Biden's Regime has decided to illegally change American law by fiat, so as to force colleges to allow men with sexual perversions into women's showers and dorm rooms. The College of the Ozarks is fighting this travesty in the courts based on Christian arguments, but they shouldn't be fighting alone. There should be nationwide uproar about this. Amongst our leftists and Marxists, you'll notice an unmistakable pattern. That pattern is that whether we're talking about the military, the workplace, or the schools, they have been finding ways to put sexual perverts in places where women are likely to be found nude.

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clarice jernigan
# RE: Video: Biden Forcing Men Into Women's Showersclarice jernigan 2021-05-28 19:17
High time someone said this! We should be fighting this evil...with an appeal to decency and reason and truth.....somehow Christians put all things behind the banner of religious liberty....when it is just evident to all who have common decency. Thank you, you are the 1st one who has said it!!! We can stand because we know the truth.
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