or politically conservative.

As it stands, user accounts are being pulled from the most popular commentators at various social media sites, and others are just getting threats. Sometimes comments or videos are silently removed, as if nobody would notice. Sometimes subscribers are secretly unsubscribed, or "hate speech" videos no longer appear in any search results. At YouTube, we've not only seen our videos more-or-less disappear, but for the "watched" counter number to go backward, as if many of the viewers were somehow unwatching our videos. Plenty of people thought that we were crazy or simply full of ourselves when we first reported that gross censorship was happening. However, the story is finally getting out into the mainstream. Some of the better of big media organizations, such as Fox News, have actually reported about it.

Of course, leftist Team Hillary members, such as CNN, are still implying that all of the freedom fighters are either lying or just crazy. I know that similar freedom fights are happening all over the Western world, but it is America that I know, and it is she that I am witnessing for. This isn't over. Trump's election was just the beginning for patriotic Americans. We still have a fringe group of lunatics at the top who literally wish to destroy everything. The technology executives were actually subpoenaed to be grilled before congressional Democrats for not having suppressed pro-Trump postings prior to the election, and then they tenuously justified the implementation of such political suppression with ridiculous innuendo about alleged Russian political advertising. That would make it okay after all. The real implication was that only the Democrats are allowed to manipulate American elections, and the Democrats self-righteously felt indignant that the Russians had beaten them at their own game. The irony is that perhaps there truly was a Russian influence, and as a result, it was the former Soviets who saved American democracy. If only Reagan could see us now. He would see that we are surrounded by communists in our own land, while the former Soviets are trying to save our democracy. The bottom line is that our freedoms must go, so that our leftists can watch America burn.

A legal representative from each of Facebook, Google, and Twitter was called to a congressional hearing with the House Intelligence Committee, which featured congressional Democrats. Each technology lawyer, in turn, was openly asked by the Democrats if his company would be willing to censor the Internet to supposedly "stop Russian interference". All three of the technology attorneys spinelessly caved to the pressure, and they even seemed to show some pride in proclaiming that the Internet's censorship had already begun. At one point, Republican Senator Ted Cruz called out what was really happening, and a video segment from that can be seen here.

We desperately need governmental regulation of the Internet as soon as possible in the U.S. The governmental principals of free speech, free press, assembly, and a freedom of religion do not apply to private corporations. Thus, these Internet companies may continue to do exactly as they choose without any regard to our loss of freedoms or the damage that their behavior inflicts upon the Republic. Until they are meaningfully regulated in a way which applies the Bill of Rights to all of them, they are the greatest threat to our nation's security and prosperity. They are hell-bent on destroying the Internet in much the same way that the California government has destroyed its own state, and many of the same people are involved. Something must be done, for we are about to lose the greatest innovation in communications and education that the world has ever known, simply because they are afraid that conservatives might say, "It's okay to be white". I don't want to be secretly governed by an elitist class of people who are fundamentally evil.

Resistance and the Technology Employees

In order to stay informed and connected, people must return to the older forms of Internet notifications, such as the use of e-mail updates. We need to start using browser bookmarks (favorites) instead of relying on search engines, because the most honest sites now have a tendency to 'disappear'. By using Twitter and other such ("social media") sites to stay informed, we allow them to decide for us what we shall see and hear. It is a power that they have proven will not be used responsibly. There is a very fine line between controlling the conversation and thought control. We shall be doomed if we allow these companies to become our thought police.

You have a difficult choice to make if you work for one of these technology companies. The choice is whether to become a part of the resistance or not. It is the choice between being a good employee and being a good citizen. I'm sorry to tell you that you cannot be both. While the pressure to conform as an employee could be immense, try to realize that continued subservience toward the perpetuation of censorship could leave future generations, including your own children, in a very terrible world. There is no freedom whatsoever without the minimum of free speech. Choose wisely, for you will either leave a legacy as a pioneer, or you will be cursed as a first-generation enslaver. As a former technologist myself from the days before the dot-com bust, I am glad to not be in your position, but you may help to save us from the political gulag that you are already finding yourself in.

Alternative Internet Services

Qwant is a search engine that prides itself on providing unbiased results, and protecting the privacy of its users. It harkens back to better times when Google's motto was "We're not evil" and they actually meant it. In other words, the searches at Qwant do not have Snopes, CNN, Wikipedia, and the Washington Post at the top of every conceivable political search, and you may even see Fox News on occasion. However, it is not just a political problem. You will get superior results with Qwant overall; regardless of the subject matter. The new and overzealous pro-Soviet filters at Google have made it almost useless for anything, except for fermenting a bloody revolution against all that is noble and holy. Their Bolshevik-like agenda is to destroy the decent people and nation that gave them everything, in what can only be described as a drive toward institutional suicide.

Brave browser is based upon Google's Chrome browser code (open source software). It blocks most advertising and trackers, which fosters a faster and significantly more private Internet experience. People who browse the web with 'smart phones' and tablet devices with Brave will notice a whopping speed increase of up to 7 times faster, and that wasn't a typo. The Brave browser was borne of the former C.E.O. of Mozilla and famous creator of JavaScript, who was hostilely expelled from the organization for politically-opposing homosexual marriages (ie. being Christian), so he keenly understands the problems of losing free speech, religious persecution, and the rampant political persecution of conservatives that is coming from the heathenistic technology giants. The Brave browser features an innovative method for paying creators for their work (like conservative journalists), since the big technology companies are actively blocking most of the funding that conservatives once got. The Brave browser allows you to anonymously support our work (Health Wyze Media) through automatically recurring micro-payments, alongside allowing you to help other organizations that you might wish to support. Just as a little hint, your pocket change could help to make a big difference in our chance of long-term survival, because every penny helps. Watch this video about Brave's new web.

Gab is a free speech network that is reminiscent of Twitter in the days when it valued free speech. Gab has become our preferred Twitter-like site, and you may look us up at Gab with: They are still ironing out some bugs and finalizing their policies, but it is more-or-less the new voice of free speech.

Minds is a social networking site that shares similarities with both Facebook and Pinterest. It is destined to become our new 'Facebook', which became something of an extortion system in charging us for the right to reach our own people, but politically-incorrect posts were not shown for any price.

Bitchute is the newest video website, and it has garnered great support amongst those who have experienced censorship at YouTube, due to Bitchute's vocal support for freedom of speech. It uses a different and less centralized technology, which is intrinsically resistant to network attacks and censorship efforts.

Proton Mail is similar to Gmail and Yahoo mail in functionality, but it provides assurances regarding the privacy of its users.

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Learn about YouTube's "adpocalypse" to get a tiny taste of what is happening to people like us.

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