In this video, U.S. Congressional Representative, Dr. Ron Paul, comments about the new push for a national I.D. card to track the movements of all Americans by the Federal Government through new biometric technologies and possibly G.P.S. systems.  We warned our readers that this was part of a long-term agenda by the powers-that-be in our former article, Mark Of The Beast and Soul Catching, but it was a little too much for most readers to believe at that time.  Believe it now, because it is happening in front of your eyes, so denial is not an option anymore.

The idea is being flaunted by the same Big Media journalists who prostitute themselves for corporations which have partnered with the U.S. Government to produce infotainment propaganda.  It is a topic to avoid getting side-tracked by; but a brief example is the many "investigative reports" by news networks favoring vaccines, which were actually infomercials produced by our Government, and presented as real, unbiased news without any payola being mentioned.

Christian readers should remember the mark in the hand section of The Revelation prophesy, and pay special attention to the video just after the 2 minute mark.  They might also remember how travel "papers" have been the beginning of every fascist regime in modern history.


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