We have an important warning for our fellow Americans.  People are confused and upset about the new census that is being carried out in the U.S., and Americans are shocked by both the questions included and the constant threats from the Census Bureau.  It just doesn't seem to make sense, and people are wondering how this can be happening in America.  The U.S. Constitution specifies that they are only allowed to request a head count of each residence.

We're just going to cut to the chase here.  Time is too short, and it is too important that the message not be misunderstood.  All of it is a carefully planned test.  It is a test with dire consequences if the American people fail it.  It is testing how easily Americans can be frightened and intimidated by government.  It is a test of obedience and compliance.  If we fail this test by showing too much fear and compliance, then the powers-that-be will know that it is finally safe for them to begin a process of instituting martial law in the United States, and to finalize the process of creating a one-world government, and their plan for a New World Order.

Please read up on these topics, if you never have, and note that there are plenty of movies about them at video sites, such as YouTube.

America depends on you to say no, without fear.  Consider it your duty as an American....Remember that we warned you.  Please send them the message that slavery will not be tolerated in America, or they will boldly institute it against all of us.  What they have done so far is just a taste of what is planned.

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