Topics include the Project Veritas exposé of Bernie's staff, the Saudi terrorists that we were training, how Greta Thunberg's posts have been written by her father, the infamous "wax my balls" man who recently attacked a journalist, and more.

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Tom Bannister
# Democrats debateTom Bannister 2020-01-22 07:39
There is a video (that I am having trouble relocating) which captures the Sanders vs. Warren tiff. Don’t remember it verbatim so take this as paraphrasing:
Warren (angry), “You called me a liar on national television.”
Sander, “We don’t need to do this here.”

I am guessing you have already heard the clip but wanted to make sure.
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# RE: Democrats debateSarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2020-01-22 15:32
I have heard it, but I hadn't at the time of this stream. Thanks!
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