This video chronologs the Save America event and the events of that entire day. It shows that the patriots were not the villains that they have been portrayed as. There was no violence against any human being, and by the left's newest definition of "peaceful protest", it definitely qualified. The only crime that was committed (by some of the patriots) was breaking and entering, and even that's questionable on its own because they were breaking into what ought to be public property. Some of them were screaming, "It's our house. We paid for it!" Far be it from the prevailing narrative, those people are not only the good guys, they are the best of our best. The Founding Fathers would have been proud of these people. We have three groups of people condemning them: the media, the wholly corrupt politicians, and the neo-cons. Don't let them trick you, and see for yourself in this video. It's important to remember that not only was Trump betrayed by everyone, but so were we. Help us to break this lie, because it is going to be used by these people to remove even more of our rights. Otherwise, we can expect for everyone who isn't a blue-haired Democrat to be labeled (and arrested) for being a 'terrorist'.

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